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Brownie Interest Badges and Journey Badges

Interest Badges We've Earnt

The Eight Points

Our Brownie program focuses on eight points they are:

  • Brownies are Wide Awake
  • Brownies are Healthy
  • Brownies Make Things
  • Brownies are Friendly
  • Brownies Lend a Hand
  • Brownies Help at Home
  • Brownies Have Fun Outdoors
  • Brownies Do Their Best

    We work on challenges covering each of the 8 points to earn our journey badges. There are three badges we can work towards they are called the footpath, roadway and highway badges. This is because we are traveling along our brownie journey as we do each challenge. When we reach the end of our highway we will be ready to go to Guides.

    We're just about to take part in the new Brownie Pilots so we are going to be trying out some new ways of working on our Journey badges it should be fun!

    Eventually I hope to add links to some challenge ideas pages so pop back and check up on our progress!