Written up by Erin

The Church of Orgy

I'm in this church attending an early morning service with my grandparents (and I mean EARLY, as in four in the morning). It's a massive while church, and I'm toting around this big heavy black roller suitcase (like those the flight attendants and pilots use, only twice the size). After the really short service, me and my sister tell our grandparents that we have to go to "the children's room". They bid us farewell and tell us they'll be waiting for us "in the car". So the two of us go through this labyrinth of halls and somehow find this "childrens' room". The Childrens' Room is lit only by a large window on the opposite wall. There is a set of large cubbyholes on the wall with the entrance to the room, where I put the luggage. There are a few children sleeping in these holes, so I do this with caution. I stumble and ask my sister for help, but she is silent. I go back to the door, where Megg (my sister) is, and finally notice why she's petrified: Orgy's there. Jay is playing with wooden blocks with a little girl. Ryan is putting fingerpaintings on a wall. Paige is holding a toddler and is socializing with Bobby, who's keeping watch over the sleeping cubbyhole kids. All of a sudden, our little trance is broken when someone taps me and Megg on the shoulder. I gasp and Megg faints, but Ryan catches her before she falls over. It's Amir, who says sorry about my sister fainting and gives us this weird look, which I take as "Follow me." So I do, as does my sister, who is now fully back to normal. We follow Amir through another labyrinth of halls. In one hall there's this table with full beer bottles on it. My sister takes one (she's a minor), as does Amir. Megg says "Don't you want one?" ans I'm saying, "No, I'm not legaly able to (even my conscience attacks me in my dreams)", so Megg shoves one in my hand anyway and it tastes like Dr. Pepper! All of a sudden, without going up any stairs, we open a heavy while door and *poof*, Amir, Megg, and I are at the top of a skyscraper. Jay, Ryan, Paige, and Bobby are already there. Jay asks Megg if she wanted to bungee jump off of the skyscraper, but she calmly refuses. All of a sudden, I blurt, "I bet our grandparents are worried sick about us!". Then, *poof again*, we're in this cramped while elevator with a mirror in the back. I look in the mirror to see it's really me and my sister (a lot of my dreams are out-of-body)... and it is! I'm a lot taller and so is Megg, but I'm still taller by her by an inch or so. I have a mauve guitar strapped to my back (sort of like a quiver of arrows would be slung) and the strap is itching my chest. The elevator door opens and I see my grandparents with a dirsruntled look on their faces. I ask what's wrong and they say, "We've been waiting forever for you two!" I apologize and go into the childrens' room to reclaim my luggage. It's there, but the room is very dark and the kids are all gone. I still have the guitar, so I decide to play it in the dark (in real life I don't know how to play a guitar, nor to I own one). I sit down and play this really sad slow song (I think it was Nirvana's remake of "Man Who Sold the World") and felt like I was going to cry for no reason. One of the Orgy members (I have NO idea who he was, it was too dark yet again) came in and said, "I'm sorry for all of the trouble we're caused for you." He then sits next to me and whispers, "We'll meet again. I promise."