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Letras do Silent Note

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Essas são as musicas (resgistradas) do Silent Note: 1 - COSTELiNHA ( LETRA & MœSICA POR SILENT NOTE ) Outrora eu exclamei : " Nossa!Parei!Estou recebendo tudo aquilo pelo que orei ... " Agora não preciso mais ir atrás da junta das minhas juntas pois neste instante acha-se de mim juntinha aquela que carinhosamente pode-se chamar de costelinha No tocante aos inumeros elogios que faço-te reagis calada esse seu silêncio me conforta o qual é responsável por levar todo meu ser a crer que você me completa Prá que questionar-se o quão real e/ou proporcional o será ? Deixa estar, ficar, enfim ... DEIXA ROLAR PRá VER ONDE DARá Se fomos feitos sob encomenda um para o outro então a principal razão para amar-te é porque me amo Quando alegrares - me alegrarei E se caso entristeceres - me entristecerei. Acompanho tua dor onde quer que for Uma coisa: é necess‡rio ficar claro, para que ao final das contas o barato não me saia caro, tu NÃO podes tomar o Lugar de Deus na minha vida, contudo isso NÃO é impecílio para amar-te infindamente sobretudo passei por atrocidades e vicicitudes vividas até desembarcar aqui no ponto onde encontro-te finalmente minha querida e amada costela perdida. ********** 2 - AVOID ( MUSIC & lyrics BY SILENT NOTE ) Something on the world , that we can't afford , Something above ... Something far afield , that we can't yield , for those things we are skilled ... Love is a dream , or at least how it seems , Sorrondings ... Have ... We ... to avoid it ? ********** 3 - CLOSER TO THE EDGE ( MUSIC BY SILENT NOTE / LYRICS BY GUSTAVO MARTO & REGINA / RICARDO BOTELHO ) My enemy ... can seduce me ... but won't let myself suprise Reasons for suicide ... we've got a million that we can deploy Just seal your eyes and it'll spawn We'd better pleadge for don't leave by our own ... and grieve with the ribbons ... Keep gaze on fraud ... Mitotic thoughts inside the cels' core makes the reasons I said before increase more and more becaming an ammunition to make amands and the suicide I had written It's something I won't do I'm with a foot on the grave another in haven and meet my real crew ... God surely listens my consistent pray , that consists in ask Him to teach us to learn ... from soros to sphoros ... ********** 4 - HEAVENS (Music by Silent note & Sergio notes/lyrics by Silent note) Ensuing this earth by a new espiritual birth a brand new life begins Beyond these earthily chase a chance to case the answer for our souls' grovelings Not too far away nor so difficult to find out just sign the life's book in ... The affair ring will be adjoining as a link sealed among you and GOD in ... Heavens - the greatest place Heavens - where smells like peace Heavens - with love as our inheritance Even if we die now both know that we've got a gap to live forevermore ... I don't wanna perish 'cause I love to exist beside you but even so I know it's true this way I think essence's becaming even more exciting inside of us from out of a billion reasons coming from ... Heavens - Where we'll meet once more Heavens - if something separate us anytime right here Heavens - as you can see Heavens - a place to be for you and me HEAVENS !!!!! ... ********** 5 - MACHININÕ ON ( MUSIC by SILENT NOTE & SERGIO NOTES / LYRICS BY SILENT NOTE ) My volume performs as a curt gimnick strengthened by an inner framework gizmo known as skeleton than always plays pronto spuring on my outline aspect but all is vanity if doesn't toil as GOD's release and if this report won't persist being our chase all will run as an useless utensil sprintin' around as a detached mechanism out of " workin' sound " As I said:" Wish is the last than perishes but it does " Despite of it truly over , with GOD my heart goes machinin' on The owner of my vitality's device maybe these living widget are good to the bone even though everyone conspirate against standing this tall in dispite of the fact that clone they've scheme to prove how " gods " they are junking us this " caos to caos " If we weigh that GOD is sovereing enough to invent it How may someone say than we're god ?!!! so we presume how haughty we've been being with mankind I'll apreciate if we all shut up and let GOD do his job ... ( machine ) device, engine, generator, turbine, gadget, gimmick, thingumajig, gizmo, widget ... ... MACHINE !!!!!! ********** 6 - NMD ( MUSIC BY SILENT NOTE / LYRICS BY SILENT NOTE AND ANA MAIRA) Your glowing vanity ... and your own pride than struck your mind with simple faded fright FRIGHT ! Carelessness can pound ... if you're roaming in a moistened meadow with the dew gushing from overhead maybe you might find ... ( Chorus ) The solution once for all is a link with my Lord with no betrayal Can't you realize that eternal life exists just never meet the death ... that's all !!!!! Complain about your life is the blindfold that fumbles you to march foward on and on it's like rise on the ground Solemn weep of your dreaded glimpse 'Cause of few can survive with no strain to escape from this curtain that's common living. ************ 7 - SILENT BY SILENT ( MUSIC SILENT NOTE & SERGIO NOTES / LYRICS BY SILENT NOTE ) The scholarly must fuse with the popular Making this way an amalgam for coexist The thinks that doesn't happened are the thinks we don't already try out to do but if it turns out wrong ... at least we try and come across with the Will of The Lord I know that ... future belongs to The God ... ... but 50 percent of it are not create yet What passed has gone But the things aren't done yet will be soon ... Anyway ... Are the human beings walking foward ... or faster ... to where ... why ... when ? ... Of our own evolution we were being tenant The progress that future brings takes away our memories We wouldn't live as Silent by silent sailing on the same seas maybe this shall be the wage of " globalization " There's no different culture on a one world nation we must be different EACH ONE OF WE MUST AND NEED TO BE SINGULAR CITZENS For see the criativity goes on ... and on ... and on ... and on ... and ... so ... on ... on ... on ... on ... on ... on ... on ... on ... on ... ************** 8 - SILENTLY ... BUT NOTES ARE FOREVER (MUSIC SILENT NOTE & SERGIO NOTES / LYRICS BY SILENT NOTE) ... From where should I begin ? For fools like " me and I " the love quiz is a trap as songs drawned inside this plastic wrap ... ... I'm passionate ... again ... How come I've been writen songs with resounding passion that could be forever ... this is it ... this is love ... this is notes ... The lullaby remain in my mind saying things from my heart caused by some reflex of fine art on a fashioned body kind ... This is the style of fashion to give some reason for these notes than resound ... silently É but notes are forever ... These ones are for you , they'll stay in history unceasingly ... I'm sure they will be there ... They must be in somewhere in your inner heart perpetually ... this is for you pretty girl ... *************** 9 - WHEN MY HEART'S ALL MY SONGS TAKES ... INTO THE PAST ... (MUSIC AND LYRICS BY SILENT NOTE) The audience's always surrendered to notes comin' from deep inside musicians' souls ... peering throught strings goin' to the crowd ... we've been glancing at music easly without even known Both of us know than all summer night become a rainny one when weÕre separeted ... changin' my life into a tear river running out forever and I must go on ... movin' on inside my self to somewhere else ... close to ... when my heart's all my songs takes, where my music would le þave our souls together as such as true I'm being a fool fallin' in love 'bout you I was woundering if you could think fast and once only 'cause it's enough Let's talk about the ocean now ... " oceans " of our lifes ... incidentally I hope you let 'em go on together creating amusingly one heart from two passionate ones ... Please let the music fool us a little bit more that's it, the real thing, so what's the big deal we've still just peering throught our souls catching a glimpse of strings I'd used for notes to notice you inserted in talk with you can be a love poem " nothing " but me, myself and I can take over, from my imagination all the things that pull you under ... But tonight I keep looking at the paper I was staring at ... before ... into the past ... *************