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Nihongo Chick

You ready for some sweet Japanese fun from the one and only American Chick, who was in Japan June 9th-23rd, 1999 and is now going back to Japan June 13th-27th, 2001?

I know you are. I know you are jumping out of your skin, and that's fine with me.

This is a Japanese homepage, right? You bet, I want to help all Japanese Language beginners as well as English beginners for Japanese people. That sorta makes no sense considering this is all in English, huh? :P

Well then I guess this page is mainly for people speaking English interested in Japanese stuff. Yes, Stuff, not just the language. The history of Japan, modern styles, old stories, art forms, and all the things Japanese.

To start my self off I am making an images page. Text on here explaining exactly what is what will follow.

Coming soon!

Japanese Tales

A book edited and translated by Royall Tyler will have short stories reposted here.

Reference points for Japanese education

The -Best- Place for Writting Japanese for Beginngers
My Aneechan's homepage
Japanese<=>English Dictionary
dedla, My best friend
Current Japanese tunes here

You might ask, Nihongo Chick-Who is she?!

My online social life!

Neopets? What's that? Only like the sweetest place online to have a "pet" who doesn't poop on the floor and access to hundreds (yes, hundreds) of games to keep you from being bored between classes or on your lunch break. Personally I play nearly 24/7, but mostly when my boyfriend is at work. You have got to check it out!

darciana got their NeoPet at

That's Wisstom, my Eryie.
darciana got their NeoPet at

Here's Skalya, my Kor-bat.
darciana got their NeoPet at

And my cute little Gelert, Himiyai!