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Modifications to my '93 GL

This is a shot of me and my '93 GL at the first annual "Festiva Fesival 2000" It ws a blast, and definately not something you want to miss next year. The following are pics of all the mods I've done to the car so far. When I can, I'll have before and after pics to show the differences. Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did doing them.

Interior Mods

Here's the color scheme and layout of the interior orriginally. I added the stereo, and 8-ball stuff before I took the first pics.
Here's a shot of the interior I got from the '88 LX, especially the headrests that I added black asian symbols to.
In this shot you can see the mirors on the visors, and the matching symbols too. You can also see the black light in the roof. The light looks real good at night with all the white accents throughout the car. You can also see the Cragar style shift knob, and the Grant steering wheel.
These are the split back seats I got from the same '88 LX as the tail lights.
This is the infamous passenger side under seat tray. This is a really great little number. It's a lot bigger than the glove box.
Here's a shot of my newly emptied glove box. In the future this will probably hold my EQ, and remotes nicely.
This is the console from the same '88 LX. It gives the shifter a little shorter look, and will allow me a custom install of my three plug lighter adapter just in front of the shifter.
Here's how I first had the system set up.Didn't like the boxes everywhere. Currently working on a much lighter custom housing for the 10's and new front door speakers to replace the 6X9's.
Here's what the trunk looks like now. It's not much to look at now, but it has a definate future. Including custom sub housing walls, and a false floor to hold all the oil, and fluids I travel with.
This is the green backlit gague cluster with tach I got from a 91 L Plus.
These are the 3A Racing belt pads I picked up to match my exhaust tip.
This is my new shift knob. I like how simple and plain it is.
Here's a shot of my newest interior. I'm real happy with this one. The seats are very comfortable, and the color is great.
Here's a shot of the 6x9's in the doors of the car. They fit great, and sound alot better than the stock speakers, what a suprise.
Here's a shot of the 2 10
Here's a shot of the 6x9's painted yellow. They definately look more like they fit in now.
Here's a shot of the carpet inserts I put in the dash. No big mod, but they cover up the mess left behind by velcro tape mountings.
Here's a close up shot of my new floormats. I wouldn't have gotten ones with the smiley face, but I think it's funny that he looks scared.
Here's a full shot of the interor with the floormats, carpeted dash, and my stock dash speaker covers painted yellow.

Exterior Mods

Here's a couple shots of the back when I first got the car. I added the pinstripes and stickers before I took the first pics.
Here's what the back end looks like currently. Not much difference. No 8-ball sticker, no Ford or Festiva emblems, a slightly bigger exhaust tip, and the white boot on the wiper.
Here's a close up shot of the smoothe taillights I picked up from a '88 LX.
Here's how the front end looked when I got it.
Here's the front end now. The only difference up here is the 24 inch BOSCH wiper, the white boot, and no Ford sign in the grille.
Here's a side shot. Again, I added the pinstripes and stickers before I took the pics.
Here's what the side looks like now. Only thing I changed on the side is adding the fender reflectors, and dragon stickers. You can see the window tint, and I also removed the pinstripes and Nike Swooshes.
Here's a shot of an idea I have about the other Festiva I have in the driveway.
Here's a front shot with my new mirrors. Can you believe I only paid $5 for these.
Here's a shot of my new bra. I like the way it looks on my black car.
Here's an exterir shot of the car with the wheels painted black. It doesn't stand out near as much now. I love it! Definately going for the stealth look.

Performance Mods

Here's a shot of the engine. Not much to it, but I'm sure I'll dress it up a little, and now you got a pic to compare to.
Here's a shot of the BOSCH Platinum wires. They go along with the rest of the top of the line BOSCH plugs, rotor, and cap. Definately added a little more pick up to the car.
As you can see in the pic, I cut quite a chunk off the bottom of the airbox. It makes a great sound, adds a little power at the top of the gears, and it cruises on the e-way like never before.
Here's a shot of the muffler and tip I added. They got the tip a little crooked(that's what I get for going with a square one). When I get the pipe done, they'll straighten it out for me. This also adds a little power, and great sound. It definately adds to the cruising power of the car too.
Here's a couple shots after I cut my tip off. It was bothering me that it was crooked. The exhaust actually got a lot louder when I took it off. I'll probably take it to a good shop, and just have them weld it back on straight.
Here's a little clip of how the Festiva sounds.
Here's a clip of me burnin' em' up.