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Third Watch Episode Guides!

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The Third Watch Madness Page does not have its own episode guide, however, here are two pages that have excellent guides!

The Sullivan Third Watch Page (created by my sister!) has an excellent guide! It is still under constuction but she has gotten through quite a few episodes -maybe the one you're looking for!

Click here to go to the Sullivan Third Watch Page Episode Guide!

The Warner Brothers Third Watch site has every episode of Third Watch listed. It just uses a very brief summary for wach episode, the same as the previews each week. But if it very good if you're just looking for the general idea of each episode!

Click here to go to the Warner Brothers' Episode Guide!

NBC Media Village has every storyline ever shown listed on their site! It doesn't go into specific detail but is also great if you want to get the general idea of an episode.

Click here to go to the NBC Media Village Guide!