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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Can't get enough Third Watch? Well how about trying the 'Third Watch' of Animal Planet Network! If you love watching police shows and love animals, then this show is perfect for you! The ASPCA is based in uptown Manhatten in NYC. They specialize in animal cruetly cases. They are called to scenes where animals are being neglected and mistreated and many times have to take the animal away. Sometimes there are even arrests of the owners. All the animals are taken back to their headquarters where they are seen by their vet, groomed and put in the ASPCA's special shelter to find new homes.

Animal Planet has taken the ASPCA's calls, and made it into a show called Animal Precinct. In this show you can see exacly what the ASPCA must do when they get a call. A WARNING: This show is taken from real life and there are sometimes graphic images. But in my experience so far there hasn't been anything too bad. They'll show dead animals that sometimes starved from being neglected and it is hard to watch, but there's no blood and gore like in Third Watch and ER's fake versions. I believe this is Animal Planet's best show yet! It helps raise awarness about animal cruelty, remember, they are living things just like you and me.

Hopefully you get Animal Planet so you can watch this wonderful show. Check you cable listing to see. Animal Precinct airs Monday night at 9:00. Unfortunatly, we'll all be watching Third Watch instead, but it is rerun throughout the week. It also airs Saturday at 7:00 pm. and Friday at 10:00pm, and many other times during the week.

Click here to visit the Animal Planet "Animal Precinct" site and check it out! (It also has a list of times when it airs).

Click here to visit The ASPCA's Official Site!

Click here to go to Animal Planet's homepage!

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The Animal Planet Float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Animal Precinct was there!

The Animal Planet Float had 2 Officers from Animal Precinct! Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas and Special Agent Paul Romano from the ASPCA on the float! Boyz II Men was on the float and sang in the parade! Jeff Corwin from 'The Jeff Corwin Experience' was on the Animal Planet Float!