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Forever More

Part 1 - Hope

Chapter Ten


   Rebecca had not slept at all the night before. As she tossed and turned she felt Scott’s arms about her and tasted his lips. Somewhere in the darkness of her room she came to know that she needed him, right or wrong. He had brought feelings alive in her that she had never known, ever. She was afraid. Afraid of what she was losing. She thought of Jack and how he had made love to her, but as she lay there alone those moments seemed so far away.

She had been with a couple of men since Jack died. Nothing serious. One she had met through a friend and the other she had worked with. Still, both those times made her yearn for Jack all the more.

Now she found herself trying to remember the feelings that she had with him. She felt that she was cheating him, cheating her children, but yet she needed this man, drawn to him for so many reasons. He was filling a void in her life and she would cling to whatever crumb that he would throw her. She didn’t want it be this way, yet she knew that it was. She knew what she wanted. She knew what she needed.


In the evening after work Rebecca went about her normal routine of making supper for the children and then getting them ready for bed after television. She had kept hoping that the phone would ring or Scott would drive in. The evening wore on and she became more and more depressed as she began to realize that she would not hear from him. She was confused again. Had he changed his mind? Had he not felt the same way? Had he and Linda worked things out? Maybe he wasn’t even home.

She sat up and watched the news but could not really concentrate. She was now feeling very sorry for herself in that she knew that wanting him was wrong. No, she could want him, she just could not have him. She didn’t go to bed but lay on the sofa feeling in her heart that he must not want her.

The last time she looked at the clock it was nearly midnight. Rebecca buried her head deeper into the pillow at one end of the sofa. She was used to the sounds of an occasional vehicle driving by but she opened her eyes as a beam of light reflected on the wall behind her. Getting up she went into the kitchen and turned on a light. As she neared the door Scott was walking up the steps. Her heart pounded as she opened the door.

Reaching the top of the steps he stood a moment to see her standing behind the screen. There eyes met as they read every unspoken word between them. Rebecca opened the screen. He took her into his arms and began kissing her cheek, forehead and eyelids and lifting her into him, found her lips.

Scott turned slightly while she was still in his arms and shut the door behind them then reaching for the light switch the room darkened around them. Walking arm in arm down the hallway that led to her bedroom Rebecca felt a rush of not only anticipation but well-being. Maybe it was the way that he held her to him, so strong and secure in his arms. This was the man that she loved and he wanted her.

Once inside her room Scott closed the door after them, then bringing her back against his body buried his lips into the warm sweet smelling curve of her neck.

Her hands moved up along the length of his strong arms to feel the broadness of his shoulders. Her fingers found their way beneath the silken layers of blond hair that swept about his neck and shoulders to caress the fine soft wisps at the base of his neck. Her own lips brushed the slightly rough skin of his cheek near his ear. She could taste the saltiness of his skin and inhaled the sensuous male smell of him.

One button at a time he unfastened her shirt. Pulling it open he caressed her breasts gently yet firmly through her bra. He removed her shirt and reached behind to unhook her it. Easing it off toward him for the first time he looked upon her naked breasts so round and full. Her dark nipples stood erect in contrast to her pale flesh. Taking them into his grasp he fondled each one lovingly rubbing his thumbs across the rigid nipples.

The slightly callused tips of his fingers caused by years of gliding across vibrating guitar stings sent tremors rushing through Rebecca’s body.

Starting back on her neck his wet lips slid down until she felt him suck one nipple with ravenous desire into his mouth. Running his tongue across the rough nub he continued to devour the luscious taste of her skin.

When she thought she would faint from the sensations he directed his attention to the other. Rebecca entwined her fingers in his hair and held his head close as he did so.

When he had his fill he again brought his mouth to hers. With trembling hands Rebecca unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. Running the palm of her hands against the smooth hard surface of his chest she became aware of his masculinity as her swollen breasts lay soft and supple against him.

He unfastened the button on the top of her jeans and slid the zipper down. The quiet sound of the zipper let Rebecca know how very much she was under his spell. He knelt to slide the jeans down her legs. Her silky panties were wet and Rebecca felt she might crumple beneath his touch as he lightly ran a finger between her legs. When he came back up to her mouth Rebecca knew that it was now her turn.

First teasingly running her hand over the hard bulk of him that lay beneath her grasp she undid the button and slowly eased the zipper down over the pulsating shaft. Easing his jeans and underwear together to the floor he helped as he stepped out of them along with his shoes and socks.

He was naked, gloriously naked. His warm body enfolding her in his arms. Hot hard hands and fingers stroked her shoulders and down her spine to finally slide under the waist band of her panties and splaying, caressed and fondled the warm fullness of her bottom.

Rebecca slid her lips along the well of his chest now damp with sweat, down the hard muscles of his stomach and tracing the line of soft brown hair that led to the object of her desire.

He stood out hard and glistening and at nearly a ninety degree angle from his thighs. Rebecca took him into her hands looking up to see the burring desire in his eyes before she brought her lips to him.

His body swayed back and forth with her every move as she first lightly ran the tip of her tongue along every inch of the flaring organ before taking him hard and deep passed her lips and against the back of her throat.

Letting out a raspy moan and calling out her name he pulled her back up to him before her passion caused him to erupt in her mouth.

Laying her back onto the bed he took a few precious seconds to run his eyes over her body. He slid down next to her and ran his hand up along her body savoring every inch, tantalizing her as he continued on his journey. Once again he hungrily nuzzled into her breasts sucking and licking the nipples knowing that he had already come to crave their feel and taste.

His hand was now between her legs eagerly exploring as he rubbed her aching body through the silky panties that were now soaked with anticipation.

His lips left her breasts and made their way down her stomach laying soft kisses intermingled with licks as he went. He raised up and slowly slid her panties down passed her hips and off each leg before running his strong hands back up the full length of her legs and thighs feeling her soft smooth skin tingle and explode under his touch.

Coming back up his mouth enclosed upon hers again as his tongue dove deeper down her throat. Rebecca felt his hand and fingers between her thighs once more as he gently opened her up to sooth where she ached and yearned for him.

His body moved over hers and she could feel him hard and wet against her thighs. Their eyes met again and her whole body trembled as he gently rubbed the throbbing mass against her soft warm flesh teasing it until she cried out for him to penetrate her.

With one thrust she had opened to take him deep within. He needed her so badly and she wanted to let herself be given.

With every lunge of his body against hers Rebecca pushed harder into him. Her legs were tight around his hips and she dug her hands into his back. Some animal urge burning within her caused her to feel that she would never get her fill of him. The harder his thighs slammed against her the more she begged for him.

Her unquenchable passion seemed to only ignite in him more of a raging desire to satisfy her. When at last the friction of her body against his caused him to be seized with spasms she met his with and eruption of her own. Together they felt the rush of the warm sensation that enveloped their bodies where they were now joined as one.

Breathless and sweating Scott finally was able to ease himself off Rebecca’s body that lay limp beneath him. Pulling her onto his chest they lay together, hearts beating as one.

Her body felt so warm and frail as he held her close to him. Rebecca nestled her head onto his chest as he gently ran his fingers through her hair softly kissing the top of her head every so often. Rebecca fell asleep in his arms.

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