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Excerpts from The Western Chronicle, Three Rivers, Michigan.

Wednesday, January 20, 1864

Annual Report by Board of Supervisors, St. Joseph County, Michigan, for 1863.
Annual Report of Claims Audited and Allowed and Appropriations made by the Board of Supervisors of St. Joseph County for the year 1863.

Judge of Probate$1000.00
County Treasurer650.00
County Clerk425.00
Prosecuting Attorney600.00
Sheriff, on Criminal Business1436.72

Chas. Smith$1.17A. Benedict$2.72Jas. Munfort$1.11J.H. Benedict$2.70
Kate Munfort1.11William Houts2.97Lewis Bobb1.28J.H. Wetherbee2.97
Mervin Parker1.92Jabez Wyman3.21David Orton.99Amos P. Case1.98
Jos. W. Pike2.22Sarah Case1.98Maria Howe1.71Sylvester Noel3.09
Lucetta Smith2.46Amos Parker4.47Wil Whitmore2.28James Seward1.47
Albert Fisk2.58Henry Middagh2.22Fabius Fisk2.58P.H. Klappertisch5.22
Janet Burkholder2.58Benj. Fieldhouse3.09Samuel Rudd2.58John Houks5.22
Samuel Oliver2.66Joseph Hide5.22David Shedd2.52W.W. Bronson5.22
Chas. Dunwell2.22Edgar Riley1.86John K. Briggs2.10Leroy Hill2.97
Henry Smith2.46W.W. Miller2.97Samuel Gorton2.28T. Knowland2.10
H.K. Farrand2.28J.B. Cook2.97Wil Whitmore3.78J.W. Mandigo2.97
Samuel Gorton3.78J. Heitsman2.22Joseph W. Pike3.78Amos Parker2.97
David Shedd4.02Lewis Miller9.51Albert Fisk4.02Jacob M. Truax2.97
Samuel Oliver4.08Wm. Raifsnyder2.22Henry J. Dupes3.33Harriet Heitsman2.97
Henry Smith3.96Martin Booghby2.97Fabius Fisk4.02J. Raifsnyder2.97
Smith Rudd4.08Jairus Parker2.97Janet Burkholder3.96Alexander Ely2.73
Maria Howe3.96Levi Shimmel2.97Lucetta Smith3.96W.W. Bronson2.97
Mary Wooden3.72J.B. Heitsman2.22Henry P. Miller2.78C.C. Newkirk2.22
John Wallace3.48Sidney Reed2.22Henry K. Farrand1.59Cornelius Cooper2.22
Henry Middagh4.47Willis Bisbee2.97T.G. Bronson4.47Henry Kidd2.97
James Seward4.47Hez. Raifsnyder2.22Benj. Fieldhouse4.65Harriet Shimmel2.22
P.H. Klappertisch4.47Ann Hiller2.97Joseph Hide4.47J.J. Davis2.22
John Houk4.47Sylvester Noel1.53Alexander Ely4.11James Redlearn2.22
Edgar Riley4.11And. T. Stewart3.12Wm. Snyder1.17Dan Robinson3.72

J.H. Wetherbee$3.02Jairus Parker$1.72Jabez Wyman$2.00Levi Shimmel$1.72
Wm. Houts3.02Hez. Raifsnyder1.72A. Benedict1.50And. T. Stewart1.24
Smith Rudd1.30James Redlearn1.48Samuel Oliver1.30Leroy Hill1.72
David Shedd.80John Drisebach1.72Henry Smith.80Ransom Coon2.22
Fabius Fisk.80J.B. Heitsman1.13Albert Fisk.80J.W. Mandigo1.62
Janet Burkholder.80J.B. Cook1.62Maria Howe.71Wm. Fulkerson1.62
J.B. Cook1.72H.A. Watson1.62J.W. Mandigo1.72David A. Morris1.06
Jacob M. Truax1.72Isaac Drake1.93Wm. Raifsnyder1.72James McMinnis1.12
H. Heitsman1.72Stephen Sweet1.62John Raifsnyder1.72J. Parker & Wife7.44

G.G. Depuy$9.42Chas. L. Miller$5.62N.H. Sawtelle$6.29Bracy Toby$6.35
N. Tompkins1.44S.W. Platt6.02Chas. L. Miller11.71Samuel Chipman19.41
N.H. Sawtelle6.61

C.M. Mills$11.39Benj. Woolworth$3.56Benj. Woolworth$9.76John McDonald$7.52
Asa W. Belote88.37C.A. Baxter8.24Wm. Snyder14.93John C. Laird53.31
Wm. K. Haynes30.75Benj. Woolworth3.96W. Whitmore25.10Samuel McGaffey2.08
John Salmon2.00Wm. M. Middagh2.08Hosea Burch2.71Thos. Cooper12.26
Nicholas Hill2.72Thos. Hill57.67Hiram Hoag8.62S.S. Phelps72.45
Thos. Silliman2.47Samuel McGaffey8.43Nicholas Hill6.52

At the residence of the bride's father, in Mendon, on the 13th ult., by Rev. A.L. Crittenden, Mr. R.E. FLETCHER of Nottaway (now "Nottawa"), to MISS FRANKIE J. LYMAN, all of St. Joseph County, Michigan.

At the residence of the bride's mother, by S.F. Harding, Esq., WM. P. CLUTE, to SARAH J. KARNS, all of the township of Colon.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE - Estate of Jacob D. Benfield, deceased, St. Joseph County, ss. By virtue of a license to me granted by the Hon. J. Eastman Johnson, Judge of Probate, in and for said county, bearing date the 7th day of November A.D. 1863, I hereby give public notice that I will sell at public auction to the highest bidder on the 30th day of January A.D. 1864, at one o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at the dwelling house of Mrs. Christiana Benfield, in the township of Leonidas, in said county, all the right, title and interest of the said Jacob D. Benfield, deceased, in and to lot number three, in section number thirty in township number five south of range number nine west, containing (33 5-100) acres. (Note: Rendered "as is" within these parentheses - SEEMS to indicate "33.5/100", or a little more than 3/10ths of an acre). The premises above described were purchased by the said deceased upon contract of the State of Michigan on account of the University Fund, and there is now due the said fund the sum of $237.43 and interest from the first day of March last. The sale will be subject to the payment of that amount now due the State.

  • Administrator of the Estate of Jacob D. Benfield, Deceased.
  • Dated (Park?), December 16, 1863.

    CHANCERY NOTICE. - State of Michigan. The Circuit Court for the County of St. Joseph, in Chancery.
    At a Session of said Court, held at the Court House in the village of Centreville, in said County of St. Joseph, on the 11th day of November A.D. 1863.
    Present - Hon. Nathaniel Bacon, Circuit Judge. Alvah E. Stowell, Complainant, vs. Emily M. Stowell, Defendant; Bill for Divorce.

    On the reading and filing the affidavit of Alvah M. Stowell, Complainant, showing that the Defendant in this cause, Emily M. Stowell, does not reside in this State. On motion of J.W. Flanders, Solicitor for Complainant, ordered that the defendant, Emily M. Stowell, cause her appearance to be entered in said cause within Four Months from the date of this order, and in case of her appearance she cause her answer to Complainant's bill of complaint to be filed, and a copy thereof to be served on the Complainant's Solicitor within twenty days after service of a copy of said bill with a notice of this order, and in default thereof said bill be taken as confessed by the said defendant, Emily M. Stowell: and it is further ordered that within twenty days the said Complainant cause this order to be published in the Western Chronicle, a newspaper printed and published at Three Rivers, in said county of St. Joseph, and that the said publication be continued in said paper for six successive weeks, or that he cause a copy of this order to be personally served upon the defendant, Emily M. Stowell, at least twenty days before the time prescribed above for her appearance.

  • Circuit Judge.
    Attest - A true copy, H. Lindsey, Register. n86w.

    Our Railroad Again.
    The committee sent to New York to confer with the Board of Directors of the M.S.R.R. in regard to the Railroad interests of Three Rivers and vicinity, returned last Saturday. They report that the Board would enter into no agreement, nor come to any definite terms with them as regarded the reconstruction of our Branch Road; but, they agreed to send their Chief Engineer over the line of the Branch Road, to make an estimate of the expense of rebuilding it, and also to have the line surveyed through to Schoolcraft.

    This report is, to say the least, very unsatisfactory, and has disappointed the most of our citizens and discouraged many. But we see no more cause for discouragement than we did in the beginning, nor in fact so much, for then we were laboring under the fallacious idea that we should obtain some sort of assistance from the Southern Road. That is now an exploded idea. We know now, that what is done must be done by ourselves, and therefore we can make our calculations accordingly. That we must have a Railroad, or some kind of an outlet for our vast amount of produce is an imperative fact. What then shall we do? One says build the road to Kalamazoo from this place; that would involve the expenditures of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and consume several years of time. Another says, open the river to Niles. This has many objections. Another suggestion is to re-build the road from here to Constantine. This plan to us, looks the most feasible and economical. It seems to be a settled fact, that if we have a road, we must build it ourselves. No one doubts, that should we re-build our branch road to Constantine, but that the Southern Road would run it, should we offer it to them. Then is not this the cheapest, best and quickest plan which we can obtain a rail road to Three Rivers? It will certainly take less money and a great deal less time to carry out this plan than any other which we have yet heard put forth. At any rate, something must be done, and that quickly. What shall it be?

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