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Articles from "The Western Chronicle" (Three Rivers, Michigan), dated Wednesday, Nov. 4, 1863

Ye Draft

List of the most recent area draftees.

This nice little performance invented by "Father Abraham", for the express purpose of keeping his numerous progeny in a happy and enviable state of mind, commenced for this county, at Kalamazoo, last Thursday. The news of the draft, and the list of the holders of prizes arrived here on Friday noon. At once everything was excitement, all anxious to know who were drafted and who were not. As soon as the lists were out, a grand rush for them was made, and they were eagerly "gobbled up", at five cents a piece, and still those eagerly perused by the anxious and excited readers. Many were seen to clasp each other by the hand with brightened countenances, while they would exclaim "Thank God" I am free, while others were seen to move off with a slow tread and sorrowful mien. These had no reason to be thankful that they were still free, for, unless the fortunate possessors of the sum of three hundred dollars in greenbacks, their prospects of ever being free men again, were most wofully slim indeed.

The excitement in regard to the matter on Saturday, was, if possible more intense than the day preceding. The streets were crowded, and groups of men were seen everywhere, engaged in discussing "the draft." But now the people have got a little used to it, and matters are again quiet on St. Joseph street.

Twenty-two were drawn from this township (Lockport,) of whom fifteen will be taken, or be exempted on account of physical disability, or a plethora of "greenbacks," the latter class of exemptions being in all probability in the majority. On the 5th of next January, we are informed by programmes already issued, that this happy entertainment of the Abolitionists will again be given to the American people. Price of tickets only "three hundred dollars." Below append a list of all those drafted in St. Joseph county: (My note: I do not have the full list at this time).

Lockport Township

W.W. BurrowsGeo. I. MajorFrank M. Saxton
W.G. AntesW.H. SicklerS. Leon
Edward MehoneyJ.F. RainysJoseph M. Sterling
Alex SillimanPeter QuinamEzekiah _____ig
Geo. NeidhardtLewis Z. DoddsMoses Johnston
Charles RiceLewis F. NoeJos. E. Pretzman
Milton B. P(ret/rut?)zmanJacob NeidhartDuncan S. Mead

Fabius Township

Henry GemberlingGeorge A. AshStephen P. Alcock
John GardnerDan'l E. KrummHiram M. Wheeler
Asa D. StebbinsLuther M. HarwoodJohn Tool
W.D. ScottWm. Houts 

Flowerfield Township

Harmet MillerJohnithan TimmMoses Cotherman
Jos. WelandDanel SchugJno. Timm
Jabes Wyman, Jr.Chas. W. GriffithsIsrael Londer
Obediah BeamRufus SchugHenry I. Hopper

Florence Township

Abijah WagerThos. H. GartonLeonard C. Hull
Lyman E. PrestonHenry ParkerNicholas Mandigo
Chas. CalhounDaniel RiderRansom Craw
Rutilas BeanMathew G. HallHenry E. Mead
W.A. SheepEdward GreensidesJohn Garton
Paul CusterW. HallW. Shannon

Park Township

Madison UlrichNoah BowersokJohn Miller
Daniel BloomHenry BenfordHugh Huff
Jessy WortmanNelson CarpenterAdam Bloom
Reuben WeinbergStep. D. HutchinsonIsaac Romig
Wesley CarpenterWm. Hopper 

Constantine Township

Geo. W. HartsonDaniel DreslerJno. I. Meldin
Chas. H. HammondN.H. SawtelleWilliam Slote
David WitnerJames M. NicarEnos Thomas
Warren DatcherIsaac SeelarAugustus Loof
Dan'l GreenwaltzAlbert G. BartonAdolphus O. Clark
W. GibsonEzra ThomasJno. B. Hartsauft
Thos. JeffersonJames RamseyEphraim H. Sheldon
Wesley LechnerJacob E. Hanshaw 

Prairie Ronde Township in Kalamazoo County, turned out the following worthy names from the draft-wheel, on the 28th.

Charles V. SmithAbram FanchonerCyrus Oman
William A. KlineCharles HartmenCharles H. Taylor
Josiah ShutsJohn GiddingsLovell R. Hoyt

Since the commencement of the rebellion the following forces have been called for by the President and Congress:

By Proclamation, April 15, 186175,000
By Proclamation, May 3, 186165,000
By Act of Congress, July 22, 1861500,000
By Act of Congress, July 25, 186125,000
By Proclamation, July 21, 1862300,000
By Proclamation, Aug. 9, 1862300,000
By Order, July 1863300,000
By Proclamation, October 17, 1863300,000

Glendower said he could call spirits from the vast deep, and Hotspur wanted to know if they would come when he did call for them. Over twelve hundred thousand have come in response to the above calls, and we wait to see how many will come under the last call. Will the "Loyal Union Leaguers" come? Will "swarms" from Massachusetts come? Will "flaming giants" from Illinois come? Will the nine hundred thousand pledged by Greely come? The President has fulfilled the conditions on his part upon which they pledged themselves to come, and has called. Will they respond? Will the "vast deep" of suffering and death which has preceded the call appall them? Will they prove themselves dastards and hypocrites or redeem their pledges? These questions must be met and answered.

(From the Local News section on the same page).

On Furlough

Lieutenant Edward Prutzman, of the 25th Michigan Infantry, arrived at his home in this place a few days ago, on a short visit. He left the 25th some three weeks ago, encamped at Louden, Tenn. The health of the regiment was excellent, and the boys in good spirits when he left. We understand the Lieut. leaves here to report for duty again next Friday.

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