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Excerpts from the Vicksburg Commercial

Friday Edition, November 11, 1892.

    Marriage, Epworth League Concert, Personals, &c.
    FULTON, Nov. 9, 1892.
  • Mr. A. Teed is on the sick list.
  • Mr. J. Mott is home for a few days.
  • Born, to Mr. and Mrs. B. Hazard, a girl.
  • Miss Vira Carr has closed her school in the Lynn district.
  • Miss Grace Bowman closed her school in Brady last Friday.
  • Mr. A. Snyder and wife, of Athens, are in town for a few days.
  • Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Gates have returned from their western trip.
  • Mr. W.E. Carr, of Battle Creek, spent Sunday with friends here.
  • Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Blood, of Athens, were the guests of Mrs. B's mother.
  • The Epworth League will give a concert in the G.A.R. hall Friday night.
  • Miss Ada Barnum, of Schoolcraft, was the guest of the Misses Ames Sunday.
  • Mrs. E. Hess and Miss May Hubbard, of Kalamazoo, are visiting with friends here.
  • Mr. Ward, who has been very sick for some time, is still in a critical condition.
  • Messrs. Ellis and George Bidleman, of Schoolcraft, were in town Saturday on business.
  • The L.O.T.M. served dinner in the hall election day for the accommodation of the voters.
  • T.J. Overholt, who is attending school at Ann Arbor, is at home for a few days. He came home to vote.
  • Sheridan Mapes, formerly of this place, but now of Detroit, was married to Miss Minnie Eldred, of Climax, last Wednesday.

    Gone Hunting - "Jerry" is now called Pa - Personal Items.
    SCOTTS, Nov. 10, 1892.
  • Mrs. T.A. Boughton is at Kalamazoo visiting her parents.
  • Geo. Eberstein and wife are at Saginaw visiting her sister.
  • Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Cheney are here from Goodells to make her parents a visit.
  • A baby girl graces the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Richardson since Saturday.
  • J.M. Terwilleger is entertaining Augusta Bullard, of Chicago, and Miss Nellie Dickie, of Chicago.
  • During the absence of Operator Tidd, Wm. V. Cousins does the day lightning jerking at the depot.
  • Walter Selbee, George Adams and W.A. Tidd started for Wisconsin on Thursday, where they will hunt deer. Wm. Hoyer has gone to Northern Michigan on a similar mission.

Minutes of regular meeting.
- Nov. 7, 1892.
Present: President Daniels, Clerk Baldwin, Trustees Dunning, Eminger, McMaster, Penfield, Turner and Street Commissioner Kimble. Absent: Trustee Wood and Marshal Clark.

  • Minutes of last meeting read and approved.
  • Motion that the petition for new sidewalk on Water street, from north-west corner of S.G. Mason's lot to south-west corner of Mrs. Sada Baker's lot be granted and notices drafted for same. Carried.
  • Motion that the report of the committee on ways and means in reference to the gravel pit be accepted and adopted not to sell any more gravel or sand from pit. Carried.
  • The following claims were presented and allowed:
    J.H. Lawrence, lighting street lamps$15.00.
    Scofield, Shurmer & Teagle, oil7.66.
    David Kimble, Street Commissioner19.05.
    V. Whiting, work on streets2.50.
    W. Struble, work on streets13.88.
    L. Ward, team work10.80.
    James Murry, work on streets2.50.
    H. Tutewiler, work on streets1.25.
    Frank Lyon, team work11.25.
    J.M. Lammon, work on streets10.01.
    Vicksburg Lumber Co., lumber and tile50.08.

  • Resolutions to build new sidewalks from No. 29 to No. 33 were read and adopted, to be served on the following persons: F. Lyon, west side of Kalamazoo avenue; C.H. Haines, west side of Kalamazoo avenue; Peter Franklin, west side of Kalamazoo avenue; R.E. Kimble, west side of Kalamazoo avenue; Wm. Chapman, north side of Vine street.
  • Motion that it is being reported that A. Moffat is running a gambling institution, the marshal be instructed to investigate and if find correct, notify him to stop. Carried.
  • Motion that the president and attorney investigate the charge of selling liquor to parties that have been posted and if evidence is found, to prosecute. Carried.
  • Motion that the proceedings of the board be published in the VICKSBURG COMMERCIAL for the balance of the year at the rate of $25.00 a year. Carried.
  • Motion to adjourn. Carried.
    ---E.C. BALDWIN, Village Clerk

    LANE - GILBERT. - At the home of the bride in this village, on Saturday evening, Nov. 5th, by Rev. J.C. Cook, Mr. Wm. H. Lane and Miss Mary E. Gilbert, all of this village.

    WYMAN. - At his residence in Brady, on Monday, Nov. 7th, of abscess, after an extended illness, {A.J.} Wyman, aged 42 years. The funeral was held yesterday morning, conducted by Rev. J.C. Cook, and the remains were taken near Lawton for burial.

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