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Index of the 1890 Plat Map of Pavilion Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan

Index of names found in the 1890 plat map of Pavilion Township, by section, transcribed by T.C. Wyman, August 2001. Persons having more than one property in a given section have been listed only once. However, persons owning property in different sections have been listed for each section. It must be noted that the northern portion of sections 1-6 was inadvertently cut off in my copy of the image. However, I have included the missing names in the index and identified them by means of two asterisks (**) next to each respective name.

View Actual 1890 Pavilion Township Plat Map

Section 1

Section 13

Section 25

H. FreerHarvey WarrenM. Haas
J. FreerB. DeanJ. Haas
P. WitfordN. HaasM. Grover
A. BrownellW.H. Thompson, et. al.W. Nidy
A. PierceE.C. ThompsonG.M. Boughton
C. LawrenceRodgersA. Boughton
?. PhillipsW. HarrisonW.H. Boughton
J. BriggsH. SimmonsW.H. Thompson, et al.
J. BailyHamiltonJ.E. Hamilton
H.H. HamiltonA.C. Boughton
A.B. Dorran

Section 2

Section 14

Section 26

W. BailyHarvey WarrenH.F. Bender
O.A. WilliamsD.L. HamiltonT. Cloney
H.H. HamiltonH. HaasJ.L. Sweezy
W.A. CaryB. DeanJ. Schneider
J.S. WheatonM.M. HamiltonD. McKain
E. StockhamT. Haas??S. Sager
Adley SchuylerG. Sager(E. Bradeker)
H.H. Sherwood **A. WebsterR. (Bradeker)
M. Haas?. Tripp
W. Jenkinson
J. Webster

Section 3

Section 15

Section 27

J. RalphL. ReinigL.J. Haight Est.
J. BarrowsH. OcherJ. Lemon
Adley SchuylerG. StillwellJ. Schneider
A. CoburnC.E. MorrisonJ. Cloney
StateJ. Richardson
F. CaseF. Horsfall
R.H. HitchcockE. Cagney
E. ChaseR. Dibble
W. White(M.) Earl
W. Blake(K.) Earl
I. Abbott **M. Haas
W.E. Freer **C. Moon
E. (Courin)
J. Briggs

Section 4

Section 16

Section 28

W. BlakeC.E. MorrisonW.L. Collins
E. ChaseJ. RichardsonT. Conway
P. Van(Penan)R. BrockieA. Coburn
G. ShillingH.M. ArmstrongB. Briggs
D. ShillingE. CagneyM.D. Ramsdell
(A.) TalsmaA. Gordon(S.)H. Ramsdell
C.M. Fletcher **C.M. Squires
F. Stevens
S.A. Briggs
L.J. Haight Est.
J. Thompson

Section 5

Section 17

Section 29

G. ShillingE. CagneyMaria Osborn
D. ShillingE. MooreJ. Thompson
W. KakebakerH. CoburnF. Stevens
A. MilhamT. SandersonC.M. Squires
D. Carlton **N. AllenH. Foster
O. Carlton **C. YoungE.F. Briggs Est.
F.R. & H. Talsma **R. VoorenkampD. Evans
C. Fisher **E.L. SmithJane Briggs
J. BrockieA.C. Odell
W.D. Briggs
Nina Conon

Section 6

Section 18

Section 30

A. MilhamVoorenkampL. Briggs
H. CookJ. BrockieW.H. Andrews
W. MilhamE.L. SmithNina Conon
E.C. Beckwith **E. MoonH. Nash
E.H. Deniston **C. MoonR.M. Goostry
J. CarmonE. Courtney
G. FornoffA. McDougal
D. Evans

Section 7

Section 19

Section 31

C. AckleyE. WebberM.L. Robinson
A.C. TrippG. FornoffA.B. Smith
T. ConwayH.F. SmithH.H. Sipley
E. CookG. Briggs(S.)J. Richardson
M. BaconD. EvansH.D. Williamson
H. MoonA. BriggsH. Clark
E.L. SmithC.P. Tiffaney
W. Bair

Section 8

Section 20

Section 32

W. ScudderC. CoburnC.M. Squires
P. VoorenkampW.J. PomeroyG. Douglass
A.G. BalckJ. BrockieE.F. Briggs
R. VoorenkampA.W. SmithAsa Briggs
C. AckleyE.F. Briggs Est.W. McKaslin
H. CobwinT. BlissM.L. Robinson
W. FrioM.L. RobinsonJ. Lemon
A. GordonL.A. BriggsMary Tryron
E. MooreW. LaddsA.D. Riley
S. BakerA. OsbornS. Wineburg
N. AllenMaria OsbornW.H. Leaver(ed)
(H.) Blodgett

Section 9

Section 21

Section 33

D.R. CoryF.A. OsbornM. Stevens
Mary CourtneyA.J. OsbornL.J. Haight Est.
Scharborough Est.W.J. PomeroyW. A..nes
C. LemonW.L. CollinsH. Heimback
W. MonchktonF.V. CollinsS. Wineburg
A.W. CoburnB. CollinsC.M. Squires
G.W. SmithA. Coburn
A. GordonTown Hall
J. Cagney

Section 10

Section 22

Section 34

J. GibbC. YoungL.J. Haight Est.
N. TaylorW. YoungW. A..nes
F. CaseJ. BlakeJ. Kissinger
E.W. BuelC.E. MorrisonJake Haas
C. LemonW.J. Pomeroy(?.) Knapp
D.R. Cory(R.) Richardson
B. WheatonJ. Richardson
Adley SchuylerC. Shered
W. MonchktonF.V. Collins
R.C. LuceJ. Schneider
J. DemorestJ. Cloney
HaasT. Cloney
C. Lemon(H.M.A.)
A.T. Lemon
J. Reinig
L. Reinig
E. Earl
H. Whitmore

Section 11

Section 23

Section 35

J. EarlN. HaasD. McKain
W. EldredA. RyanJ. McKain
H. CoburnJ. Webster(J. Fitch??)
A. SchuylerW. RyanMary Crippen
Adley SchuylerAverill & Sager?. Knapp
E. EarlG. SagerJake Haas
W. EarlM. RobordsMartha ???
C. LemonAnna Sager(J. Noyes)
Harvey WarrenH. Fisher(T. Fitch)
L. McKain

Section 12

Section 24

Section 36

A. PierceE. WheelerA.B. Dorran
W. WickwireJ. GordonM. Chipman
T. ClappG. Snyder(L.) McKain
J. EarlE. CloneyA. Turn(er??)
J. Mal(oy)(W.) Webster????
C. CookD. Kindy????
P. DibbleG.M. Boughton?????
W.H. Thompson, et al.?. McKain
L. Johnson
C.A. (Williams)
?. (Williams)
(L.L. Simmons)
E.S. (Herenson)

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