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Transcribed Historical Markers, Cass County, Michigan

"Vandalia, prior to the Civil War, was the junction of two important 'lines' of the 'Underground Railroad'. Slaves fleeing through Indiana and Illinois came to Cass County, where Quakers and others gave them shelter. Fugitives seeking a refuge in Canada were guided to 'stations' to the east. Many stayed here and built a unique Negro rural colony. Slave-hunting by Kentuckians in 1847 led to legal action and increased North-South tensions."

Michigan Historical Commision registered site number 137.
(Located in the village of Vandalia. Marker is in town, on the south side of state highway M-60).

"This late-Victorian schoolhouse was built in 1874-75. Constructed at a cost of $3000, it is made of locally manufactured yellow and red brick. The 1882 Cass County History described it as "the best rural schoolhouse in the State." Its two classrooms could accommodate 110 pupils. The school was used until the local district was absorbed into the Constantine School District in 1959. In 1964 the building became the township hall, and in 1972 the Mason Union branch of the Cass County Library."

(Additionally, the original schoolbell from 1875 is displayed in front of the building).
(Located on U.S. Hwy 12 at Kessington Road, west of the village of Union).

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