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Kinchloe Memorial Park

Penn Township, Cass County, Michigan

Transcribed April 6, 2000 by T.C. Wyman.
This is a very old, small cemetery on the south side of state highway M-60 east of Cassopolis. This listing was taken directly from the legible stones and are as accurate as possible. At this time I have not coordinated this list with any other published listing, but will most likely do so as time permits to ensure its accuracy and completeness.

David A. Keen d.Mar. 17, 1880, a.28y, 4m, 18d.

Averill (Note: New family stone directly in front of old, broken stone, with the following four names inscribed.
Plinney F. 1825-1872 Matilda N. 1788-1873
Margaret H. 1835-1903 Frankie 1864-1872

Moon, Amelia A., wife of John C. Moon. b.July 3, 1828, d.Jan. 15, 1884, a.55y, 6m, 12d.

Henry, (son?) of ___ Moon (Unreadable)

Julia A., wife of George Moon. d.Dec. 28, 1871, a.52y, 6m.

Charlotte, wife of Geo. Moon. d.Dec. 31, 1861, a.67y, 10m, 21d.

George Moon, d.Sept. 6, 1878, a.78y, (3m, 10d).

Mary, wife of Benj. F. Moon. d.Aug. 20, 1851, a.17y, 4m, 20d.

(several stones here too difficult to read)

Wm. McIntosh, d.May 9, 1877, a.81y, 9d. (Note: One stone for this family)
Sarah, wife of Wm. McIntosh. (no information)
Louisa, daughter of Wm. and Sarah McIntosh. d.Dec 23, 1872, a.35y, 6m, 1d.
Joseph White (?)(Stone unreadable)

Daniel McIntosh, born Alleghany Co., Maryland, Mar. 13, 1805. Died Cassopolis, Michigan, Mar. 13, 1890. (Inscription) "My Father" "I thought when I started out for myself to take this for my motto, 'I would do unto others as I would be done by'." (Note: Engravings of corn and wheat.)

Amanda Benson, wife of D. McIntosh, removed from Jefferson Co., N.Y. when 11 years of age. Married 1831, died Sept. 19, 1887, aged 74 years, 5 months, 15 days. (Inscription) "Mother's Grave" "We are marching to Emanuel's ground, to fairer worlds on high; we want no cowards in our band who will their colors fly." (on same stone)
Helen M., daughter of D. & A. McIntosh, d.Nov. 1, 1839, a.2m, 3d.
William W., son of D. & A. McIntosh, d. Aug. 8, 1838, a.5m, 3d.
George W., son of D. & A. McIntosh, a.6m. (No date)
John B., son of D. & A. McIntosh, d.Mar. 3, 1876, a.39y, 2m, 12d.

(Note: The above gravestones of Daniel and Amanda McIntosh are made of white bronze and are in excellent condition).

Daniel McIntosh, d.Jul. 2, 1851, a.80y, 11m.

Mary, wife of Daniel McIntosh, d.Nov. 10, 185(7) in the 82nd year of her age.

John B., son of D. & M. McIntosh, d. (unreadable) 186(8).

Margaret McIntosh, d.Jan. 20, 1874, a.38y, 11d.

Wm. Allen, d.Sept. 9, 1872, a.(7)3y, 3m, 9d.

Susan, wife of Wm. Allen, d.June 7, 1851, a.46y, 6m.

Uncle John Bastion(Note: New stone; nothing else on it. Directly next to Jairus Lamb.)

Jairus Lamb, d.Mar.13, 1842, a.36y.

John T., Son of J. & Ann Eliza Lamb, d.May 16, 1841, a.9y, 4m, 8d.

William A., Son of J. & Ann Eliza Lamb, d.Jul. 16, 1854, a.24y, 7m, 17d.

Jairus A.Son of J. & Ann Eliza Lamb, d.Aug. 22, 1853, a.12y, 10m, 21d.

Ann Eliza Lamb(stone broken)

Lydia __ ______ , ___ of A.E. Lamb, died Oct. 19, 1872, a.34y, 14d.

Lyman R. Lamb, b.July 4, 1842. (Note: This stone and the following two are new and alike).

Susan Eliza Bush, b.Sept. 16, 1834, d.June 5, 1876.

Uncle Henry Minar (rest of stone buried)

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