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Pioneer Picnic, Cass County, Michigan, June 7, 1896

Article appeared in the June 8th, 1896 edition of the "Cassopolis Vigilant".


The Usual Large Crowd Attends.

Those who desired to attend the pioneer picnic yesterday were favored with fine weather throughout the entire day, and the crowd was fairly up to the average being estimated at from five to seven thousand people. At 10:30 the assembly was called to order by Vice-President Henry Michel of Dowagiac, who welcomed all to the twenty-third annual meeting of pioneers. The invocation was by Rev. John Burns of Pokagon, eighty-two years old and a pioneer Methodist minister in Cass County.

Treasurer C.C. Nelson read his annual report as follows:

Amt, on hand June 19, '95$129.75
Rec'd June 19, '9545.75
Paid, put on secretary's order87.96
Bal. on hand, June 17, '96$87.54

Secretary L.H. Glover gave a short address urging upon those present the necessity of adding new names to the roll of members, and fourteen were secured.

Officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows:
President - Henry Michel; Vice President - Elias Morris; Treasurer - C.C. Nelson; Secretary and Historian - L.H. Glover; Executive Committee - Marcellus, Geo. I. Nash; Volinia, Milton J. Gard; Wayne, C.C. Morton; Silver Creek, John Bilderbeck; Dowagiac, Isaac Wells; Pokagon, John Byrnes; La Grange, S.T. Read; Penn, David Thomas; Newberg, James M. Chapman; Porter, John O'Dell; Calvin, Jefferson Osborn; Jefferson, Joseph N. Marshall; Howard, Asher J. Shaw; Milton, Jas. M. Truitt; Ontwa, Wm. H. Sheldon; Mason, Chas. A. Thompson.

An adjournment was then taken until 1:30 p.m., when the assembly was addressed by Hon. Thomas Marrs of Berrien Springs, a pioneer of this district. He was followed by short talks by Hon. Augustus Jewell of Dowagiac, Rev. John Byrnes of Pokagon, A.D. Northrop of Calvin, Henry Kimmerle of La Grange, Rev. E.R. Clark of Edwardsburg, and by Hon. James Shaw, who was a member of the legislature of 1845 and 1847.

Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Warner of Cassopolis were the only contestants for the rocking chair offered by C.C. Nelson to the couple present at the picnic who had been longest married, and received the prize. They were married Feb. 12, 1852.

For the silver spoons offered by S.H. Turner to the lady present who furnished the longest list of children, her own offspring, there were several contestants as follows:

Mrs. Salina Miller Jones, Cassopolis, 10 children, 8 living.
Lavina Drake Martin, Penn, 11 children, 8 living.
Emeline O'Dell Fast, Porter, 12 children, 9 living.
Elizabeth Hunt Rinehart, Porter, 14 children, 10 living.
Lovina Allen Haithcock, Calvin, 16 children, 7 living.
Priscilla Casey Ford, Calvin, 18 children, 9 living. Mrs. Ford was awarded the prize.

The above program was enlivened with music by the Cassopolis Military Band, a local glee club, and a glee club from Chicago.

The following is the annual report of the historian, L.H. Glover:

Annis A. Gage, born in Wayne, March 15, 1849, married to Augustus Jewell, March 26, 1872, died in Dowagiac, June 18, '95.

Mrs. Catherine Beckwith, born in Pike, New York, September 22, 1827, married to Philo D. Beckwith, October 21, 1843, and soon came to Michigan, died in Dowagiac, June 19, '95.

Charles Larzelere, born in Seneca Falls, N.Y., June 1816, came to Dowagiac in the '60s, and there died June 21, '95.

Mary Traverse, born in Westmoreland, Pa., April 5, 1813, came to this county in 1834, married to Daniel Eby, died June 26, '95.

Nancy Jane Loomis, born in Ohio, June 15, 1827, died in Jefferson, June 29, '95.

Seldon H. Richardson, born in this county, Nov. 3, 1842, died in Calhoun county, Iowa, June 30, '95.

Horace C. Holden, born in Mass. in 1810, died in Jefferson, July 2, '95.

Frederick W. Gookin, born in Corinth, Vermont, June 23, 1814, came to Michigan in 1849, died in Howard, July 8, '95.

Louise Bronson, born in N.Y. in 1823, died in Howard, July 4, '95.

Wm. Grant Stephens, born in Athens, Pa., June 4, 1823, came to Calvin in 1864, and there died, July 13, '95.

Apha Spearbeck, born in Albany, N.Y., October 30, 1815, came to Michigan in 1856, died in Wayne, July 17, '95.

William G. Blair, born in Middlefield, N.Y., May 1, 1817, came to Edwardsburg, May 29, 1835, and there died, July 24, '95.

Gen. Geo. T. Shaffer, ex-president of this Society, born near Springfield, Ohio, October 9, 1821, came to Calvin in 1832, and there died, July 24, '95.

Fenton Dunn, born in Ireland in 1820, died July 31, '95.

Elvira Mains, born in Athens, Maine, Nov. 13, 1835, came to Michigan when a young woman, married to Frank Darling in 1859, and to Josiah Hopkins in 1869, died in Cassopolis, August 4, '95.

Lemuel H. Anderson, born in Warren county, Ohio, July 20, 1829 came to this county in 1833, removed to South Bend in 1862, died August 5, '95.

A.J. Myers, born in Ohio, March 27, 1823, settled in Pokagon fifty years ago, died in Dowagiac, August 6, '95.

Chauncey C. Knight, born in N.Y. in 1821, died in Marcellus, August 8, '95.

Laura N. Herbert, born in Middleham, Conn., Feb. 20, 1815, married to Harvey Bigelow in Sept. 1843, and settled in La Grange, died in Dowagiac, August 9, '95.

David T. Truitt, born in Delaware in 1827, died in Milton, August 12, '95.

Levi B. Lawrence, born in Chautauqua county, N.Y., June 12, 1819, settled near his late home in Volinia, September 12, 1832, died August 13, '95.

Mrs. Fosdick, born in Ohio, came to Volinia in 1834, married to Dr. George W. Fosdick in 1836, died in Volinia, Aug. 15, '95.

Mary A. Etter, born in Ireland in 1822, died in Marcellus, August 16, '95.

Abigail Rudd, born in Middleton, Vt., Dec. 14, 1807, married to Jesse Hutchinson, Dec. 30, 1830, died in Rockwell City, Iowa, August 17, '95.

Frankey Reames, born in Indiana in 1827, died in Marcellus, August 17, '95.

James Glass, born in N.Y. in 1837, died in Newberg, August 17, '95.

Daniel Haukins, born in Coshocton, Ohio, May 10, 1809, came to Michigan in 1848, died August 19, '95.

John W. Poorman, born in Pennsylvania in 1842, died in Marcellus, August 20, '95.

Otis D. Thompson, born in Ontwa, June 9, 1856, died in Elkhart, Indiana, August 27, '95.

Mary M. Gerold, born in Germany in 1832, died in Marcellus, Aug. 28, '95.

Martha A. Dungy, born in Virginia in 1827, died August 29, '95.

Joseph Dodge, born in Johnstown, N.Y., Dec. 2, 1807, came to this county in 1839, died in Vandalia, September 2, '95.

Abraham Rinehart, born in Rockingham County, Va., Jan. 5, 1817, came to Porter in 1829, and there died, Sept. 2, '95.

Louisa F. Allen, born in North Carolina, July 3, 1829, married to James A. Mitchell in 1846, came to Calvin in 1848 and there died September 3, '95.

Jane Braymer, born in N.Y., Jan. 28, 1814, came to La Grange many years ago, died in Pokagon, September 7, '95.

Luman Andrews, born in Kent, Ohio, June 19, 1840, settled in Dowagiac in 1857, and there died, September 8, '95.

Willis H. Argabright, born in Clark County, Ohio, May 21, 1841, came to this county, August 18, 1854, died in Dowagiac, September 11, '95.

Samuel Bonine, born in Wayne county, Ind. in 1820, came to Penn in 1842, and there died September 12, '95.

Joseph Rogers, aged 82, died in Dowagiac, September 14, '95.

Nathaniel Griswold, born in N.Y. in 1821, died in Marcellus, Sept. 15, '95.

Moses F. Childs, born in Maryland in 1817, died in Howard, September 17, '95.

Nancy Wellard, born in this state in 1830, died in Volinia, September 19, '95.

William Allen, one of the early settlers in Mason, died in Shedds, Oregon, September 23, '95, aged about 80 years.

George Messenger, born in La Grange in March, 1850, went to Nebraska in 1879, died in Colorado, September 23, '95.

Elsie R. Davis, born in this state in 1843, died in Newberg, September 27, '95.

Frances C., wife of Guy C. Johnson, born in 1831, came to Ontwa in 1837, died in Elkhart, Ind. in September, '95.

Catherine Welcher, born in N.Y. in 1819, died in Volinia, October, '95.

Lydia Reese, born in Tennessee, Jan. 27, 1823, married to Nathan Wright, Nov. 11, 1848, came to Cass county in 1864, died in Penn, October 6, '95.

Leander P. Miller, born in Jefferson, Jan. 9, 1849, and there died, Oct. 14, '95.

James M. Westfall, born in N.Y., Oct. 2, 1831, died in Jefferson, October 15, '95.

Margaret Swinehart, born in Del. in 1810, died in Calvin, October 23, '95.

David Ayers, born in Wood county, N.Y. in 1829, settled in Penn in 1839, and there died, Oct. 30, '95.

Jane I. Jenkins, born in Zanesville, Ohio, October 4, 1823, married to Wm. Jenkins in 1842, came to this county in 1848, died in Silver Creek, October 24, '95.

Lydia L. Rogers, born in Erie county, N.Y., Sept. 25, 1818, married to Thomas M.N. Tink(l)er, January 1, 1835, came to Wayne in 1839, died in Dowagiac, Nov. 2, '95.

Anna Jane Thomas, born in Grant county, Ind., April 10, 1862, came to this county, and married to Allie L. Marsh, July 21, 1895, died in Cassopolis, Nov. 6, '95.

Lois Sampson, born in Vermont, Jan. 8, 1800, died in Jefferson, Nov. 6, '95.

Asa Bair, born in Ohio in 1839, died in Newberg, November 6, '95.

Lewis Smith, aged 79, died in Dowagiac, November 7, '95.

John Cook, born near Akron, Ohio, Oct. 15, 1835, came to this county in 1865, died near Brownsville, November 12, '95.

Cyrus Young, born in this state in 1824, died in Pokagon, Nov. 13, '95.

Samuel Andrews, born in N.Y. in 1817, died in Pokagon, November 15, '95.

Simon Hartsell, born in Pokagon, Dec. 6, 1840, died Nov. 18, '95.

Sarah Plotner, born in Pennsylvania in 1818, died in Ontwa, Nov. 19, '95.

Margaret Miller, born Sept. 24, 1822, married to Peter Eby, Jun 18, 1846, came to this county in 1848, died in Porter, November 23, '95.

Charles Chase died in Dowagiac, Dec. 1, '95, aged 56 years.

Alexander H. Hubbard, born in Navarino, N.Y., March 29, 1827, came to Dowagiac, and there died, December 2, '95.

Minerson Buck, born in Onondaga county, N.Y., May 21, 1809, came to Michigan in 1846, settled in Dowagiac in 1864, died in Kalamazoo, Dec. 7, '95.

Edward Carrett, born in Ireland in 1824, died in Howard, December 14, '95.

Jane Tryon, born in Canada in 1814, died in Marcellus, December 17, '95.

Homer J. Lewis, born in N.Y. in 1836, died in Pokagon, December 29, '95.

J.L. Draper, born near Litchfield, Conn. in 1818, came to this county in 1845, died near Howard City, Jan. 2, '96.

Judge Daniel Blackman, born in Newton, Conn., Dec. 31, 1821, came to Cassopolis in July, 1851, died in Chicago in January, '96.

John Raywal(t), born in Mill Point, N.Y., Nov. 13, 1822, came to this state in 1852,died in Cassopolis, January 8, '96.

Mrs. Lizzette Gardner, widow of the late Thomas J. Gardner, died in Kalamazoo, February 8, '96.

Miles Haithcock, born in Fairfax county, N.C. in 1792, came to Calvin in an early day, and there died, Jan. 16, '96.

William Smith, born in England, Nov. 10, 1811, came to Silver Creek in 1819, and there died, January 22, '96.

Thomas Keatley, born in Missouri in 1834, settled in Dowagiac in 1855, and there died, January 27, '96.

Jacob B. Breeck, born in Columbia county, Pa., Mar. 23, 1816, came to Ontwa in 1836, died in Jefferson, where he had lived for fifty years, January 29, '96.

Selina Hinshaw, born in Randolph county, N.C., Nov. 12, 1819, came to this county in 1831, married to George Green, Feb. 12, 1842, died in Vandalia, February 1, '96.

Cannon Smith, born in Sussex county, Delaware, came to this county in 1828, died in Milton, February 1, '96.

Mrs. Asa Wyman, born in Clyde, N.Y., Feb. 5, 1819, came to Michigan at an early date, married to Wm. Akins in 1840, and to Mr. Wyman in 1869, died in Adamsville, February 2, '96.

Samantha Cleveland, born in Cuyahoga county, N.Y. in 1827, married to Isaiah Beerbower in 1847, came to Porter in 1850, died February 2, '96.

Elliah Bulhand, born in Cayuga county, N.Y., came to this county in 1868, died in Goblesville, February 5, '96.

Eliza A. Fox, born in Northumberland county, Pa., July 16, 1817, came to Volinia about 1830, married to Joseph Warner, March 20, 1839, died February 7, '96.

Nancy S. Irish, born in Aurelias, N.Y., August 24, 1818, married to John Hollister in 1843, came to this county in 1847, died in Vandalia, February 9, '96.

Nellie Nash, born in Volinia, Oct. 3, 1854, married to Nelson Nichols, July 3, 1870, died in Grand Rapids, Feb. 10, '96.

Carrie Jewell, born in La Grange, June 7, 1862, married to F.L. Colby in 1865, died in Dowagiac, February 11, '96.

David Parker, born in Ohio, Sept. 9, 1824, for many years a resident of this county, died in Calhoun county, Iowa, February 11, '96.

John Bedford, born in England in 1807, a resident of Howard for more than forty years, died February 11, '96.

Mary L. Chapman, born in Milford, O., Dec. 29, 1843, came to Cassopolis in 1852, married to Charles H. Huff, Oct. 13, 1864, died in St. Louis, Mo., February 13, '96.

Isaac Van Sickle, died in Dowagiac, Feb. 21, '96, aged 59 years.

Hattie L. Bedford, born in Lincolnshire, England, August 9, 1848, came to America in 1852, married to Emory C. Doane, Dec. 10, 1871, died in South Bend, February 22, '96.

Jennie Brownell, aged 55 years, died in Dowagiac, February 25, '96.

William Weaver, born in New York in 1830, came to Jefferson in 1841, died in Sumner county, Kansas, March 6, '96.

Anna Rinehart, born in Rockingham county, Va. in 1823, came to Porter in 1829, married to M. Hall and after his death, to Daniel Sullivan, died in Porter, February 26, '96.

Harriet Haskins, born in Ohio, came to La Grange in 1842, married to Joshua Mosher in 1847, died in Missouri Valley, Iowa, March 2, '96.

James D. Bloodgood, born in Cassopolis, May 12, 1845, died in Dowagiac, March 13, '96.

Melinda Reneston, born in Ohio in 1827, came to La Grange in 1830, married to David M. Ritter, died March 14, '96.

Aaron J. Nash, born in New York in 1821, came to this county in 1854, died in Dowagiac, March 20, '96.

Benjamin Hathaway, born in New York in 1823, came to Cass county in 1837, died in Volinia, March 20, '96.

Mrs. Fred Turkow, born in Germany, July 5, 1848, came to this county in 1870, married to Mr. Turkow in 1869, died in Marcellus, April 3, '96.

Artella Nixon, born in Penn, July 26, 1857, married to W.O. George, Sept. 15, 1880, died in Marcellus, April 4, '96.

Mrs. John Van Tuyl, born in Toronto, Canada, June 1, 1846, came to Jefferson in 1860, married to Mr. Van Tuyl in June, 1865, died in Edwardsburg, April 8, '96.

Jennie A. Sherwood, born in Middleport, N.Y., April 19, 1842, came to this county in 1854, married to Dr. Thos. W. Anderson, May 9, 1866, died in Cassopolis, April 10, '96.

James B. Scott, born in (unreadable) 1839, died in (unreadable) April 12, '96.

George W. Whitrece, born in Castleton, N.Y., Nov. 20, 1820, came to this county in 1844, died in Dowagiac, April 15, '96.

Elizabeth C. Heath, born in Oneida county, N.Y., Sept. 16, 1829, married to W.D. Brownell in October, 1850, came to Ontwa in 1854, died in Edwardsburg, April 16, '96.

Margaret Ann Bell, born in county Caven, Ireland in 1817, came to America in 1832, married to Wm. Manefield in 1838, died in Cassopolis, April 18, '96.

George Sherwood, county clerk in 1845, born in Dutchess county, N.Y., in 1829, came to Edwardsburg when a child, died in Chicago, April 18,'96.

James M. Wright, born in Butler county, Ohio, May 12, 1831, came to Volinia in 1831, and there died, April 23, '96.

Samuel King, born in Somerset county, Pa. in 1818, came to his late home in Porter in 1828, and there died, Apr. 24, '96.

George King, born in Fairfield county, Ohio, came to his late home in Porter in 1828, and there died, April 26, '96.

Reason S. Pemberton, born in Wayne county, Ind., March 23, 1822, came to Penn in 1836, died in Marcellus, April 27, '96.

Thomas M. Fulton, a resident of this county many years ago, died in Chicago, April 27, '96.

George W. Jones, born in Preble county, Ohio, April 3, 1824, came to this county in 1830, died April 29, '96.

Cora Belle Sloan, born in Mottville, March 29, 1870, came to this county in 1873, married to Charles B. Bowen, Nov. 26, 1890, died at Jones, May 3, '96.

John W. Nicholson, born in Champaign county, Ohio in 1831, came to this county in 1834, died in Calhoun county, Iowa, May 3, 189-.

Sarah Abrams, born in Virginia in 1806, married to Hartley Abrams, came to Calvin at an early day, and there died, May 5, '96.

Rebecca E. Bosley, born in Ohio in 1834, came to Jefferson when a child, died in Calhoun county, Iowa, May 6, '9-.

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