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1830 U.S. Census, Cass County, Michigan, Ontwa Township

Names in the 1830 U.S. Census, County of Cass, Ontwa Township.

Transcribed by T.C. Wyman, December 13, 1999.

(Transcriber's Note: It should be noted that in several published indexes of the 1830 U.S. Census of Michigan, approximately one-half of the names below are mistakenly listed under the township of "Dexter, Cass County, Michigan". In fact, there is no Dexter Township in Cass County, nor was there ever such a township. After having closely examined the film, I am convinced that the enumerator did indeed write a highly ornate "Ontwa" township on the page which some others have identified as "Dexter".)

Division alloted to Enumerator Alexander H. Edwards.

Ages defined by column (both for males and females):
1st - Under 58th - 50-60
2nd - 5-109th - 60-70
3rd - 10-1510th - 70-80
4th - 15-2011th - 80-90
5th - 20-3012th - 90-100
6th - 30-4013th - Over 100
7th - 40-50 

Head of HouseholdMalesFemalesHead of HouseholdMalesFemales
Sterling Adams **00002010000000100100000000Adam Miller11022011000002102001000000
Lathrop Johnson00012000000001000100000000Russel Bogart01000010000002110010000000
John Melville00020001000000010001000000Othne Beardsley10002000000000000100000000
Abraham Edwards01201110000002121010000000William Tibbets30010100000000000100000000
William A. Davis20100110000001100010000010John Corkins12100010000002120001000000
John Hudson10001100000000000100000000John Baldwin10011010000001110000000000
Willson Blackman01202020000001020010000000John Mayville00000100000001000100000000
Sylvester Meachum10001100000000001100000000Thomas Purget10000100000000000100000000
Jacob Smith01110010000000221010000000Armstrong Davidson11112010000000111201000000
Ezra Beardsley10202010000000011001000000Matthew G. Odell10001000000000000100000000
William Bogart00100200000001010000000100Aaron Brooks00000100000002100100000000
John Bogart00100010000001201010000000Joseph Quimbee00000100000000000001000000
Frederick Garver01021001000000201000100000James Odell01101110000002100010000000
Thomas A.H. Edwards10011000000000201000100000Cannon Smith02102010000000023001000000
John Silsbee00002010000000011010000000Thomas Sullivan10000100000001000200000000
Isaac Hulse00221010000000001000100000   
George Meachum00011000000000000100000000   

** Note: One "Free, Colored" Male of less than 10 years of age was living in the Sterling Adams household.

There were a total of 229 persons enumerated in Ontwa Township in the 1830 Census.

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