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Excerpts from the LaPorte Union Newspaper.

E.M. Horan and R. Holmes, Proprietors.

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 1854.

Laporte County Fair
We last week mentioned the fact that we had a county fair then holding in our city, and also intimated that we would give a more extended notice of it, than we were then able to do. We will not now be able to give as lengthy a notice as we would wish, or as it deserves, for our time is taken up with, to us, more important business; but we shall briefly refer to some of the principle articles exhibited.

The most important, though we cannot say distinctive, feature of the fair was the Cattle Show. We cannot speak in detail of their qualities, for it would far exceed our allotted space, and we therefore refer our readers to the premium list made out by the Secretary of the Society, and to be found in another column of our paper, which we presume will be found a correct compilation from the books of the committees. It will be sufficient to say, that the exhibition of the Cattle, not in numbers, but in quality, was the best we have ever seen at a county fair, and reflected much credit on the stock farmers of Laporte county. We cannot, though we would like to do so, give a detailed notice of the fine Horses exhibited. There were quite a number on the grounds, and they were of a superior quality. The number of Sheep on exhibition was not very large, but were of a fine quality, embracing different varieties of long and fine wooled Sheep. They have seldom, if ever, been surpassed as specimens, and attracted the attention of all persons in attendance. This branch of the agricultural interests of Laporte county had, we are informed been much neglected previous to the organization of the Society; but the fine specimens of sheep exhibited, show the increased interest and zeal manifested by the wool growers of our county, among the most extensive of which we make mention of D.G. Rose. Mr. R. had the largest and, we think, certainly the finest flock on exhibition.

Some of the Hogs on exhibition took the palm off anything we ever saw in the hog line - we refer particularly to the large white ones that were in a cage, set up on wagon wheels. We believe they belonged to D.G. Rose. The hogs on exhibition, as a general thing, were of a superior quality.

There were on exhibition, beautiful specimens of Poultry, from a Shanghai down to a common legged chicken; also some fine Geese, Turkeys, and Ducks.

There were some fine and beautiful specimens of Butter, though we believe, little competition was had in this article. The specimens were certainly of a superior quality, and reflected credit on the makers; but, we think, so important an article of common consumption ought to have much more attention paid to it than seems to have been on this occasion. There were several Cheeses exhibited, and we must say that those made at the Dairy of D.G. Rose surpassed anything we have ever seen of the cheese kind, not only in site (sic), but quality. We do not claim to be good judges of cheese, but those who are, pronounced them equal, if not superior to the Hamburgh, and we have no disposition to doubt it, for it will be remembered that his cheese took the premium at the State Fair, where there was large competition. The specimens of Honey were very fine indeed. A look at it would make one sweet enough without tasting.

There were several collections of Flowers exhibited, and added much to the attractiveness of the fair. Notwithstanding the drought, the flowers were very rich and decidedly beautiful, and whoever the fair collectors were, spoke well for their taste.

There were many household articles on exhibition, such as quilts, carpets, table cloths, dresses, &c., &c., which looked very beautiful indeed; but, being troubled with "single blessedness", of course, we are not competent to speak of their respective merits - besides it is hardly necessary that we should, as our good neighbor of the Times has done this branch of the exhibition ample justice, and we suggest here that it would be nothing more than proper that he be presented with one of those coveted "socks". There were many other articles on exhibition that we would like to notice, such as vegetables, boots, shoes, &c., &c., but would extend this article to too great a length, and we will bring it to a close, merely making mention of a fine two horse Carriage entered for exhibition by Messrs. Rose & Bagley. It is a worthy specimen of workmanship, and we can here say that there is no place in the west where neater and better carriages can be built than in Laporte. The carriage in question was gotten up in the very best taste - neither too gay, nor too plain in its trimmings. It is, to say the least of it, just such a one as every man should have who can afford to ride in a handsome, comfortable carriage, and it reflects great credit on the builders.

Take the Fair all in all, it was creditable to the exhibitors and profitable to the visitors. M.K. Farrand, Esq., delivered the Annual address, which was both beautiful and instructive.

Premiums Awarded at the 3d Annual Fair of Laporte County.

Best StallionL. ShermanDipl. & $10
2nd Best StallionJohn JessupDipl. & $5
Best GeldonWm. ProudDipl. & $5
2nd Best GeldonD.G. RoseDipl. & $3
Best Brood MareD. LudwigDipl. & $5
2nd Best Brood MareSeth EasonDipl. & $3
3d Best Brood MareA.J. WagnerDipl. & $1
Best Mare & ColtGeorge CrawfordDipl. & $5
2nd Best Mare & ColtGeorge MillsDipl. & $3
Best 3 year old ColtJohn S. JessupDipl. & $3
Best MuleT. ButterworthDipl. & $2
Best 2 year old ColtD. LudwigDipl. & $2
Best 1 year old ColtJonathan DudleyDipl. & $2
Best Sucking ColtG. MillsDipl. & $2
Best Span Matched HorsesJohn ThompsonDipl. & $5
Best Work HorsesJohn F. DeckerDipl. & $5
2nd Best Work HorsesShedrack CrandeDipl. & $3
Best Buggy HorseJohn SutherlandDipl. & $5
Best JackAlex. BaneDipl. & $5

Best Durham Bull, 3 years oldW.J. WalkerDipl. & $10
Best Durham Bull, 2 years oldW.J. WalkerDipl. & $10
Best Durham Bull, 1 year oldMcCord & RoseDipl. & $10
Best Durham Bull, CalfS.B. MeadDipl. & $5
Best CowJoseph OrrDipl. & $5
Best HeiferS.B. MeadDipl. & $5
Best Devan Bull, 1 year oldSam'l ShedDipl. & $3
Best Devan CowL. ShedDipl. & $3
Best Devan Bull CalfL. ShedDipl. & $2
Best Devan HeiferS.B. MeadDipl. & $3
Best Yoke OxenN. BuckDipl. & $5
2nd Best Yoke OxenJ.F. DeckerDipl. & $3
Best 3 year old SteersJames WallaceDipl. & --
Best Milk Cow (grade)Seth EasonDipl. & $5
2nd Best Milk Cow J.M. AllenDipl. & $3
Best 2 year old Heifer (grade)S.B. MeadDipl. & $3
Best 1 year old Heifer (grade)S.B. MeadDipl. & $2
Best 1 year old SteerB.M. NewkirkDipl. & $2
Best 1 year old BullMoses ButterworthDipl. & $5
Best 4 year old SteerW.J. WalkerDipl. & $3

Best Arranged Farm, Farmhouse & BuildingsSeth WayDipl. & $10
Best Farm, without reference to buildingsL.C. AndrewDipl. & $10
2nd BestJas. AndrewDipl. & $5
Best Cultivated FarmT. MessengerDipl. & $5
Best Plan of Farm-house, not costing over $1000James AndrewsDipl. & $5

The Committee on Farm Implements has awarded the following premiums, to wit:
Best Two Horse WagonJohn F. DeckerDipl. & $5
Best Corn and Cob CrusherChas. FravelDipl. & $3
Hay RakeSameDipl. & $2
Clover Seed GathererSameDipl. & $3
2nd Best Two Horse WagonN. HameltonDipl. & $3

Best 1 Acre Mediterranean Wheat**A.J. Wagner$4
Best 1-2 Bushels Sweet PotatoesT.W. Sale$2
Best 6 Heads CabbageD.M. Leaming$2
Best 6 Heads CeleryHarrison Jewel$1
Best 6 TomatoesJ.S. Jessup$1
Best 6 Stocks RhubarbJ.S. Jessup$1
Best 6 Heads CauliflowerPeter Haizer$1
Best 1-2 Bushels OnionsD.M. Leaming$1
Best 1-2 Bushels Blood BeetsH. Jewel$1
Best 1-2 Bushels Lima Beanssame$2
Best 6 Water MelonsL. Whitebend$1
Best 6 Pepper PodsHarrison Jewel$1
Best 1-2 Bushels Turnipssame$1
Best 12 Carrotssame$1
Best 12 Vegetable Oysterssame$1
Best 4 Eggplantssame$1
Best 2 Bottles Picklessame$1
Best 2 Bottles Pepper saucesame$1
Best 1-2 Bushels Irish PotatoesJohn Sutherland$4

**31-1/4 Bushels to the acre, following Corn.

Best 1 Bushel Clover SeedE. Quimby$3
Best 1 Acre Clover Haysame$2

Best 10 lbs Butter, made in JuneE. Quimby$5
2nd Best 10 lbs Butter, made in JuneH. Hawkins$3
Best 10 lbs Butter, made after JuneT. Messenger$3
2nd Best 10 lbs Butter, made after JuneD.M. Leaming$2
Best 25 lbs Cheese, 1 year oldD.G. Rose$5
Best 25 lbs Cheese, less than 1 year oldsame$5
2nd Best 25 lbs Cheese, less than 1 year oldsame$5
Best 15 lbs Cheese, less than 1 year oldAlvin Buck$2

Best Patche Work QuiltMiss Agness Andrew$5
2nd Best Patche Work QuiltMrs. Seth Way$3
Best Pair Woolen StockingsMrs. L.L. Darling$1
2nd Best Pair Woolen SocksMrs. George Crawford$1
Best 1 lb Woolen YarnMrs. J.C. Hawkins$1
Best Pair Woolen MittensMrs. George Crawford$1
Best Pair Woolen BlanketsMrs. C.W. Cathcart$2
Best Bed SpreadW.B. Templeton$2
2nd Best Bed SpreadMrs. W.D. Farnsworth$1
Best 10 yds Wool CarpetMrs. Joseph McClelland$1

Best 20 Varieties ApplesA.M. JessupDipl. & $5
2nd Best 20 Varieties ApplesP. FailDipl. & $2
Best 10 Varieties ApplesA.M. JessupDipl. & $3
2nd Best 10 Varieties ApplesL.C. AndrewDipl. & $2
Best 5 Varieties ApplesA.M. JessupDipl. & $2
2nd Best 5 Varieties ApplesJas. AndrewDipl. & $0
Best Display ApplesD.McLeamingDipl. & $5
2nd Best Display ApplesLeonard CutlerDipl. & $3
Best Display PearsAulden TuckerDipl. & $5
Best Varieties PearsPhilip FailDipl. & $2
Best Display GrapesAulden TuckerDipl. & $3
Best 1 Doz. Sweet GrapesE. Gregory$2
2nd Best 1 Doz. Sweet GrapesL. Cutler$2

Best 2 Boxes FuschiasMrs. L.C. Andrew$2
Best 1 Horn of PlentyMrs. Jas. Andrew$2
Best 1 case wax FlowersMiss S. Bond$5
Best 1 BouquetMrs. J. OrrDipl. & $2
Best Display green house plantsEd FarnsworthDipl. & $6
Best Display green house plantsMrs. Jas. AndrewDipl. & $6
Best Display FlowersHarrison JewellDipl. & $5
Best Display (Verbenas?)SameDipl. & $1

Best French EweB.W. Myers$3
Best Spanish EweD.G. Rose$3
2nd Best Spanish EweB.W. MyersDipl.
Best Merinoe BuckB.W. MyersDipl. & $5
Best Grade EwesLevi L. DarlingDipl. & $2
Best Grade WeathersSameDipl. & $2

Best Breeding SowLevi HeminwayDipl. & $5
Best Sow & PigsB.W. MyersDipl. & $5
Best BarrowD.G. RoseDipl. & $3
Best Boar PigM. ButterworthDipl. & $2
Best Boar 1 year oldLevi HeminwayDipl. & $3

Best 6 May Chickens (Shanghai) M.W. Leeland$1
Best 7 May Chickens Shang. Chtg.Same$1
Best 1 Pair Shanghai FowlsAbel VailDipl. & $2
Best 1 Pair Poland FowlsJohn JessupDipl. & $2
Best 1 Pair Native FowlsMrs. Irwin JessupDipl. & $2
Best 1 Pair Turkey(s)Tho's MessengerDipl. & $2
Best 1 Pair GeeseJ.C. HawkinsDipl. & $2
Best 2 Pairs Mucovia DucksAbel VailDipl. & $2
Best 1 Pair Native DucksJ.C. HawkinsDipl. & $2

Best 2 Horse CarriageBagley & RoseDipl. & $10
Best 1 Horse BuggyJohn ThompsonDipl. & $4

Best Double Carriage HarnessMills & WairDipl. & $4
Best Single Buggy HarnessSame$3
Best Double Waggon HarnessSameDipl. & $5
Gent. SaddleSame$5

Best Calf skin BootsW.H. & S.B. WalesDipl. & $3
Best Kipp BootsJ.A. CaldwellDipl. & $2
Best Cow hide BootsJ.A. CaldwellDipl. & $2
Best Ladies BootsJ.A. CaldwellDipl. & $2

Best Specimen of Water PaintingsMiss Mary J. AndrewsDipl. & $2
Best Specimen of Embossed Leather WorkMiss Sally Brown$2
Best Specimen of EmbroiderySame$1
Best Specimen of Hair WorkMiss Lazy Andrew$2
Best Specimen of Hearth RugMrs. Leonard Cutler$2
Best Silk DressMiss Sarah Newkirk$2
Best Pair of OttomansMiss Sarah Butterworth$1
Best Fancy BoxSame$1
Best Worked CollarMiss A.S. Chandler$2
Best Pair Vase MatsMrs. John Sutherland50c
Best Lamp MatsMiss Agness Andrew$1
Best Infant DressMrs. John Sutherland$1
Best 2 Bottles Currant WineMiss Ellen Darling$1
Best Box HoneyA. Hupp$1
Best Loaf BreadMrs. Dan'l McLeamingDipl. & $2
Best Loaf Corn BreadMrs. George CrawfordDipl. & $2
Best Grub HoeE.D. RoseDipl. & $2
Best 1 Pair Horse ShoesJohn ParkinsonDipl. & $1
Best 50 Horse Shoe NailsSameDipl. & $1

Best 1/4 acre plowed, 7 inches deepDr. D. Parker$8
2nd Best 1/4 acre plowedJohn Sutherland$5
3rd Best 1/4 acre plowedJas. Andrew$3

Best StallionL. ShermanSilver Cup, $10
Best Durham BullRose & McCordSilver Cup, $10
Best Devan CowL. Shead$5
Best Devan BullSameSilver Cup, $10
Best MowerE. Danford & Co.$10

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