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Index of the 1874 Plat Map of Michigan Township, La Porte County, Indiana

Index of names found in the 1874 plat map of Michigan Township, by section, transcribed by T.C. Wyman, November 2001. Persons having more than one property in a given section have been listed only once. However, persons owning property in different sections have been listed for each section.

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Section 12

Section 23

Section 30

H.H. RobertsS. VanPeltC.B. Blair
C.B. BlairT. Hoffman Est.
J. Schraeder
J. Schlicker
B. Sheridan
A. Brese
M.H. Weir

Section 13

Section 24

Section 31

W. BergwoldM. GouldC.B. Blair
I. ThorntonRoberts & ThorntonM. Mc(Henry)
SchoolW. SchwartzD.J. Baldwin
J. RobaJ. RobaState Prison
W. RobaJ. Woodruff
W. SchwartzC. Kimball
H.H. RobertsA. Churchman
J. OwensD.W. Burroughs
F. LaybornD. Marsh
G. LaybornW.H. Goodhue
H.G. Eaton
W. Scott
T. Griffin

Section 14

Section 25

Section 32

J. LaybornH.H. RobertsC.E. DeWolfe
William RobaJ. SchultzD. Marsh
H.H. RobertsA. JesseH. Earl
Goodhue & UnknownP. MurphyM. Romel
H.H. WalkerH. Meachim
J. McIntyreJ. Earl
J. GlickA.E. Stimpson
N. NumanL.B. Williams
J. Beatty
C. Miles

Section 15

Section 26

Section 33

Bryant & PhelpsJ.S. MitchellD. & G. Marsh
J. KonkieA.E. Sanborn
F. CookE. Valentine
F. WarnkieD.J. Baldwin
Mary SchultzJ.E. Cheney Est.
M.C.B. & W.S. Springs Co.H.H. Walker
W. TimmA.L. & A.H. Allen
J. SchlickerCemetery
J. McQuilliamO. King
Michigan City
J.Y. Scammon
W.B. Gustin

Section 20

Section 27

Section 34

Michigan CityM. GouldH. Coffeen
Est. of Z. GouldSaddenwater & Mackow
Est. of J. Rockert Sen.H.R. Gould
J. SmithA. Williamson
J. KesterD. Davidson
J. McDanielP. Mathias
M. & A. KellerL. Davidson
J. R(e)merJ. Gimbel
M.C.B. & W.S. Springs Co.H.A. Anger
Michigan CityC. Roeskey
E. Travis
D. Miller

Section 21

Section 28

Section 35

R. CoudenEst. of Z. GouldP. Couden
Johnson, Sheldon & PhelpsV.T. MalotteD. Pahl
J.H. TaylorWalker & CaseF. Schmull
F. MentzMichigan CityJ.W. Coffeen
S.L. HolmanM.C.B. & W.S. Springs Co.
Est. of Z. GouldJ. Kruger
R. Couden
N. Davis

Section 22

Section 29

Section 36

R. StewartMichigan CityA. Seehaver
S.L. HalmanHarborM. Seehaver
M. GouldB. Hipp
I. BratonJ. McIntyre
H.Z. GouldE.A. Hart
Abbott, Bailey & UnknownP. Cooney
F. BallonGeo. L. Hart
J. CasselmanD.W. Burroughs
D. & G. Marsh

(Transcriber's note: This brief history was printed underneath the original plat map.)


One of the first settlements in this township, outside of the city, was at Scott's Mills; Mr. Scott erected a saw and grist mill; the Shreves, Sanfords, VanWinkles, John Cheneys, and John Ritter, were all old settlers; Major Elstin purchased the land where Michigan City now stands, of the Government in 1831, laid out the town in 1832; Colonel Miller erected the first warehouse in 1833, and in 1834 the first wheat was shipped from this place on the schooner "Post Boy", Capt. Hixon; soon thereafter Michigan City became a great grain mart, the Blair Brothers being the chief operators; Jacob Furman aided B.F. Bryant (to) build a log cabin in August, 1833, on Peck's corner; Samuel B. Webster says he built the first frame building in the city; the city was incorporated February 8, 1836; Asa Harper helped survey the town; it has a good harbor and a State Prison; in 1850 the Michigan Central Railroad reached the city and business revived; Michigan City Gazette was started in the Spring of 1835, by Samuel Allen, aided by Polaski King, the first paper in the county; Wm. Peal, Gov., and Fisher Ames, came in 1834 or before; Benjamin, James, and David Sprague, Geo. Selkirk and Mark Selkreeg (Bros.), Simon Ritter and family, R. Cowden, David Burr, Jacob Bigelow, Robert Stuart, W.H. and Chas. Goodhue, were all old settlers.

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