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Biographies of Area Pioneers, Settlers and other Important Figures.

Letters "T-U-V"

Entries in maroon font have been transcribed from Johnson's New Universal Cyclopaedia, published in 1876 by A.J. Johnson & Co., New York.

de Tonty, Henry, Chevalier, son of Lorenzo Tonti, born about 1650; entered the French army as a cadet; served also in the navy; accompanied La Salle to Canada, 1678, and in his exploration of the Mississippi; was left in command of a fort near Peoria, 1680; made an unsuccessful attempt to found a settlement in Arkansas; took part in an expedition of the Western Indians against the Senecas, 1685; twice descended the Mississippi to its mouth in search of La Salle, and a third time to meet Iberville; remained in that region, and died at Fort Louis (now Mobile) in September 1704. He contributed to Margry's Relations et Memoires an Account of La Salle's Last Expedition, of which an English translation appeared in London, 1698; was republished at New York, 1814, and is included in volume I of Benjamin F. French's Historical Collections of Louisiana and Florida (1846).

Ulery, John F.
Upham, Ezra Sherman

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