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Biographies of Area Pioneers, Settlers and other Important Figures.

Letter "H"

Entries in maroon font have been transcribed from Johnson's New Universal Cyclopaedia, published in 1876 by A.J. Johnson & Co., New York.

Haskin, A.S., M.D.
Hastings, Rev. Alexander
Hathaway, Anson H.

Hennepin, Louis, a Reformed Franciscan missionary and explorer, born about 1640 at Ath, in Flanders. In 1675 he became a missionary to Canada. He was (1679-80) a member of La Salle's memorable band of of explorers, who traversed the great lakes and the Upper Mississippi and its tributaries. He returned to Europe in 1697. He published Description de la Louisiane (1683), a valuable work, though full of exaggerations, and Nouvelle decouverte d'un tres grand pays (1697), which contains his previous work, enlarged by a narrative of a pretended voyage down the Mississippi to its mouth. In later life Hennepin abandoned the habit and the obedient life of his order, though still claiming the title of Recollet missionary. Died at Utrecht about 1706.

Howard, T.W.
Hunt, John
Huston, John

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