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Biographies of Area Pioneers, Settlers and other Important Figures.

Letter "D"

Entries in maroon font have been transcribed from Johnson's New Universal Cyclopaedia, published in 1876 by A.J. Johnson & Co., New York.

Dearborn, Henry, an American general, born in Hampton, New Hampshire, February 23, 1751. He served as captain at the battle of Bunker Hill, 1775, and as major in the campaign against Burgoyne in 1777. In 1778 he fought with distinction at Monmouth. He was a member of Congress from Massachusetts (1793-97), and secretary of war under Jefferson (1801-09). Having obtained the rank of major-general, he captured York (now Toronto) in Canada April 27, 1813. He was U.S. minister to Portugal (1822-24). Died June 6, 1829.

Dietrich, Wm. B.

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