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Photo Page

Teaching Serena the art of making Toilet Seat Pizza's!

Stuart, Dad, Serena

My Baby Serena

Brother Jerry's daughter Manda

Howitzer at Tobyhanna Army Depot

Fiat Model 31 moved to Charlevoix from Iron Mountain

My Sister Paula and her Daughter Kayla

More of Paula

My Dad is watching to see I don't tear a hole in through the ferry

I'm, in the back on the left

Signal System Support Specialist School

Tobyhanna Army Depot in PA

Partook in mission to protect Governor Engler on Makinaw bridge walk on Labor Day 1999

My Favorite Car 1956 Simca Aronde


(Jerry's daughters)(My daughter)


(My Son)

My Sister Rachael

More of Rachael

My Brother Randy

More Randy

Randy and his Wife Rosa

Rosa with 2 of her old boyfriends

This is where I work- Cable Constructors Inc. Iron Mountain, Michigan

Kids were pretty small here in 1991

Serena is remodeling the Courthouse

My Dad's wife Renee'

Stuart trying out my pants

Stu is cleaning up after a snowstorm

Jerry's New Love Teresa

Stuart Serena and Mike Giuliani

Me with my camera

Jessica Phillips and Serena

Stuart doing the Band Thing

Stuart, Serena, and Cousin Abe at summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado

Manda School Picture

Serena and I in the heat of battle

Paula and I

This picture was taken in 1989

I Used to own this 1957 Cad. It originally belonged to my Brother Jon

More 1957 Cad

Me again

More fooling around

Seems like the paperwork is never done


Check out those teeth!

Just kissing my Girl!

Getting stuck with the International T-340

What's missing?

I look happy here

Trying to copy my Mom's laugh

Stu just stopping by with the F-16

Glad I don't need these anymore

1992...The After-Bath

Teasing Paula about her wet hair

Jerry and I met everyone at the Roadrunner Truckstop in Phoenix

Because of a house fire in the 80's...this is one of the few pictures I have of me when in the Air Force

This tree grew through the middle of he large rock and split it in two, just outside of Crystal Falls, MI

Serena's Piggy-tails

My Mom and her husband Jim Gentry when they owned the Mail Room in Tuscon, AZ

Picture of my Mom (Joan) at the Milwaukee, Zoo

This is my Dad (Paul)

Miki says,"Don't think your coming through here little man!".

Serena with her Grandma Joan

My Sweetie

And she just keeps on reading..and reading..and reading..and

Another picture of Jim Gentry

I used to own this 56 Simca

Loved to drive this car...5 speed on the column

Serena is so beautiful

Mom Again

Another picture of My Dad (Paul)

Who is this crazed carbuyer (Cousin Tony Hebein)

My Brother Jon 1956-1984

God bless my memory of Aunt Laurie Zautner

She was the best

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