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Aug 2002

I've taken a job with the new "Transportation Security Administration" in Pensacola, Florida at the Pensacola Regional Airport. Hope to see some of you coming through the airport here in Pensacola as you journey down here to the Emerald Coast to avoid the cold of winter. My first year, starting in July of 2002, was a good one not seeing much in the way of hurricanes. Although they are a threat during several months of the summer and fall. The temperature is very mild staying in the 80's most of the year and getting into the 30's and on some occasions into the 20's in the months of November, December, and January.


We spent lots of time getting things planted in the yard including orange trees, bananas, grapes, blueberries, roses, angel trumpets, and palms. The pool is a lot of work.


This year has been somewhat rough. September 16th Hurricane Ivan took its toll on Pensacola with major devastation. We suffered damage to Sharon's vehicle and the loss of fence and many large trees one of which landed squarely on the roof just above the dining room. Probably a good thing that we were home as we worked most of the night channeling rain water into buckets and a large plastic garbage can that we had to dump several times during the night. The real winds started about 10:30 pm and peaked at 3:00 am. It was still too windy to go outside of the house at 10:00 in the morning. When we finally emerged from the house we were amazed at the destruction. Most wires were down and trees literally buried the streets so much that the roads were totally impassable. We had abundant supplies and a co-worker shared his generator with us so every other day we could charge up the refrigerator and freezer. Emergency water and food was slow in coming to Pensacola and we heard some neighbors saying that they had ventured out to find out where disaster aid would be delivered and saw people fighting over food and supplies. The pool was full to the top with debris and turned totally black in two days. It had to be cleaned out by hand which Sharon and I did, being careful to watch for snakes. It seemed as though the bugs had multiplied by at least 30 times or so from what we normally see. Not sure how the birds survived the 165-200mph winds for so long but they are all back now. FEMA put a pretty blue roof on our house as well as more than 30,000 others in the community. In November we shared Thanksgiving at Paula's home in Houston, Texas. My Mom, Sister Paula and John Thomas, Neice Kayla, Sister Rachael, Brothers Randy and Jerry, Jerry's wife Teresa, Sharon Higgins and I were there. Had a great time with everybody and Sharon got a chance to meet some of my family. Sharon and I took a couple of days in New Orleans, Louisiana, on the way back to Pensacola. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed much jazz and zydeco music. We stayed at the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel in the French Quarter which was walking distance to just about everything we wanted to see or do. Had breakfast at Cafe DuMond and experienced Muflatta sandwiches for lunch. We took a trolly ride through the downtown area and strolled down the riverwalk by the the big steam paddlewheel moored there. We enjoyed some night life there as well. Took the carriage tour through the French Quarter. Witnessed several street performers. Finished up with the usual shopping spree and headed home.


It took almost a year, but we finally got a contractor to replace the shingles on the roof and things seem to be finally getting back to normal. January found me in Jacksonville Florida as I was selected to help with the screening operations at the Jacksonville Airport in support of Super Bowl XXXIX. In April I received Lead Screener of the Quarter Award at work. In June I took a trip to Crystal Falls and saw My Son Stuart Graduate High School as the Valedictorian of his class. We got a chance to golf a little at the Crystal View Golf Course and at George Youngs. Serena graduated 8th grade as well with honors. She's getting so tall and is so pretty! Stu liked the PT Crusier I rented to make the drive from the Milwaukee Airport. Sharon says she misses me while I'm away. I stopped off at Sharon's daughters home in Milwaukee on the way back. She's got car troubles... brake master needs to be changed and the brakes bled. Got a chance to see her children as well, Jessica, Justin, and of course little, "Double Joe". July of 2005 and were looking down the throat of another major hurricane once again. Dennis was a big one too but as luck would have it he took a northeast course sooner than expected and drove into land just about 3 miles east of our home. Damages were limited to another tree down in the yard and the typical debris cleanup asssociated with tropical storms. Sharon and I evacuated early as I had some days off just before the storm hit. FEMA recommends evacuating 24 to 36 hours before the hurricane makes landfall to avoid getting caught in traffic during the storm with the prospect for buying fuel for the car becoming increasingly more difficult as time passes. Got in trouble at work for that and was given 4 days with no pay... ouch. Went through the grievence process unsuccessfully. I guess the government thinks its my fault when people wait too long to evacuate but the good part was that I was able to return immediately and get my damage repaired and get back to work without injury for which I believe was in keeping with my ability to serve the public. Places east of here recieved major damage and destruction. Thank the Lord for his protection. September brings yet another devastating Hurricane...Katrina. This thing is huge, 400 miles across and winds at times over 200 miles an hour!!! We watched closely as this storm ominously creeped past us to our south in the Gulf, in hopes that it would not make for a new course in our direction. I worked the airport the night before it made landfall east of New Orleans and of course as usual some airline decided to have a late flight which made our crew stay until 10 o'clock PM. Never even got a thank you from our boss for that. Punishment is the only thing they are quick to serve up. Our location was 191 miles west of the landfall line and the winds were unbelievable here. 70 to 90 knot winds blew a window shutter and a newly installed downspout right off the house and scratched Sharons Eldorado in the right rear quarterpanel. Same old debris mess too. Get out the rakes and chainsaw too. Man, these storms are giving me such a sore back that I've resigned to leave the hurricane window protection up until November... we'll see... or not see, (dark in the house). Till I write again we will be surfing the internet in search of a job and home in a location less prone to natural disaster and cold.

CONGRATULATIONS to my son Stuart Jeffrey Cram, who has made me a very proud Father. He has graduated from Forest Park High School, Crystal Falls, Michigan, at the end of May as the Valedictorian of his class, this being just one of an already long list of his accomplishments. Stuart, know that I love you and have full faith that you will succeed in all that you do. Good luck at Central Michigan University. I am truly honored by your skill, talent, and aptitude. Thank you for always being a perfect Son. The Lord has not just given me one but has given me TWO wonderful children. Serena, I am so proud of your accomplishments as well. A 4.0 student for your 8th grade graduation...WoW!!! Keep up the good work you do in music as well and good luck at band camp. I love you very much!!!

March of 2006

The weather has been just great this winter. We're losing many good people at work and more so due to the fact that there is no relief in sight. Promotions have been slow in coming and few have gotten real raises since we started back in 2002. My son Stuart just came down from Central Michigan University with two of his friends, Tyler Morkin and Dan Beck. We had a great time golfing at these Pensacola area courses.

Champion Golf Course

Oseola Muninciple Golf Course

Scenic Hills Golf Course

The Moors Golf Course

Perdido Bay Golf Course

I can honestly say I whupped'em all as I had the highest score each day! I think those guys don't count all the strokes that take their golf balls scuba diving. We had a great time. With April coming, Sharon and I are excited to see how much her grandchildren have grown as it has been some time since she's seen them last. I know Jordan is getting big as I saw him when I went back to Crystal Falls for my childrens graduations. Justin should be almost adult sized by now. Jessie is most likely as sweet as ever. I'm also looking forward to June when Serena will be spending some time with Sharon and I.

I hope to see some of you at the Pensacola Regional Airport. Look for me in the afternoon and evening hours as my shift normally falls somewhere between 11:00am-8:30pm CST.

Jeffrey P. Cram

Home 850-857-0620
Cell 850-748-5522

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