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LSD-35 Operations

Republic of Vietnam

1967 to 1969

Amphibious Squadron 9 - Task Force 76.5

Ready Group Bravo

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Operation Beacon Hill

20 March  3 April 1967,  Goi Linh 

3rd Mar Div operation in Quang Tri Province

Operation Bo Didley

April 1967

Operation Beacon Star

22 April  12 May 1967,  Quang Tri 

3rd Mar Div operation in Quang Tri Province,      TOAR vicinity of Khe Sanh

Operation Beacon Torch

18 June  2 July 1967,  Hoi An

"Beacon Torch," began on 18 June when marines of SLF "Bravo" were flown into the vicinity of Hoi An, located on the coast midway between the DMZ and the southern limit of I Corps tactical zone. Between 18 June and 2 July, the Marines operated ashore, initially engaging an enemy force of about 100 men. After an air strike broke the enemy resistance they concluded their mission with a search and destroy sweep to wipe out the remnants of that force.

Operation Beaver Track

4-18 July 1967,  DMZ

Operation "Beaver Track" pitted SLF "Bravo" against the North Vietnamese troops to relieve the pressure on Marine Corps units based ashore with the III Marine Amphibious Force (MAF).

Operation Bear Claw

3-17 July 1967, Quang Tri    Con Thien


Simultaneously with Operation "Beaver Track," SLF "Alfa"  went ashore to engage the same enemy forces in Operation "Bear Claw." The two battalion landing teams joined III MAF Marines based ashore in a week-long struggle followed by an eight-battalion search and destroy sweep.  Beaver Track/Bear Claw" ended on 14 July, and both battalion landing teams returned to their ships on the 17th. The respite from combat, however, proved brief. At dawn three days later, Marines stormed ashore in a combined waterborne-airborne amphibious assault on the exposed seaward flank of the Viet Cong 806th Battalion near Quang Tri City. The enemy forces avoided contact with the Marines by retiring hastily to the west where they were badly mauled by South Vietnamese troops.

Operation Bear Chain

20-27 July 1967,    Hue

Operation Kangaroo Kick

30 July  4 August 1967,  Hue 

A brief amphibious Operation "Kangaroo Kick" commenced on 30 July

Monticello's marines landed in Quang Tri province, north of Hue. The operation ended only three days later

Operation Belt Drive

27 August  5 September 1967    Quang Tri

On 27 August, the battalion landing team once more went ashore via both helicopter and landing craft in Quang Tri province. Viet Cong and North Vietnamese resistance proved slight, and, after a three-day sweep of the Hai Lang forest, the troops reembarked to their awaiting ships on 5 September. That same day, the U.S.S. Dupont (DD-941) suffered a hit from enemy guns on Cape Lay, North Vietnam.

Operation Bold Mariner

13 January 9 Feb 1969,  Quan Nam Province    Batangan Pen.

Operation "Bold Mariner," was hailed as the largest such maneuver since the Allied landings during World War II. Aimed at the Batangan Peninsula of Quang Ngai province, where the entire population was considered hostile, the operation sought to cordon off the peninsula and trap the 300 or so guerillas operating there. Both special landing forces, "Alfa" and "Bravo," joined South Vietnamese troops and soldiers of the Americal Division in forming the cordon. Following a feint near Mo Duc, the amphibious force headed for the real landing area. Navy guns softened the objective beaches, and the troops went ashore on 13 January all by helicopter. By 6 February, the troops ashore had thoroughly combed the peninsula for Viet Cong troops so BLT 3/26 turned the mop-up operation over to the American and South Vietnamese soldiers and returned to the ships.

"SLF"- Special Landing Force  /  "MAF"- Marine Amphibious Force


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