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Lady Rita's Realm

All About Me

Greetings To all
who enter my realm.
I am Rita.
I Was born On
the 31st day of January
in the year
of our lord 1966.
I am 5'2" tall.
I have auburn hair
and blue eyes that
change with my moods.
I live in
I am very
outgoing and loving.
I love
children and animals.
I love to
make people smile.
If I can
brighten someones day
then I have
accomplished something.
Live each minute
like it was
your first and
each day like
it was your last.
For we are
not promised
Tomorrow only Today.
Live, Love, Laugh
and be happy.
Light, Love and
Peace be with you,
til we meet again.
Remember to Sm:)e
God Loves you.
And so do I

My Online
Friends and Life

I like to look
for uplifting sites
and places that
touch the heart.
I also use
the web for research.
I spend A lot
of time talking
to my many
friends online.
They are such
great people.
I go to
a wonderful
chat room that
is full of angels
My favorite site
is Lancelots Castle.
You will never
find a better site
for touching the heart.
It's a place of
and above all Love.
Love is everywhere.

My Interests

I love Camping,
hiking,fishing & anything
with the outdoors.
pickup trucks
and fast cars
I love to dance;
music is in my soul.
I love singing
& I sing constantly.
I crochet, I draw
& do other crafts .
I love cuddling, kissing
& Walking on the beach.
I love Sunsets,sunrises,
walking in a soft rain
& Pillow fights.


I love movies
especially old ones.
Some of my favorites.
The Original Robin Hood
Starring Errol Flynn
Its a wonderful Life
Field Of Dreams
Dances With wolves
And Schindlers List


I like all kinds of music.
Some of my
favorite Artists.
Martina Mcbride
Jim Brickman
Kenny G
The Beatles
The Eagles
The Grateful Dead
And Queen

The King

My wonderful Aunt
pointed out to me
that I did Not
have Elvis on
my list of music.
For this oversight
I am hanging
my head in shame.

Elvis is
The King Of
Rock and Roll
there will never
be another
like him and
he deserves
his Own space.
Elvis songs
Love Me Tender
Wooden Heart
Jailhouse Rock
Suspicous Minds
An American Trilogy
Heartbreak Hotel
The list is longer
then my arm
So I will
Stop here


I love to read.
My Taste in Literature
is very Eclectic.
I like everything
from Shakespeare
to Stephen King.
As long as
it is well written
and descriptive.
I also enjoy writing,
I write poems,
songs and
short stories.

How I Became
a Guardian

A friend sent me
a link to a story
in the castle.
After I was finished
reading it I wanted
more and more
I kept going back.
It is such
a wonderful place
with a wonderful owner
whom I am proud
to call my friend.
When I became
a guardian
I was so excited
I jumped up and down
and did a dance

In memory of 9-11-2001

I Believe In Faeries

Groups I belong to

Do you have 5 minutes a day

My Webrings

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Lady Ritas Realm.

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Artwork by Jim Warren
Used with permission.

I was spoiled by the MOR and Maiden avalonsraven gave me ths spirit flower thank you maiden :-)

The Midi is used with permission from