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Happy Birthday Anthony


Anthony we all got together to throw you this surprise party hope you enjoy it as much as we love you.Happy Birthday!

The last year of my life has been horrible.
If not for you and your castle, I wouldn't have made it.
You have created a home that is so wonderful to be a part of, that one never wants go venture far away from the wonderful walls you have erected around us.
Your heart is so big, that it is just bursting with love.
You are a special man! Always remember that you are loved with all of our hearts and minds.
Thank you for being you and for being there for me!
Love always,

Anthony, I wish you the most wonderful Birthday ever, may there be many more to enjoy with all of us.

Happy Birthday Anthony!
You are my Knight In Shining Armor even when you play the DA.
I love you lots and wish you the very best of all birthdays and I hope to share many more birthdays with you.
Hey kid, let's grow old together.
Guardian Martha

Anthony, A little bird gave away your secret buddy... the hands of time has turned yet again making you one year older and wiser my friend... Wickedly cool!!
Even our Valiant Knight cannot wiggle away from Father Time!!
SOOOOO, to "mark " the occassion i'll be having several nearly naked lovely ladies who dance slide by your home to give you your birthday spanking...
just a little something for a dear old friend...
and since you are now among the ranks of us "older" castle members....
i hope you won't mind that the girls who will be doing the sliding by and spanking....
are from SunnyDale Senior Sensual Dancer's Retirement Home.
It is where all the lovely ladies and gent's go when they have lost that liquid movement and their sassy assets and ways have....
shall we say... slid a bit ....(really big wicked grin, with lots of teeth and polident!)
but hey!! you should SEE what those girls play shuffle board with!
They are the U.S. three time champion.. hands free!!

Okay my dear... Happy Birthday...
wish i could send a herd of dancing girls to your door, but you my friend can support your own nasty habits...
but the wish is all good...

You have been such a wonderful friend all these years.
Seems like the time has just flown and i know that it will continue to do so.
You have created something very special here in this castle..
it all started with opening your heart....
and the love has flowed both in and out of it ever since...
in amazing proportions.

I would wish you more love than your heart could hold Anthony,
however, it seems you already have that with the Castle and it's inhabitants.

I would wish you riches beyond your ability to spend...
however you already have that with the friendships you have made these past nearly 4 yrs since opening the castle..
for a man with friends is richer than all the earthly possession combined.

I wish you peace, happiness, and all that your heart desires,
if ever there were a man who sorta deserved it...
you would at least have your name in the hat!

***What?? you thought i was going to keep getting all muuushy>>
please... Lola and I share the same birthday for a reason!! hahah.... =)~ ****

Happy Birthday Man... i love ya.. if you were HERE>.
i would take you out drinking shots and beers,
to throw darts until you were wabbly, then we'd go to the local strip club and have the girls hurt you a lot.=) ..
Make ya sweat man... just like I did one of my Other Buddies...
he had a great birthday..

Sooo if you're ever in the area.. here's your coupon.....

Have a Great Day Anthony... love ya man.. you are the best..

oh yeah.. {iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii}
hurry before the fire alarm goes off!!!
Blow man! Blow!!

My Birthday wish for you is that you will always be happy.
You are a dear person,and one I feel very lucky to have as a friend.

Meeting you,Mary,and all of the other Florida Guardians last year was a very special time for me,one which I will always remember with great joy!

Especially your mooning us in the parking lot of your condo hahaha! you devil,nice butt!


I just wanted to thank you on your special day for being one of my best friends.
Even though we have never met, knowing you has been one of the highlights of my life.
Thank you for being you,

Happy, Happy Birthday, Anthony!
My, My you must be getting younger every day!
You are DEFINITELY not getting older - just BETTER!
I just wanted you to know how much love and pleasure I have received from your creation, THE CASTLE.
It is a symbol for friendship, peace, and love to me.
Much love, Rev. Martha :-)

To Anthony Have a really special day.
You truly deserve lots of happiness and laughter.
So enjoy your birthday to the full!
Love Becky

Happy Birthday Anthony
Hugs Lady Natasha

Anthony, Happy birthday and a BIG thank you for creating such a wonderful place where I have met and made so many friends again thank you
Lady Melissa

Anthony my friend you are the best.
You have been a true friend to me these past 3 years and I know we will be friends for many years to come.
I wish you only the best life has to offer
You are a True Knight.
Happy Birthday{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Anthony}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
I love you my friend

Happy Birthday Anthony!
You've been a beacon for many different people to find common ground.
You've helped turn us into a family.
Thank you for all that you do.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more to come.

Happy Birthday to the wonderful person who has brought so much love and light into our lives and hearts.
Hope you enjoy this day as you were meant to.
All our love,
Dawn and Eric Schultz

As time goes by we realize just how precious life is when we share it with the best of friends
Happy Birthday My Friend
Paladin Brenda

Happy Birthday Anthony!
I have been at the Castle with you and the rest of the Guardian's for almost and year.
You have enriched and enlightened my life in a way I never knew possible.
Thank you for giving me a place of comfort, companionship, compassion, laughter and solitude.
Enjoy your special day!
You deserve it!
Lady Traci

Hope your birthday is wonderful!
Hope it is as special to you as you are to me.
Much love & respect, my dear Knight.
All of my heart,
Lady Shari

" Happy Birthday Anthony, all my love, Sharon"

Happy Birthday to one Sexy knight.
Your Castle has been an oasis in times of trouble an escape from the harshness of life.
You have touched many and in ways you have helped those who have needed help just with you words.
You are a wonderful man.
I hope you have a great birthday.
and enjoy the cake.
Love Sheila

Your castle is teaching me that i can learn to trust people again!
I'm not very good at writing, however i want to wish you the very best that there is!
"May you live as long as you want, But never want as long as you live"

It's Time to jump on Pegasus and ride,
Because it's your birthday and there's no place to hide
Throw back your head and let the wind blow your hair
Although your a year older,
please don't give a care
All of your guardians are here to say
We hope this has been a perfect day
Happy Birthday to our dear friend Sir Lance
Well come to your Party we'll sing and we'll dance.
From Carole

It's Your birthday a time to smile
So let's have some fun for a while
The gang is all here,
and we want you to know
that your day is so special because we love you so
So blow out your candles
May all your wishes come true
Then you can open a present or two