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Wow guys...I never thought I was THIS bad!

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It's summer and I'm not in band anymore. What can I say? Is that a good enough excuse for not putting anything up lately? Things have been super incredibly busy getting ready to ship off to Ann Arbor next fall and everything that goes along with it. Anyway, I'm STILL looking for someone who is serious about taking over this website. It's going to be alot of hours and learning, but it's definitely worth it! Let me know if you're up to taking the job. I regret to inform everyone that i do not have a copy of this year's summer and fall schedule... nor anything else that really applies to this upcoming season. Anyway, good luck to all of you who will be competing this season, I miss you all! And make sure you all tell Jake DeWitt he's the best section leader in the whole world, even with a section full of "four-letter-word" type people. Keep in touch throughout the fall and so-on with me. My college email address is posted with the link below!

okay on a side note - not really band related (yes, i know.) but i'm in the process...sort of.. of making a site dedicated to all of the great non band pages out there. so if you band people have a site you're dedicated to checking constantly (aside from email ones :) ).... send it in!

There are only days until Band Camp 2003 !!

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