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1958 GMC Suburban Carrier Pickup

We acquired this truck in July 1998 and immediately started disassembly. We did not even start it up. Previous owner said that it was running but making some engine noise. We didn't want to take a chance on causing any damage to the engine. Upon initial engine disassembly discovered that both of the bolts that hold the cam in place were very loose. The cam had slipped forward and one of pushrods was off of its rocker arm. Whew that was a close call.

We left the cab with the previous owner to get the cab corners, running boards, floor pan, and other metal work done. Picked it up a couple of weeks later with all major patch panels in place, welding and sealing done, and all work primed. Yes, we did see the work before it was primed.

Frame before and after restoration

Cab restoration

Bed before restoration

Engine before and after restoration

Hydramatic Transmission after restoration

Miscellaneous pictures

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