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I wear a customized hearing aid that is a combination of both these hearing aids on the top of this page. I have a severe hearing handicap, close to being deaf. I am deaf in my right ear, and have 20% hearing in my left ear. The left side model (the behind the ear model) is a very strong hearing aid, but not strong enough for me. The right side model in the canal hearing aid is also a powerful tool, but not powerful enough for me. So, what my audiologist did was have the manufacturer customize my hearing aid to combine these two hearing aids up on the top. The behind the ear hearing aid on the top usually has a plastic mold. Instead of the normal plastic mold for me, they replaced it with the in the canal hearing aid which doubles the power for me and boosts my hearing up to 60%. By the way, I hear sounds pretty good, except I don't hear high-pitched sounds at all, such as birds singing, crickets chirping, smoke alarms, etc. I DO hear the sounds of people's voices, TV, music (but not understand the words). See, I have nerve deafness, which means I hear certain tones of sounds, but is nearly impossible to understand most people's speech, without the help of lipreading. From my life experience, I don't believe there is any help out there at all to improve understanding speech, because people with nerve deafness fail to hear the important sounds one needs to hear in order to 'hear' the words. This customized hearing aid has been a godsend to me as it has made me hear the best I have ever heard in my life. I was born this way and grew up at first with no hearing aids until I was 6 years old, then BAD hearing aids until I was 18 years old and even then, yes, they helped, but only with sounds, not understanding people. By the way, in my career, I work the phones in a Computer Data Center; not an easy feat for a legally deaf person like me!!

By the way, if you would like to know who my audiologist is, her name is DANEEN PACIFICO of Audiology Services in Parkersburg, WV and their phone number is 304-428-2403

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