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  • NAME -Jimmy Jacobs

    AKA -Barbaric Berzerker, Bulging Bohemoth, Jumpin Jimmy, the Big Bully, the Big Unit, the Freight Train, the Red Bull Kid, the Jumping Jack Mon Of War, Pogo Goof, Mr Undercard

    HEIGHT -5'7"

    WEIGHT -169 1/4 lbs

    RANKINGS -375 in 2003 DVD 500; 479 in 2002 PWI 500; MI Cruiserweight of the Year in 2001 from

    HOMETOWN -Parts Unknown; Goof City, USA

    STARTED WRESTLING -May 1, 1999

    TITLES HELD -XICW Tag Titles w/ Gavin Starr; King of Indies IWR Champion; GLW Cruiserweight, LsWO Tag Team w/ Jimmy Shalwin & Gavin Starr, TZW Cruiserweight, CWM Tag Team w/ Jimmy Shalwin, IWF Cruiserweight, PWF Tag Team w/ Blitzkrieg Kid, XICW Cruiserweight(3x), IWR Tag Team w/ Amazing N8, PCW Cruiserweight, GLAPW Cruiserweight

    FINISHER -Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-SELECT START (Sit Down Sliced Bread #2); Big Boot; Top Rope Senton Bomb

    FAVORITE QUOTE -"HUSS! HUSS! HUSS!" THEME MUSIC -"The Touch" from Transformers: the Movie; "My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit

    TRAINED -by El Tejano

    FAVORITE MOVIES -Muppets Christmas Carol; Masters of the Universe; 10 Things I Hate About You

    FAVORITE FOOD -Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

    FAVORITE BANDS -Poison; The Ataris; John Denver



    URL -