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DaTeCiTy PrOmOtIoNWrEsTlInG WiN/LoSe NoTeS
December 28, 2002Cadillac, MI MMWAw/ Gutter vs C4 & Thurston Skowl IIIWin
December 27, 2002Livonia, MI Max Prow/ Mattrocks vs Chris Sabin & Buddy HablonLoss
December 19, 2002Saginaw, MI Dangerzone UWAC4Win DQ with interference by Thurston Skowl III
December 14, 2002Sterling Heights, MI IWRw/ Tenacous Z & Gavin Starr vs Kamakazi, Frankie the Face, & Jaimy CoxxxWin Z pinned Kamakazi
December 8, 2002Warren, MI XICWChris SabinDraw 15 Minute Time Limit
December 7, 2002La Salle, IL RCWw/ Cameron Cage vs Jason Allen& TweekLoss
November 30, 2002Clacksville, IN IWAvs Chuckie Smooth vs Ace SteelLoss IWA Debut
November 24, 2002Ithaca, MI Danger Zone UWAFerret KingLoss
November 22, 2002Grand Rapids, MI Tough ManSome ChickLoss Work/Shoot boxing match
November 16, 2002La Salle, IL RCWJason AllenLoss
November 10, 2002Warren, MI XICWJaimy CoxxxWin 3 time XICW Cruiserweight Champion
November 9, 2002Litchfield, MI CIWvs Bobby Bambino vs Gutter vs Jayson YangLoss 4 way; Yang over Gutter
November 3, 2002Mason, MI PWFJimmy 2 Sweet & Thurston Skowl IIILoss Handicap match
November 2, 2002Livonia, MI Thunder Zone WrestlingPrince RomeoLoss Ladder match for Cruiserweight title
November 1, 2002Rockwood, MI GLAPW Flamin Max Damon Win Jimmy wins Cruiserweight title
October 26, 2002Livonia, MI Thunder Zone Wrestlingvs Alex Shelley vs Zenacious ZWin Jimmy pin on Z
October 24, 2002Saginaw, MI Danger ZoneJack ThrillerLoss For TV Title
October 19, 2002La Salle, IL RCWTweek PhoenixLoss RCW Debut
October 13, 2002Warren, MI XICWw/ Gavin Starr vs Jaimy Coxxx & Mr MeanerWin Jimmy Pin on Coxxx
October 12, 2002Cadillac, MI MMWAvs Kenny the King vs Jimmy ShalwinWin
October 5, 2002Vincenz, IN VCWw/ Some Goof vs Roger Blade and Tall Guy with Bad KicksNo Contest WOW
September 28, 2002Westland, MI GLWDavid DeckerLoss Lost GLW Lightweight title
September 21, 2002Sterling Heights, MI IWRw/ Gavin Starr vs Truth Martini & Anthony RiveraLoss
September 15, 2002Mason, MI PWFFrankie the FaceLoss
September 14, 2002Spring Valley, IL PCWBen RobertsWin
September 8, 2002Warren, MI XICWw/ Jaimy Coxxx vs Keith Kreme & KamakaziLoss
August 31, 2002Cadillac, MI PWAAlex DravinWin dq finish
August 30, 2002Rockwood, MI GLAPWvs Sky Devion vs Richard CrossLoss Richard Cross pinned Sky Devion
August 24, 2002Grand Rapids, MI CWMw/ Tommy Mac vs Kenny the King & Ash AndrewsWin big double drop kick finisher
August 23, 2002Dearborn, MI IWRYukon BraxtonLoss
August 18, 2002Detroit, MI IWRw/ Gavin Starr vs Jaimy Coxxx& Amazing N8 vs Anthony Rivera & Truth Martini vs Frankie the Face & Mark GokaLoss Pinned by Truth Martini
August 17, 2002Sterling Heights, MI IWRJaimy CoxxxWin w/ help Gavin Starr
August 11, 2002Warren, MI XICWMr MeanerWin w/ help from baby face turnin guest referee Gavin Starr
August 10, 2002Milwaukee, WI MAWJarred the JaykleLoss MAW Debut
August 2, 2002Grand Rapids, MI KCCWChris FabioWin
August 1, 2002Taylor, MI UWAw/ Tenacious Z vs Anthony Levi Blue & Damon StarrWin
July 28, 2002Livonia, MI TZWTruth MartiniLoss Loss Cruiserweight title
July 27, 2002Sterling Heights, MI IWRw/ Chris Sabin vs Anthony Rivera & Truth MartiniLoss Loss Tag Titles
July 26, 2002Michigan DangerzoneMichael StrykerWin
July 20, 2002Indianapolis, IN FXWvs Brandon Blaze vs 4 other guysLoss The lights went out during the match... silly
July 7, 2002Warren, MI XICWvs Keith Kreme vs Jaimy CoxxxLoss for XICW cruiserweight title; Coxxx pineed Jimmy
July 6, 2002Chicago, IL PCWw/ Adam Gooch vs Bill E Valentine & Party BoyWin
July 6, 2002Chicago, IL PCWManiac Matt MaverickLoss
July 5, 2002Chicago, IL PCWRyu ShinzakiLoss as Green Phantom
July 5, 2002Chicago, IL PCWAdam GoochWin
July 5, 2002Chicago, IL PCWBill E ValentineLoss
July 4, 2002Morris, IL PCWMichael StrykerLoss
June 29, 2002Livonia, MI GLWGreen PhantomWin
June 28, 2002Livonia, MI GLWJon E BravoWin
June 27, 2002Bay City, MI DangerzoneJimmy 2 SweetLoss Quarterfinals of MI Title Tourney
June 26, 2002Mason, MI PWEw/Gutter vs Jimmy 2 Sweet & Thurston Scowl IIIWin
June 26, 2002Mason, MI PWEGutterNo Contest Run-in by Jimmy 2 Sweet & Thurston Scowl III
June 23, 2002Livonia, MI TZWTruth MartiniWin DQ with interference by Playboy
June 22, 2002Sterling Heights, MI IWRAnthony RiveraLoss
June 17, 2002Grand Rapids, MI LsWOw/ Jimmy Shalwin vs Ash Andrews & Magnum ConroyLoss Magnum pinned Shalwin & Ash pinned Jacobs
June 15, 2002Ovid, MI Thunder Wrestlingvs Jason Quick vs Jimmy 2 SweetLoss 2 Sweet pin on Jacobs
June 14, 2002Bay City, MI GLAPWw/ David Calaber & Richard Cross vs Michael Stryker, Sky Devian, & Paul ChanceLoss Stryker with pin on Jacobs
June 9, 2002Warren,MI XICWShawn HunterWin
June 8, 2002Spring Valley, IL PCWWyld ChyldLoss lost PCW cruiserweight title
May 12, 2002Warren, MI XICWvs Keith Kreme vs Jaimy CoxxxLoss Kreme pinned Jimmy; lost title
May 11, 2002Grand Rapids, MI PWAw/ Bobby Bambino vs CLBWin
May 4, 2002Sterling Heights, MI IWRw/ Amazing N8 vs Breyer WEllington & Anthony RiveraWin Retaining Tag Titles
April 27, 2002Westland, MI GLWMax DaminWin Retaining CW Title
April 26, 2002Bay City, MI GLAPWvs Michael Stryker vs Chris SabinLose Ladder Match for CW Title
April 20, 2002Sterling Heights, MI IWRw/ N8 Mattson vs Breyer Wellington & Anothony RiveraDraw 20 Min Time Limit
April 13, 2002Spring Valley, IL PCWWyld ChyldWin Retaining CW Title
April 12, 2002Bangor, MI IWFBlitzkrieg Bobby BambinoLose For CW Title
April 7, 2002Warren, MI XICWChuckie SmoothWin Retaining CW Title
March 30, 2002Livonia, MI TZWShawn HunterWin Winning TZW Cruiserweight title
March 23, 2002Sterling Heights, MI IWRw/ Amazing N8 vs Frankie the Face & Jaimy CoxxxWin Advaincing Retaining Tag Titles
March 10, 2002Warren, MI XICWGavin StarrWin Gavin Starr's retirement match
March 9, 2002Westland, MI GLWLoveryboy SteveWin Retaining GLW CW Title
March 2, 2002Detroit, MI IWR, B@THw/ Amazing N8 vs Frankie the Face & Jaimy CoxxxWin NEW IWR Tag Champs
February 23, 2002Sterling Heights, MI IWRw/ Gavin Starr vs Kamakazee & Mark GjokaWin Advaincing to finals of tag tourney
February 16, 2002Steator, IL PCW Billy ValentineLoss non-title match
February 10, 2002Warren, MI XICW Gavin StarrWin 2/3 falls; NEW XICW Cruiserweight Champion
February 9, 2002Livonia, MI TZWRick SolidWin #1 contender for CW title
January 26, 2002Sterling Heights, MI IWRw/ Gavin Starr vs Frankie the Face & Jaimy CoxxxLoss
January 19, 2002Westland, MI GLWJon E BravoWin NEW GLW Cruiserweight Champion
January 6, 2002Warren, MI XICW Gavin StarrLoss for XICW Cruiserweight title
DaTeCiTy PrOmOtIoNWrEsTlInG WiN/LoSe NoTeS
May 5, 2002Muskegon, MI MCWBig Vito vs Lone WolfVito Big Vito makes an ass outta that guy
May 5, 2002Muskegon, MI MCWCandi Devine vs ???Candi Devine reffed w/ special guest KLQ's Kristi Cantel
May 5, 2002Muskegon, MI MCWBig Vito & Monty Brown vs Yukon Braxton & Dan SevernVito & Brown
May 5, 2002Muskegon, MI MCWKevin Sullivan vs Tony AnthonySullivan w/ interference by Balls Mahony
May 5, 2002Muskegon, MI MCWDream Weaver & Disco Inferno vs Rock N Roll ExpressRock N Roll Express Big double drop kick finish
May 5, 2002Muskegon, MI MCWBig Chris Candio w/ Sunny vs Balls Mahony vs Sandman vs SabuSandman

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