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    DaTeCiTy PrOmOtIoNWrEsTlInG WiN/LoSe NoTeS
    November 6, 2004Lima, OH Wat Wrestlingvs Josh Abercrombie vs Chandler McClureWin
    November 5, 2004Muscitane, IO IWA MS/NWA No LimitRyan BozNo Contest
    November 4, 2004Renceller, IN IWA MSvs Josh Abercrombie vs Chandler McClureWin
    October 31, 2004Elkhart, IN New Breed Wrestling6 Man TagWin
    October 30, 2004Milwaukee, WI Brew CityDanny DanielsWin
    October 28, 2004New Albany, IN IWA MSw/ Nigel McGuiness, Ian Rotten and Nate Webb vs Tank, Todd Sexton, Sal Rinaro, and NWA Wildside guyLoss
    October 28, 2004New Albany, IN IWA MSSeth DelayWin
    October 24, 2004Cold Water, MI Dangerzone WrestlingJack ThrillerLoss
    October 24, 2004Cold Water, MI Dangerzone WrestlingCJ OtisWin
    October 23, 2004Highland, IN IWA MSDeliriousWin first blood
    October 22, 2004Lafayette, IN IWA MSShane HagadorWin
    October 16, 2004Chicago, IL ROHAlex ShelleyLoss I Quit Match
    October 15, 2004Dayton, OH ROHw/ CM Punk & Ace Steel vs Austin Aries, Alex Shelley & Jack EvansWin
    October 15, 2004Dayton, OH ROHw/ Delirious vs Dixie & Angel DustWin
    October 9, 2004Hamtramk, MI IWRBreyer WellingtonLoss
    October 3, 2004Harrisburg, PA IWCSoldierLoss
    October 2, 2004Philadelphia, PA ROHw/ CM Punk, John Walters, & Ace Steel vs Austin Aries, Alex Shelley, Roderick Strong & Jack EvansLoss
    October 1, 2004Rock Island, IL NWA No Limitvs Truth Martini vs Danny Daniels vs Nate WebbLoss
    September 25, 2004Monroeville, PA IWCChris SabinLoss
    September 19, 2004Warren, MI XICWN8 MattsonLoss
    September 18, 2004Highland, IN IWA MSSal RinaroWin
    September 17, 2004Highland, IN IWA MSDeliriousWin Ladder Match for IWA MS LH Title
    September 11, 2004Lima, OH WARDanny DanielsWin
    September 10, 2004Milwaukee, WI MAWMickie KnucklesWin
    September 4, 2004La Salle, IL NWA RevolutionDanny DanielsLoss
    August 29, 2004Warren, MI XICWN8 MattsonLoss
    August 28, 2004Erie, PA IWCJosh ProhibitionLoss
    August 27, 2004Pittsburgh, PA IWCw/ Fabulous John McChesney vs MDogg & Josh ProhibitionWin
    August 21, 2004Highland, IN IWA MSDeliriousNo Contest
    August 20, 2004Rock Island, IL NWA No LimitDanny DanielsWin
    August 15, 2004Pontiac, MI IWR- Warped TourMr InsanityLoss
    August 13, 2004Pittsburgh, PA IWCEric XtasyLoss
    August 11, 2004REvansville, IN CCWDeliriousWin Won IWA MS Lightheavyweight title
    August 7, 2004La Salle, IL NWA RevolutionDanny DanielsDraw
    July 31, 2004Highland, IN IWA MSvs Nate Webb vs Mark WolfWin
    July 30, 2004Rock Island, IL NWA No LimitRyan BozLoss
    July 25, 2004Chicago, IL PWI ILvs Bryce Benjamin vs Delirious vs Eric MarxWin
    July 24, 2004Chicago, IL ROHAlex ShelleyLoss
    July 23, 2004Milwaukee, WI ROHw/ Matt Stryker & John Walters vs Jack Evans, Roderick Strong & Austin AriesWin
    July 21, 2004Evansville, IN CCWBJ WhitmerLoss
    July 18, 2004Bellvue, MI BCWvs N8 Mattson vs D Ray 3000Loss
    July 17, 2004Ottawa, IL PCWw/ JD Elite & Josh Abercrombie vs Frankie the Face, Jeff King & Jimmy ShalwinWin
    July 17, 2004Ottawa, IL PCWFrankie the FaceLoss
    July 16, 2004Elkhart, IN New Breedvs Arik Cannon vs Mike WallaceWin
    July 10, 2004Reading, PA ChikaraBlack Jack MarcianoLoss
    July 2, 2004Butler, PA IWCw/ Fabulous vs Glen Spectre & Eric XtasyLoss
    June 27, 2004Warren, MI XICWAlex ShelleyLoss
    June 26, 2004Livonia, MI GLWBrian IrelandWin
    June 25, 2004Livonia, MI GLWBobby BambinoLoss
    June 19, 2004Highland, IN IWA MSAce SteelLoss
    June 12, 2004Dayton, OH ROHvs Delirious vs Matt Sydal vs Rainman vs Caprice Coleman vs LocWin
    June 11, 2004Lafayette, IN IWA MSAlex ShelleyWin Steel Cage Match
    June 5, 2004Tampa Bay, FL Jeff Peterson Cupw/ Jeff Bradley vs the Bug & ZBarrWin
    June 4, 2004Tampa Bay, FL Jeff Peterson CupAlex ShelleyLoss
    May 30, 2004Grand Rapids, MI KCCWJosh AbercrombieWin
    May 29, 2004Highland, IN IWA MSvs Austin Aries vs Delirious vs Alex Shelley vs Roderick Strong vs Nate Webb vs Petey WilliamsLoss
    May 22, 2004Philadelphia, PA ROHNigel McGuinessLoss
    May 16, 2004Warren, MI XICWvs Gavin Starr vs Alex ShelleyLoss
    May 15, 2004Pittsburgh, PA IWCw/ Fabulous vs Al B Damn & Carlton KazLost
    May 14, 2004Rock Island, IL NWA No LimitIan RottenWin
    May 8, 2004Highland, MI IWA MSDanny DanielsLoss
    May 7, 2004???, MA PWF North EastDanny DemantoLoss
    May 1, 2004Kalkaska, MI MMWARavenLoss
    May 1, 2004Kalkaska, MI MMWAAJ StylesNo Contest
    April 29, 2004Saginaw, MI UWAw/ Gutter vs CJ Otis & Will Reign Win
    April 25, 2004Belvue, MI BCWPetey WilliamsLoss
    April 24, 2004Chicago, IL ROHw/ Alex Shelley vs Dunn & Marcos vs Carnage Crew vs Jack Evans & Matt SydalLoss
    April 23, 2004St Paul, MN ROHvs Alex Shelley vs Danny Daniels vs Masada vs Jack Evans vs Jimmy RaveLoss
    April 18, 2004Warren, MI XICWGavin StarrWin
    April 17, 2004Pittsburgh, PA IWCw/ Fabulous vs Dunn & MarcosWin
    April 16, 2004Salem, IN IWA MSRyan BozLoss
    April 10, 2004Highland, IN IWA MSvs Emil Sitoci vs Roderick Strong vs Nate Webb vs Arik Cannon vs Petey WilliamsLoss
    April 10, 2004???, IL MSPWSteve StoneLoss
    April 9, 2004Oolitic, IN IWA MSRoderick StrongWin
    April 3, 2004Philadelphia, PA CZWBJ WhitmerLoss
    April 2, 2004Reading, PA CZWw/ Sonjay Dutt vs Petey Williams & SabianLoss
    April 1, 2004Saginaw, MI UWAw/ Gutter vs Eddie VenomWin
    March 28, 2004Maple Grove, MN MPWCassanovaWin
    March 27, 2004Maple Grove, MN MPWArik CannonLoss
    March 21, 2004Detroit, MI Brawl 4 Braxtonw/ N8 Mattson, Jaimy Coxxx and Gavin Starr vs Joe E Legend, CK3, Petey Williams & A1Loss Steel Cage Match
    March 20, 2004Pittsburgh, PA IWCw/ Fabulous vs Chris Hamrick & Tracy SmothersLoss
    March 19, 2004Adrian, MI UWAw/ Bobby Bambino vs Robert Gibson & Scott MagnumLoss
    March 13, 2004Elizabeth, NJ ROHBrad BradleyWin
    March 6, 2004Philadelphia, PA CZWw/ Chris Cash & Sonjay Dutt vs Sabian, Ruckus, & JokerLoss Tables Match
    March 5, 2004Allentown, PA CZWRuckusLoss
    February 29, 2004Warren, MI XICWvs Danny Daniels vs Frankie the Face vs Gavin Starr vs Mr Insanity vs Gutter vs DBALoss
    February 28, 2004Pittsburgh, PA IWCFabulousWin
    February 21, 2004Oolitic, IN IWA MSw/ Steve Stone vs Arik Cannon & BJ WhitmerWin
    February 21, 2004Oolitic, IN IWA MSArik CannonWin
    February 20, 2004Elkhart, IN New BreedNate WebbLoss
    February 15, 2004Detroit, MI XICWDanny Daniels???
    February 14, 2004Salem, IN IWA MSAustin AriesWin
    February 13, 2004Highland, IN IWA MSvs Zach Gowen vs Chris SabinLoss
    February 8, 2004Detroit, MI BCWN8 MattsonLoss
    February 7, 2004Philadelphia, PA CZWvs Joey Ryan vs Jimmy RaveLoss
    January 31, 2004Pittsburgh, PA IWCvs Joe E Legend vs Chris SabinLoss
    January 29, 2004Glen Burnie, MD ROHAlex ShelleyLoss
    January 25, 2004Cadillac, MI MMWADanny DanielsLoss
    January 24, 2004Warren, MI IWRFrankie the FaceLoss
    January 17, 2004Philadelphia, PA CZWSonjay DuttLoss
    January 16, 2004Allentown, PA CZWw/ Alex Shelley vs Backseat BoysLoss
    January 14, 2004Nashville, TN NWA TNA XplosionSharkboyLoss
    January 10, 2004Wilmington, IN ROHChris SabinLoss
    January 4, 2004Warren, MI XICWw/ Apollo Starr vs Alex Shelley & Jaimy CoxxxLoss
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