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Jumping Jimmy Jacobs

Chris Scoville is not an average high school student, nor is this fidgety and articulate young man just a regular teenager. Although most people who know him would never guess it, Chris has spent most of his years at CC moonlighting as a professional wrestler! He goes by the name Jumping Jimmy Jacobs, and is the youngest and smallest wrestler in the circuit.
Chris began his career watching his older brother wrestle. When the wrestlers would need an extra hand, young Chris willingly jumped in as a referee. His skill as a referee has now taken a back seat to his career as a wrestler, which takes up about three weekends a month. Despite his high hopes for a career in pro wrestling, Chris acknowledges he may be too small for the job. Chris currently referees pro matches when he's not in the ring as a wrestler.
Chris stresses that professional wrestling requires intense training and great skill. He trained for five months in physical preparation for this year in the ring. Chris also works hard on the psychological and creative aspects of the job. He needs a character people will respond to, saying "my job as a wrestler is to entertain." He goes by Jumping Jimmy Jacobs and Big Bully Jacobs, which are the good and evil sides of his character. In professional wrestling, characters are of great importance. They are the way wrestlers connect with and gain support from the audience. "It's all about the crowd," Chris says, and the entertainment value of the show is important as well.
Because of his intense training, Chris does not worry about getting hurt in the ring. This does not imply, however, that pro wrestling is a choreographed routine. On the contrary, "Pro wrestling is no more fake than an episode of Seinfeld or a portrayal of Shakespeare or any other type of entertainment that people enjoy," Chris says.
While many CC students are flipping burgers or bagging groceries, Chris Scoville is out in a professional ring, battling wrestlers of all ages and sizes. More information about Jumping Jimmy Jacobs along with pictures and other information, can be found at The web site also has an updated calendar in which you can find your next opportunity so see CC's own professional wrestler in action.

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