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  • Indy Wrestler/Referee Interview with Jimmy Jacobs

    Jimmy Jacobs is an indy wrestler/referee in Michigan who is only 15 and already gotten a break in the business. I wish him the best in the business and thank him for his time for the interview. I hope you guys enjoy.

    BJez500: I'd like to thank you Jimmy first of all for allowing me to interview you
    JimmyJRef: No problem. It's my pleasure. I can use any exposure I can get. I warn you now, my spelling isn't that good, so... :)
    BJez500: well that's ok
    BJez500: ok...what promotions are you currently involved with??
    JimmyJRef: Right now, mainly Lakeshore Wrestling Organization based out of Holland, MI. Midwest Territorial Wrestling says they will use me again at their next show, whenever that may be. I was going to have some heavy involvement with Underground Wrestling Alliance, but they folded. I'm looking to get in with DAWN in the near future too.
    BJez500: did you first get into wrestling??
    JimmyJRef: Well my brother started training in Grand Rapids based and now defunked Pro Wrestling Worldwide. I was labeled "too young" to wrestle. So basically I was a lacky for 9 months or so. I did so many jobs that no one else wanted to do. I got the guys water, I helped set up chairs, I did some crude lighting, I did their website, I recorded shows. Everything! It wasn't until March of 1999 that something came along that I actually wanted to do. I was good friends with all the boys and one of the referees was on vacation. They needed a referee, and they asked me to do it. I jumped to the opportunity. I trained every day for that week, just enough to get by for a night. After that, I started advertising myself big time. I had one night under my belt and I pumped myself up to look like a superstar referee. I got conections and bookings this way. Once I got in the ring, I couldn;t get enough, so I had to wrestle. I trained with El Teajno, a 22 year vetern who was trained by Jose Lothario. That was for a few months. I knew a lot from hanging around wrestling for 9 or so months. I had my first match when one of the other wrestlers showed up late. I've just been at the right places at the right times.
    BJez500: Do you want to make wrestling a career like try to make it big someday??
    JimmyJRef: I don't do things half baked. After I had my first night of refereeing, from that point on I went for it full speed ahead, and I don't plan on slowing down. Certainly there is a good chance I won't be able to "make it" because of my size, but that won't stop me. Whether I referee, wrestle, manage, do stuff behind the stage, it doesn't matter. I know I'll be doing this down the road someday.
    BJez500: What do you think of the directions WCW and the WWF are going and what wrestling and monday night has come to??
    JimmyJRef: The bottom line is money, and you'd have to be blind not to see that. From a business point of view, they are doing very well for themselves, and I aplaud that. Now, as a fan, I can't stand it. I'd much rather watch a guy work his butt off in the indys or ECW than watch anybody in WWF or WCW run on lazy legs, as Booker T once said. Not to say that all wrestling in the Big 2 is bad. I like the Brood a lot. Benoit, Jericho, Bagwell, Malenko, the Hardy Boyz. They are all good, but too often are Monday nights ruled by a lot of talking on one station and old men on the other. But that's what sells and you can't blame them form doing it that way.
    BJez500: I totally agree with what you're saying
    BJez500: Any comments on the Owen Hart situation?
    JimmyJRef: That just really distressed me. I'm didn't know him, nor do I claim to, but as a fan, I'll miss him a lot. He really brought some class to the WWF. He was a great technician as well as an entertainer. From what I've heard, he was a great guy too. It was an accedent and a sad one. Nobody can be to blame. Why do bad things happen to good people? We'll never really know, but we do know that a very bad thing happened to a very good person.
    BJez500: Yes, Owen never did get the break in the WWF that he always deserved and that saddens and disappoints me but I'll never forget him or what he did for the WWF
    BJez500: In my opinion though, he was involved in one of the greatest WWF angles ever with Bret when they feuded
    JimmyJRef: Those matches were classic. That is how I'll always remember him. One damn good wrestler
    BJez500: What do you think of old timers like Hogan, Flair, Piper, etc that steal all the spotlight from the younger more talented wrestlers like Rey Jr, Kidman, and the list goes on??
    JimmyJRef: I say it's better to leave the party too early than to late, but I think it's understandable. Wrestling is almost like a drug. It's addicting, very much so. The roar of the fans- there's nothing like it. I can see it from there perspective. Also, they are still good draws. the sad thing is that can't "go". Most of them at least. Terry Funk- he was the exception to the rule. I really wish I could have worked with him before he retired, if in fact he really did retire for good. A guy like that you only here good things about. I respect him. But these other guys need to accept that their day in the sun is over and let it go, as hard as it might be.
    BJez500: I agree
    BJez500: Any last words before we wrap this up??
    JimmyJRef: I know I have a lot of critics. By starting at such a young afe, I've been getting a lot of heat. But Sean Waltman started at my age and look where it got him. By the time I'm 25 I could be a ten year vetern. All I ask is that people see my work before they judge me. I'm good at what I do, in my opinion, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. Just suport me. Suport the Indys. These guys work hard for you. And when you go to the shows, cheer the good guys and boo the bad guys and don't worry if you find yourself marking out. Wrestling is suposed to make you mark out; it's more fun that way. Have fun and I wish the best to all of you especially the hard, up and coming wrestlers. Visit my site at God bless and thanks.
    BJez500: Thank you Jimmy for you time. Keep up the good work and good luck with your wrestling career. I'll be pulling for you