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  • May 20, 1999

    Warukuchi - How much experience do you have?

    JJJ - Well, I've only been actually refereeing since March 6 of 1999. I've refereed in only 14 pro matches which isn't a whole lot at all, but there are more to come. I'm a good self-promoter so I don't have many problems getting booked around. The only thing that hinders me is my age and size.

    Warukuchi - How you first got started as a ref?

    JJJ - My brother started wrestling for Pro Wrestling Worldwide in Grand Rapids, MI in June of 98 and I loved wrestling too, but they wouldn’t let me wrestle because of my age. I was basically a lacky for the next 9 months or so. I would video tape shows when that needed to be done, get the guys drinks, do a little color commentating, do the enterence music, once I even did some crude lighting. It wasn’t until March of 99 that I actually did something I wanted to do. By this time Pro Wrestling Worldwide had folded and my brother was working a lot in Lakeshore Wrestling Organization. So of course where he went, I was a lacky. In March, one of the referees was on vacation, and they really needed somebody to fill in. I was always around, so referee Art Mendez asked me if I would do it. I jumped at the opportunity. That was like a week before the show I was suposed to ref on was running. For that entire week I went to the wrestling gym to train. I had been hanging around wrestling long enough to know what I was doing for a lot of it. It came pretty naturally. After that first show, I was talking to the Producer and he told me to get some official training. That I did. I trained under El Tejano who was trained by Jose Lothario, the same guy who trained Shawn Michaels.

    Warukuchi - Where you have refed?

    JJJ - As of right now, I've refereed in Holland, MI with Lakeshore Wrestling Organization and in Westland, MI with Midwest Teritorial Wrestling. There are more places I'm going. River Rouge, MI with Underground Wrestling Allaince in June. I'm looking to get on an Insane Championship Wrestling card in the near future. I've gotten offers from guys in Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio, and Wisconson but for one reason or another, they never worked out.

    Warukuchi - What is your most memorable moment as a ref?

    JJJ - There are a couple moments I've really liked. The first one was the feeling I had after I got knocked out for the first time. I was near smiling and laughing after this guy hit me with a pair of brass knucks. It's not to say that didn't hurt because it did. Even through the pain, I was just having so much fun.

    Another time I remember well is when I was making my Detroit debut. Death Dealer Tommy Star was making a run-in and he warned me, "I'm going to come into that ring with this singapore cane and I'm going to start swingin'. And if you don't get out of my way, I'm going to nail you too." That scared the piss out of me. I remeber looking in the mirror and seeing my face. I can't even describe how freaked out I was. It turned out all right, though. I ran out of the ring while he had that cane, and I came out in one piece.

    Warukuchi - What was your biggest match you have refed?

    JJJ - Right now I haven't refereed any real big ones. The biggest would be Skull Ganz versus Joe E Legend. It was a no DQ match and the main event for the MTW return show. It was pretty fun. I really like both those guys. Joe E was such a cool guy and he was so professional. I'd love to work with him again, anytime. He's a real class act in my book.

    Warukuchi - What are your feelings on wrestling?

    JJJ - I've got to say that right now I think a lot of wrestling sucks. It's more popular than it's ever been but look at the price we've paid. Not only are Monday nights saturated with swearing and half naked women, but there is such a lack of actual wrestling. You've got the one lucha-libre match on WCW and that's about it. Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho and those guys are awesome. but we don't wee enough of them. We only see the big name main eventers who might be fun for some people to watch, but the matches they put on are horrible.

    Outside of Monday Nights, wrestling is pretty good. Mexico and Japan are both two great places to watch wrestling. Also the Indys are real cool. I can't wait. The next few years of my life are going to be great. I'm going to be involved with and see so much new, good wrestling. That's going to rock! There are, especially here in Michigan, some pretty bad wresters.

    Warukuchi - Who are any wrestlers you have become friends with?

    JJJ - My closest friends are the boys in Lakeshore Wrestling Organization. Tommy Mac and Asten Top Dog Williams of the Cocky Little Brats. Frankie the Face, Matt Maverick, the Blitzkrieg Kid, Kenny the King, they are all good friends of mine. Also, I've become friends with Skull Ganz. He's helped me a lot. He got me booked for that MTW show and he continues to help me. L'artiste as well. Him and I are tight. He was in that NBC movie about Jesse Ventura and I was right with him along the way. He's a good guy. The Producer is a good guy too. He's helped guide me a bit. He helps tell me what's good and what's bad to do in wrestling. That's helped me out a lot. There aren't a whole lot of people that I've met that I don't like.

    My final thoughts on my career is this. I know there are critics of mine who say that I'm took young. But let me tell you this, I do one hell of a job. That's the bottom line. I am a professional, and if you can't treat me like one, then maybe it's you who shouldn't be in this business. I respect everyone in pro wrestling because it's a tough business and it takes a special kind of person to be a pro wrestler. I'm that kind of person.

    Also, support the indys nad not just WWF and WCW. Support ECw and when you go to indy shows, cheer the good guy and boo the bad guy. Support me. I can do it.. with your help. So come on! Thanks. LaTeR