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  • July 26, 1999 Interview by Hartime

    BYWAClown: First thank you for your time JJJ.
    JimmyJRef: no prob
    BYWAClown: Ok first question, when was your professional debut ?
    JimmyJRef: March 6 as a referee in Lakeshore Wrestling Organization and May 1 wrestling in Holland, MI vs Freak Nasty Michael Stryker
    BYWAClown: Who won that match?
    JimmyJRef: Stryker
    BYWAClown: Oh. What has been your greatest match?
    JimmyJRef: I havent had enough to have a greatest. My first win versus Gavin Starr, that was a good match, but I haven't even begun to reach my potential
    BYWAClown: Oh. What promotions have you worked for?
    JimmyJRef: Lakeshore Wrestling Organization, Midwest Territorial Wrestling, International Wrestling Organization, and Northern States Wrestling Alliance with many more to come including DAWN and NWA of Michigan
    BYWAClown: Have you held any titles?
    JimmyJRef: nope
    BYWAClown: What is your perferred style of wrestling, technical, submission, high-flying, hardcore etc.?
    JimmyJRef: Certainly not hardcore. For a guy my size, I should work a more high flying style, but I get off on technical wrestling. I could go an entire match with just basics and love that match.
    BYWAClown: What promotion would you rather work for, W.W.F. , W.C.W., or E.C.W. ?
    JimmyJRef: ECW has the best wrestlers in the world and some of the most talented guys I've ever seen. To be honest, I don't know if I would be good enough to go with a lot of those guys. But I'd love to work in ECW. I have no desire to work in the other two. WCW maybe, but I like the indy cirrcut a lot.
    BYWAClown: In H.C.P.W.A. your known as Humping Jimmy Jacobs, were in the hell did that name come from ?
    JimmyJRef: Kevin Harvey, ring announcer and the best damn ring announcer I've ever heard. He came up with the name
    BYWAClown: Oh. This next question is more on a personal level. What do you think of the death of the late Owen Hart ?
    That just really distressed me. I'm didn't know him, nor do I claim to, but as a fan, I'll miss him a lot. He really brought some class to the WWF. He was a great technician as well as an entertainer. From what I've heard, he was a great guy too. It was an accedent and a sad one. Nobody can be to blame. Why do bad things happen to good people? We'll never really know, but we do know that a very bad thing happened to a very good person. But it makes me mad when backyarders that never knew him hold so-called memorial cards. They never knew him and they have no business doing things like that. That's disrespect.
    BYWAClown: Ok. Did you have a inspiration to be a wrestler? And if so what or who ?
    JimmyJRef: Well, when I started, Mick Foley was. I saw how he would do whatever it took to give the fans their money's worth and that was inspiring. Now, the words of Lightning Mike Quackenbush help inspire me and get me through this. "Everyone is going to tell you that you can't do it. Put that out of your head immediately; don't dwell on it, don't even give it a second thought. You are only limited by yourself. Be persistent, and be true to your dream."
    BYWAClown: Wow. What 1 person in the wrestling buiness today would you like to take on the most?
    JimmyJRef: I'd have to say Lightning Mike Quackenbush because he started wrestling at the same age I did and I've kinda tryed to model myself after him in a way. Also Shane Douglas. I'd like to work him too.
    BYWAClown: What can we expect from JJJ or well HJJ in the future ?
    JimmyJRef: PWI top 500 in 2000. You can also expect to see some great matches and endless entertainment.
    BYWAClown: Well HJJ I want to thank you for your time.
    JimmyJRef: yeah sure. no problem