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  • November 19, 1999 by Michigan Wrestling Online

    Wrestler's name: Jumpin Jimmy Jacobs

    How long have you been a pro wrestler?
    I've been refereeing since March of 99 and wrestling since May of 99.

    Who where you trained by?
    El Tejano

    Who was your first opponent in the ring?
    Freak Nasty Michael Stryker

    Who has been your toughest match throughout your career?
    versus the Blitzkrieg Kid. We wrestled each other to a 15 mintue time limit draw.

    Who is your favorite wrestler?
    Dean Malenko

    What or who do you look up to for motivation?
    First, I look to God. I also look to my friends to help me out.

    Have you ever been in a hardcore match. If yes what was the match?
    Never have, and I never want to :)

    If you could wrestle for any of the big three promotions who would you wrestle for?

    What titles have you held in Michigan?
    None... yet

    What has been a defining moment in your career?
    I have a few defining moments. Refereeing a match with Superfly Jimmy Snuka was pretty damn sweet. Another time was when I slipped off my pogo stick and took a nice back bump on the cement. Another was as a referee- I bodyslammed a guy named Jumpin Jerry Fox, helping to cost him the match. That'll teach him to use the name "Jumpin" again. lol

    What independent wrestling orginizations have you wrestled for in Michigan?
    Lakeshore Wrestling Organization, International Wrestling Organization, New Options Wrestling, Midwest Territorial Wrestling, Northern States Wrestling Alliance, Detroit Area Wrestling Network, NWA of Michigan, and Thunder Promotions.

    What advise would you give to someone trying to make it in pro wrestling today?
    The words of Lightning Mike Quackenbush, "Everyone is going to tell you that you can't do it. Put that out of your head immediately; don't dwell on it, don't even give it a second thought. You are only limited by yourself. Be persistent, and be true to your dream."

    If you could wrestle anyone in the world today who would it be and in what kind of match?
    Probably Shane Douglas or Dean Malenko. I wouldnt want to wreslte either one of them right now because I feel I'm too inexperienced and might limit them too much. Not that I think I'm a bad wrestler, but I would rather wrestle one of them in a few years when I have more in ring experience.

    What do you like most about the Michigan Wrestling Insider?
    Free exposure

    Do you have any additional comments?
    Check out my site Be nice because mean people suck. Don't complain about Michigan Indys. Look for the good in them, not the bad. Finally... dont dream it, be it. It's not enough to want something. You have to f'n do it.