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  • January 4, 2000

    MJLmike312: 1. Who trained you?
    JimmyJRef: A man by the named of Joe Ortega
    trained me in Holland, MI. Joe, wrestling under the
    name El Tejano, was trained by Joe Lothario and has
    been wrestling for over 20 years; I thought it was very
    well worth while

    MJLmike312: 2. When did El Tejano begin to train

    JimmyJRef: Well, I started in early March of 1999.
    I started as training to become a referee. After not
    long of that, I was pretty descently trained. I then
    went to train as a wrestler with him. Basically, he
    trained me from March of 1999 to August of 1999.

    MJLmike312: 3. Who inspired you to Ref/Wrestle?
    JimmyJRef: With out a doubt, Mick Foley was the
    guy that I looked at that really made me want to be in
    this business. After I started out, my inspiration came
    from a great indy wrestler named Mike Quackenbush.
    He said, "Everyone is going to tell you that you can't
    do it. Put that out of your head immediately; don't
    dwell on it, don't even give it a second thought. You
    are only limited by yourself. Be persistent, and be true
    to your dream." That's basically what I live by in

    MJLmike312: 4. Who's your favorite Indy Star, and
    who is your favorite Big Three Star? and can they be
    compared to each other?

    JimmyJRef: Most of my favorite wrestlers are from
    the indys. One of my favorite in wrestlers in Delicious
    Devon Daniels, who works in the Ohio area. My
    favorite Big Three wrestler is Old School Steve
    Corino. The reason I like both of those guys is the
    way they work the croud. For those guys, it seems
    their main concern is too piss off the crowd and be
    entertaining at the same time. Ya gotta love that.

    MJLmike312: 5. Do you ever see yourself in the big
    three, and if you do, which fed would you rather be

    JimmyJRef: I honestly have no idea. I guess my goal
    in this business isn't to get to one of the Big 3, although
    it would be nice. I'd like to work in ECW. That
    would be an honor because when you're with them,
    you're with all the hardest working guys in the
    business. That;s something I respect.

    MJLmike312: 6. Is there anyone in the indy scene
    you dislike or hate? if so why?

    JimmyJRef: Nobody that I hate. I suppose that
    there are various guys I haven't liked too much at
    some point. Nobody I really dislike. It just bothers
    me when wrestlers take themselves too seriously.
    When you're out there wrestling it's to have fun and
    entertain other people. When people put their own
    ego ahead of that, it bothers me. Something like that
    would have me lose respect for a wrestler

    MJLmike312: 8. Toughest opponent?
    JimmyJRef: Ummm... That's always a hard question.
    There's a guy by the name of Gorgeous Gavin Starr
    who I have wreslted twice, a third time upcoming on
    February 6th as a matter of fact. I got my first win
    ever over him. The second time we wrestled he really
    beat me good. He's a great competitor and I'm
    looking forward to wrestling him in a month.

    MJLmike312: 9. who is the hardest worker in
    michigan in your opinion?

    JimmyJRef: That's a good question. I've never given
    it much thought. I really dont know for sure because
    so many of the guys work so hard. A wrestler I've
    tagged with and wrestled before by the name of the
    Blitzkrieg Kid, he works very hard. He's the kind of
    guy you'll never hear say, "I'm not feeling great today,
    so I'm just going to take it easy in the ring." He gives
    it EVERYTHING he's got every time.

    MJLmike312: 10. Finally the toughest question of
    them all...BOXERS OR BRIEFS?

    JimmyJRef: Actually boxers, even when I'm
    wrestling which is just strange. Some guys go bare in
    the ring; most guys where briefs in the ring. I might be
    one of the only guys who wrestles in boxers.

    MJLmike312: Would you like to plug anything ?
    JimmyJRef: Yeah, visit my site at
    Also, go
    to indy shows and let yourself go. Cheer the good
    guys and boo the bad guys. Also, to quote
    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    my favorite movie ever,
    don't dream it, be it. It's not enough to want
    something. You've got to f'n do it.

    MJLmike312: Thank you for spending your time
    with me today.

    JimmyJRef: Sure. No problem
    JimmyJRef: Thanks for having me:-)