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  • November 2002

    Rich Conner : I am here today speaking with none-other than the hidden gem from the valley. The man that in past weeks and next few months will explore quite a few new organizations. This man is quite possibly the, no pun intended, "Next Big Thing" to come out of the Midwest Cruiserweight Rankings. If you haven't guessed it yet, then shame on you.... I am talking about the five foot six inched monster, "The Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs.... Thanks for doing this interview Jimmy. Is it Jim or Jimmy?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Jimmy, thanks.

    Rich Conner : Okay, well lets start off right away with your credentials.... Who trained you?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Joe Ortega, worked under the name El Tejano. He was a trainee of Jose Lothario. It was an interesting style, learning from him. Some weird lucha-kinda stuff.

    Rich Conner : Where did you train, as far as the city, town, village...etc.....

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Holland, MI

    Rich Conner : So how long did Joe Ortega train you until your first break?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Geez man... I started training with him in early 99. As I was training with him, his promotion, Lakeshore Wrestling Organization, needed refs, so I reffed for him too starting in March

    of 99. I actually had my first match in May of 99 because one of the other wrestlers no showed him. I was supposed to have my first match in June, actually. I trained with him until August of 99. So there... you can do all that math.

    Rich Conner : What gimmick did you play at Lakeshore Wrestling Organization?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Jumpin Jimmy Jacobs, which was fortunate for me. Joe, being from Texas, wanted me in a hood, which I didn't wanna do because I didn't think I could get over. Somebody just kind of dubbed me Jumpin Jimmy, so I stuck with it.

    Rich Conner : What was your initial thought of the Jumpin Jimmy character?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I liked it. We joked about me coming out with a pogo ball. You babies of the 80's should remember that. I couldn't find my old pogo ball so I started doing the pogo stick. I don't think it was over with the fans much, at least in Holland, but ya know... I was a scrawny 130 pound kid. Nobody was gunna take me seriously, so I just helped them not take me seriously, you know.

    Rich Conner : Was that gimmick used exclusively just for the beginning period or were you thinking of using it as a permanent role?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Eh, well like I said, nobody was going to take me seriously. So I just did a goofy gimmick. I thought I'd use it as long as I was a scrawny little kid.

    Rich Conner : Eventually, was the Big Bully character the next gimmick or was there one in between?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : That was the next one. Matt Maverick was running mid-Michigan and wanted to use me as a heel and gave me that gimmick.

    Rich Conner : What was your initial reaction to the new name?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I liked it, ever since the first time I did it. It made sense for me to do that kind of gimmick as a heel.

    Rich Conner : Now, if you haven't answered this already, what was your first mainstay in a organization..... To rephrase it, where was the first place that made you feel like you would always have a place on the card?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Maverick was always real good to me. He put me in angles and always had good spots for me. Also, there was a lady named Cindy running Lansing in like early 2000 that was really cool to me too like that

    Rich Conner : Were there any "Major" feuds you were put into at that time? If so with who?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Not really. I had some matches with other West-Michiganders, Blitzkrieg Kid Bobby Bambino, Gavin Starr and Ash Andrews. Gavin's the only one of those guys that really works any more, I think.

    Rich Conner : Now up to this point, you started working in LaSalle with Powerhouse Championship Wrestling correct?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Yea, I started working for Tim in I think April of 2001, actually.

    Rich Conner : How did that come about?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Maverick and Jason Kronan had been goin there a while, then Cocky Little Brats then Frankie the Face then Jimmy Shalwin. So basically, a bunch of my friends from Michigan were working there, so I wanted to as well. I wanted as much work as I could get. And PCW was doin good. I went to one of their shows before I worked for Tim. It was Streator High School. Bundy was there, Steel Cage main event, prolly 500 people. It was cool.

    Rich Conner : What was your initial thoughts on Tim?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Tim was cool. He gave me work, and took care of the Michigan guys.

    Rich Conner : Do you recall any feuds in Powerhouse? Valentine maybe?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : No real feuds. I did work Ash Andrews every day of the 2001 Comic Con. I worked Valentine twice. Never a feud. I was just kind of put in matches with whoever, which was But that's how it was. A lot of times, they didn't know who was showing up. I had two back to back matches with Wyld Chyld, if that counts as a feud.

    Rich Conner : Good enough for me.... Now I know one of your favorite words to say is, "BOOOOOITCH"! As I recall Jonas the Giant also says this.... Who did it first?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I do like "BIOTCH" I also just like "Bitch." My little catch phrase in Detroit is "I'm Jimmy Jacobs... bitch!" and its kind of over. But no, I didn't still anything from Jonas the Giant. That man's garbage.

    Rich Conner : What is your situation with the Powerhouse as of right now? Can we expect to see the "Big Bully" when LOD and the Iron Shiek make their way in late November at their big

    comeback show?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : No, I wont be there. He told me that if I work for RCW that I wont be back in PCW. I'd like to be at their show, but PCW and RCW just have all that heat. Neither one wants their guys working for the other. Blah... heat sucks.

    Rich Conner : Ya Heat sucks, but it happens. So speaking of RCW... How did you go about leaving Powerhouse and "jumping the Indy ship" into the Revolution?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Jay Rep IMed me one day asking me to work for RCW. I told him I would as soon as I was ready to leave PCW, basically. Once the Jonas Brothers came back, I was ready to leave.

    Rich Conner : I take it there is some heat there?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Man, I'll tell ya, there are like so few people in this business I really hate. But those Jonas Brothers... I'll tell ya bro.

    Rich Conner : Any definite reason?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : They're assholes. Ask anybody that's known them. They made Comic Con this year no fun... well some of it, at least. Little Jonas was bitching the whole time that I was "disrespecting us veterans." That dude actually called himself a veteran. He's probably had 2 dozen matches. HORRIBLE. They booked an angle for me on the last PCW show I did, just so they could mess with me in the ring. In doing so, they messed up all the matches that the real PCW booker (who couldn't be there) had. They're not even in the business. They just play wrestling every once in a while.

    Rich Conner : Interesting.... So as you parted way from the Powerhouse to start a "Revolution" with fellow former Powerhouse Wrestler Cameron Cage and Tweek Phoenix in Revolution Championship Wrestling..... What were your fears, thoughts, and feelings on the switch?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Ummm, I was disappointed to leave PCW, especially just because half the reason I left was because the Jonas Brothers and Tim got rid of them. I'm excited though. RCW has a lot of good young guys that I'm looking forward to having some great matches with. And hopefully I'll get some more exposure working there. God knows I cant get any exposure working in Michigan all the time. So, I'm really positive and enthusiastic about RCW in general.

    Rich Conner : What were your first thoughts on the RCW Administration, Jay Repsel and Curt Razo?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : They were fine. I had never met Curt before or Jay. I had only talked to Jay online. They seemed cool and wanted to do some fun stuff with me in RCW, so I'm up for that

    Rich Conner : Meeting up with Tweek Phoenix and Cameron Cage, both Powerhouse Veterans, had to be a breathe of fresh as coming into a new locker room atmosphere? Didn't it?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Yea, it was good seeing Tweek and Cameron there. It gave me some people to talk to. I did like the locker room. The guys were all good and I talked to most of them, I think. Real cool. I'm looking forward to working a lot of them. I have Jason Allen on Nov 16. He looks like a good talent.

    Rich Conner : Let's not forget your reunion with Marvin the Heckler!

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Oh man... and his goofy ass friend. Those guys are out of control. That one dude put his hands on me, and I made him look like a bloody monkey's ass. I'll do it again if he touches me on November 16.

    Rich Conner : You did look very stylish in his glasses though

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : My vision was all blurred with those thick frames on, but I think I still looked alright.

    Rich Conner : What's next for the "Big Bully"?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I'm workin hard on my body, continually. I'm really trying to work some different places. I've spent this past year working in Detroit just about every weekend. I'd like to go out and work new people and learn more. I'm an Indy wrestler. I wanna go out and drive 12 hours for gas money and work a sweet match in front of 70 people. That's what I wanna do.

    Rich Conner : I have a few more questions before we just into the "Name Game"...

    Rich Conner : One being, what was the feeling of seeing yourself ranked 479 out of 500 in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated rankings?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : XClent. It's cool. It doesn't really mean that I'm the 479th best professional wrestler in the world, but it's a nice treat. After doing this 3 and a half years, some times you wonder why. It's a perk to go to the store and see a small write up in a nationally published magazine about yourself.

    Rich Conner : How exactly do you think the word got out to PWI about yourself?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I know a few different promoters send the info in about their guys. Our group of West Michigan guys sent info in for the past couple years too.

    Rich Conner : Awesome, next quick question... Will we ever see Jimmy Jacobs as Jumpin Jimmy EVER again?

    Rich Conner : Jumpin

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Yea... probably. I'm sure of it, actually. The gimmick is really over in Lansing, MI and still do it there, with the full top hat and pogo stick. So I haven't stopped doing the gimmick all together yet

    Rich Conner : Well, will we see it's debut in the Central IL Area anytime soon?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I'm guessing not. I don't have any plans at the moment to do it much any more. So for now, RCW will have to settle for the Freight Train Jimmy Jacobs

    Rich Conner : Hehe, one last question before the game.... If any other of your "Powerhouse" Buddy could "Jump the LaSalle Ship" who would you like to see do it?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Well Frankie, Magnum and Shalwin are the West Michigan guys I always rode up with to PCW, and they're some of my best friends in the world. I don't really think I'd like them to "jump ship" though. Lyle uses the well there, and they're happy there. In an ideal world where anybody would work anywhere, I'd love for them to work with me in RCW. But they're doing well in PCW, so... I guess that's that.

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : that should read "Lyle uses them well"

    Rich Conner : Ready for the name game?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I'm excited. Lets do it

    Rich Conner : Jay Repsel

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Don't know him much yet as a person. As a promoter, he's got a good thing going.

    Rich Conner : Cameron Cage

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I hardly know the guy. I've seen him work maybe twice, both times against Frankie the Face. His work seems real solid.

    Rich Conner : Tweek Phoenix

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Come a LONG way. I saw his first match. He's come a long way. He's got potential to be real good.

    Rich Conner : Damian

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I haven't actually seen him since PCW. Even since I saw him last, he'd come a long way from his beginnings.

    Rich Conner : Tim Lye

    Rich Conner : Tim Lyle

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Indy wrestling promoter. Gave me work for a year and a half.

    Rich Conner : Jonas Bothers

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Waste of space

    Rich Conner : Joe Ortega

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Crazy Texan who broke me into the business.

    Rich Conner : Matt Maverick

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I respect Matt Maverick. He's been real good to our guys. He was the veteran of the Lakeshore Wrestling Organization locker room. He helped us out then, and continues to do

    so. And he's got a plethora of tights.

    Rich Conner : And Action Figures lol

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Yes. He sells the gimmicks. Smart man

    Rich Conner : "Lover boy" Bill E. Valentine

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : He's good. I like all of Brandon Bishop's kids. I feel bad because I had a couple matches with Bill, and I was pretty lazy in our second match. I'd really like to work him again and have a kick ass match.

    Rich Conner : Double M

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Don't know him. Watched his match with Jason Allen. Good match.

    Rich Conner : Cocky Little Brats

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I was almost a CLB. Ortega wanted me under a hood, and I almost was the Mystery CLB in a green mask with a blonde wig sewed to it. VERY close to being a CLB. Tommy Mac is the greatest guy in the world. Asten is a freak, and I love him. Those are two guys that were all cool to me when I was breaking in the business. The HYPE Jimmy Shalwin is an occasional CLB too. He's one of my best friends. Under rated wrestler. He just needs a look.

    Rich Conner : Osiris

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Always nice to me in the back. Don't know him well at all, though.

    Rich Conner : Marvin the Heckler

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Out of control. Good for him for coming to Indy wrestling shows. But he's just outta hand.

    Rich Conner : Metropolis Maniacs

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I don't know a thing about them. They're loud fans. That's good.

    Rich Conner : Midwest Marks

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Great. Its the page my internet browser opens with. Any site that promotes Indy wrestling is over. Midwest Marks gives no love to Michigan, though. There are some good guys in Michigan- N8 Mattson, Chris Sabin, Frankie the Face, Breyer Wellington, Alex Shelley, Truth Martini, Tenacious Z (one legged wrestler), and more. Michigan needs some love. But is still over with me.

    Rich Conner : We will have to get into that area then, maybe you could help us out there..

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Absolutely.

    Rich Conner : I just about forgot, but tell us a bit about your band called, "Good Question"!

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Worst name for a band, ever. I like music, always have. I guess, whatever keeps me up in front of people. The music business is a lot like the wrestling business, actually. The bitch about a band is that it's like being a wrestler and a promoter. You have to promote the hell outta your shows and play, you know. Its good times though.

    Rich Conner : And are there downloadable songs on the site, or anyway to hear your music on this address?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Yea... there's a link on there to question which is where you can download some of our newer and older songs.

    Rich Conner : If you are a fan of punk music, definitely listen to his band... They have the mix of MxPx and Sugarcult......

    Rich Conner : One more thing, what's the difference between Jimmy Jacobs the person and the gimmick?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Eh... you cant say punk. We're not punk. It'll piss off all the punks if you call us punk

    Rich Conner : Fine fine..... Corporate Punk? that good?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Works for me

    Rich Conner : So what's the difference between the gimmick and the man?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : The difference between the gimmick and the person... the gimmick is just an extension of myself. I think that's how it is with most people. You take a part of yourself and magnify it 10 times.

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I dunno. You can ask Gavin Starr. I think he'd say I'm more of a goof in real life than my gimmick shows, but whatever.

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : There's another under rated Michigan worker too, BTW.

    Rich Conner : Keep in touch on Michigan Workers, I'll get into that on the site.... But I must ask this for DR and Wes as my last question , what's your favorite video game, and if you could be any star from a video game who would it be and why...

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : My name of my finishing move (the Blazing Tornado I believe is the real name for it. It was Suicide Kid's old finisher) is the Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A B A Start. So you tell me what my favorite video game is.

    Rich Conner : Isn't that the cheat for Contra?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : The 30 lives code, you're damn Skippy.

    Rich Conner : Woo, go me! Like I need it though

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Well me neither, but still...

    Rich Conner : I only need one life, and watch out!!! ITS OVER!

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : As far as who I'd wanna be from a video game, Allucard, from Castlevania Symphony of the Night. He's half vampire, half vampire killer. Awesome. I'm a vampire mark

    Rich Conner : So you must like Blade right?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Actually, I'm not a big movie guy.

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : I wrestled a guy named Ricki Blade once that looked like Blade. I don't think that counts.

    Rich Conner : hehe, isn't it strange that we touched on so many different things having nothing to do with themselves. Like: Pogo Sticks, Contra, Vampires, Wrestling, Punk Music...

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : That's the life of Jimmy Jacobs. And headbands and licking rats too. But yea... strange.

    Rich Conner : lol, well it's been fun.... Any last comments for plugs?

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Eh, go to Indy shows. And if you're bored go to and if you're really bored go to

    Rich Conner : thanks Jimmy for your time

    "Big Bully" Jimmy Jacobs : Thank you bro. Good journey.