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  • WELCOME! Hey, what's up! or Que pasa! for our Spanish speaking friends. You're chillin at the home page of Jimmy Jacobs... bitch! Jimmy Jacobs is an indy wrestler in the midwest. Sporting his furry boots, he is known as the Barbaric Berzerker. HUSS. Jimmy Jacobs AOL Instant Messanger screen name is JimmyFNJacobs. Thanks for coming the Jimmy Jacobs Online and stay for a while. Sign the guest book, check out the pics, and see where the heck this goof ball is going to be next. Most the pics on here are from Leonard Brand, Vince Jones or Chris Lewis, so go to his website and give him props at Michigan Wrestling Photo LaTeR!

    June 5, 2003- Whole Site Redone

    DVD 500

    Jimmy Jacobs was ranked this year in the DVD top 500 as wrestler number 357. Other Michigan notables were Alex Shelley, Truth Martini and Chris Sabin.

    Copyright (c) Jimmy Jacobs 2003