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Continuing My String of Mediocrity 11/13/02

I rule for updating my commentary after only a few weeks. I should really use a different picture up there. That's me before I started working out.

One day I'll have a good match, but until then, my string of mediocrity continues. 10/26 I worked a 3 way with Tenacious Z and the Upstart Player Alex Shelley. 3 way, all babies. FUN. There were some cool spots and the crowd of 50 seemed to appreciate it. This is right before Halloween; hence, all the baby faces were given candy to pass out to the crowd to get over. The 3 of us all decided that none of us would take out any candy. But alas, we were double crossed by the "babyface" Alex Shelley who threw a plethura of candy out to the excited audience. Needless to say, he was the most over in our match.

The next week was a triple shot with GLAPW on Friday, TZW on Saturday, and PWF on Sunday. Friday's match with Max Damin for the GLAPW cruiserweigh title was, well, fine. The story of the night was this guy who runs the back named Gravedigger bitching about people going too long. In our match, we had 8 minutes and we went almost exactly 8. Yet for some reason, he was bitching about our time. Who is this guy? I really wanna know. He says he was in ECW. If one of the two people reading this knows who this Gravedigger fella is, please tell me. That night I stayed the night at my good friend Patrick Martin's house in Livonia to save me 4 hours in the car driving back and forth to Detroit. This kid is nuts with his wrestling tapes. Its great. He watches things in slow motion and takes note on them. Awesome.

Saturday I did a ladder match with Prince Romeo. The ladder was WAY too tall and it was wooden. Meh... other than that, the match was fun. Silly, but fun.

Sunday, I was off to PWF where I wrestled a handicap match against Jimmy 2 Sweet and Thurston Skowl III. I like Thurston; he's an alright guy by me. He works a little light, though. At any rate, some dude from the crowd kicked me, so I kicked him back. That was about the highlight of that night, first time I ever kicked a fan. Good.

November 9, I drove down to Litchfield with Bobby Bambino. Alas, we ended us wrestling each other in a 4 way with Jayson Yang and Gutter. I'd like to work Gutter one on one some time. The crowd was great, like 600 people. Only downside was that due to all the matches on the card, we only had 5 minutes, so the match was just one 5 minute spot, basically. It was fun though. I'd like to work for CIW again some time.

The next day was XICW where I was set to face Jaimy Coxxx for the cruiserweight title. Half way into our match when he went for the cover, I tried to kick out but I could barely move. I've had this pain in my back and the week before when I wrestled 2 Sweet and Thurston, I took a slam on the outside and it really hurt. I told Coxxx to give me a rest, so we went to a chin lock. When I thought I was good to go, I tried to stand up, but couldn't. Finally, he helped me up, I hobbled around for a little bit, then I felt better. ::shrugs:: Thats the business.

This has been a long commentary, or so it feels. Im OUT.

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