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April 20, 2000
April 14th dan Curtis 2nd Annual Memorial show was cool. I refereed and got the shit kicked outta me by Adam Pearce and Jason Kronan. I had heard a lot of good stuff about Adam Pearce, but I guess you really dont know how good/bad a wrestler is until you work with them. Pearce was awesome! He's truly a talent and I hope I'm fortunate enough to work with him again.
Me and Blitzkrieg Kid picked up the tag straps in PWF in Lansing. Crowd popped soooo big when we won. Fun fun fun....
LsWO... well... it is what it is... 'nough said. I'm OUT for now. Keep bringing signs to the shows. NOW April 8- "Jimmy Jacobs is a peewee jobber!" :) LaTeR

March 6, 2000
Well today is my one year anniversary since my first show. It's a pretty big deal to me. Last night I worked Dyson Price in Lansing, MI for Pro Wrestling Federation. I'm sore. It was the opener and it went about 5 minutes. It was an okay match... nothing great though. PWF has an awesome crowd. Some kid had a "WWJD" sign... "What would Jimmy do?" LMFNAO

Well some MAJOR changes have gone down in LsWO. Dont be suprised if there are more than a few returns including myself. I really have some good hopes for LsWO in the future. The "Powers that Be" have changed for the better.

Some crackhead internet smarks are saying some shit about me on a message board. I guess ya cant please everybody. i just go out there and try to entertain people and if somebody doesnt like it, oh well. I'll live.

MWI Top 20 I'm ranked #15 on the MWI Monthly Top 20. Check it out.

the weekend of April 7-9 will be awesome for me. April 7, LsWO is supposed to run. April 8 is the NOW show. April 9 is PWF. Back to back to back shows! That's something I've been waiting for! TOO F'n SWEET!

Congratulations to Matt Maverick for touring England March 14 to April 7. Good for him.

Lastly I'd like to thank everybody who helped me in my first year of being in the wrestling biz! It's been a trip and God willing, there will be many years to come. take care. LaTeR

February 26, 2000
I'm coming off a damn busy month. Things are really picking up around the Grand Rapids area with a few promoters running within a 1 and a half hour radius from where I live, which is nice compared to the 2 to 4 hour drives that I could be making. It's almost been a year since I had my first match that I refereed, March 6 of 1999. On March 5th of this year, I will be taking on Michael Stryker who coincidentally (sp?) was my first opponent in the ring. The first match I refereed was Ace Decade, who no longer works, versus El Tejano, who I can no longer stand, lol. When my one year aniversarry comes up, I will update this commentary with a look back at my first big night. Until then... LaTeR

January 25, 2000
For my commentary today, I'd like to talk about a match I had this past Saturday. I was put in a match in LsWO with this fellow who was 6'5" and about 320 pounds who is so green, he makes a leprauchan look black. this was my first real time doing the Big Bully infront of an LsWO crowd. It doesnt bother me so much that I lost this match, but basically hte match sucked. This guy was put in the ring WAY too early and held me back. Now I'm not the greatest worker in the world (I'm not that bad either), but when the guy you're wrestling limits so much that you can't do a spot because he can't reverse an irish whip, something is DEFINATLY wrong. Here is a series of posts on the LsWO Message Board on the matter... is any of you want to add to this.

Big Daddy........WOW!!!
Monday, 24-Jan-2000 19:15:25 writes:

    I saw Big Daddy live at the LSWO arena this past Saturday.......WOW!!! He has the size and ability to dominate any and all LSWO wrestlers! Just thought I would drop a note to say how much I enjoyed his wrestling and to say "do whatever ya gotta do to keep him". Next show, give him a real test!! Someone more than 100 pounds, WET!


Re: Big Daddy........WOW!!!
Monday, 24-Jan-2000 21:36:24 writes:

    Wait just a minute, Bill. I don't know what match you were watching on Saturday. After watching the tape of that match two things are obvious- 1. I am the only big man in pro wrestling worth watching, and 2. I DID NOT LOSE THAT MATCH! Just like another big man Sid Viscious, I had my foot underneath the bottom rope! WATCH THE TAPE, BILL! Asa matter of fact, I won that match. Big Daddy left the ring after he thought he pinned me and would have gotten counted out. So I think it's only proper that I congradulate myself on a victory well done.

    And for all you smarts, one thing did come out of that match- obviously if you thought Big Daddy did a good job, well, then I can put ANYBODY over as a good wrestler.

    Bill, you dont impress me much and neither did Big Daddy. I bullied him around like I bully around all my competition.

    Big Bully Jimmy Jacobs- the ONLY big man in wrestling

Re:I second that emotion,Big Bully
Tuesday, 25-Jan-2000 06:42:36 writes:

    The only people who could've thought Big Daddy looked impressive are members of his immidiate family.The guy needs A LOT of work.Double B Double J was indeed over 400 pounds that night:his 149 plus whatever Big Daddy weighs on his shoulders.

    Bully Mark

That pretty much sums it all up. I am actually very curios as to who "Bully Mark" is. If for some reason he is reading this, email me, if you would be so kind, at LaTeR

January 11, 2000
WOW. A lot has happened since I last updated my commentary. That DAWN show was my last working show until November 6 when I worked for RAW, which I had an absolute blast doing. November and December were great months for me. I worked 7 weekends in a row which is an all time high for me. I made my debut in World Wide Wrestling Alliance. I really like it there. Those guys have something special and I'm glad I get to be a part of it. On December 11 I debuted in the Big Bully Jimmy Jacobs in New Options Wrestling. I dont think there's anything in the world better than pissing of 150 people and getting paid for it. There isnt a greater feeling than having people chanting "Weenie Boy!" at you. I cant wait to work there again. Well, I've been working for 10 months now. It's been an incredible 10 months. I can't believe I did so much. I honestly didnt think I'd do this well, but I guess hard work pays off. To make things even better, I havent even scratched the surface as far as my matches go. I've had some okay ones, but in this next year, there's going to be some good stuff for Jimmy Jacobs. Take care. LaTeR

August 27, 1999
I think the only thing worth talking about that has happened to me in the past 2 weeks is the DAWN show. I think it was a descent show overall. Mojo really screwed himself up in the hardcore main event. I think broke some ribs, bruised his spleen, and did something to screw up his diaphram. Ouch. I hope a speedy and full recovery for him. I really enjoyed Loverboy Steve vs Truth Martini in their ladder match. I have yet to see a bad ladder match. Breyer Wellington vs Blitzkrieg Kid was pretty good. It only went 4.15 minutes, but it was a solid over all match I think. Cocky Little Brats were crushed by Mr Meaner. I like Mr Meaner a lot as a person. Very cool guy. Other than the DAWn show, nothing much going on. I'm having some problems with LsWO. I might not get a match on the September 11 show. We shall see though. LaTeR

August 16, 1999
I came off a long weekend starting with a nice 6 and a half hour drive to Wisconson for a show. I met some good guys including Vommit of the Wicked Jesters, Tracy Smothers, a lot of WCWO boys, and Wife B...errr... Chris Hero. Fun show overall. I went all out with the Blitzkrieg Kid. We went to a ten minute time limit draw. the Kid asked for 5 more minutes, and I excepted, but we went the 5 minutes with out a winner. Got the piss chopped out of me in the battle royal later that night. Still, very fun.

Next day we had to drive 8 hours from Wisconosn to Bay City for NWA of MI. I was suposed to referee, but I ended up getting the piss chopped out of me once again. Bobboy Lee, Woody Lee, Rickey James, Mojo, and Big Chuck all left their hand prints on my chest. But I'm taking names so next time, they'll get theirs. :) I met a lot of the NWA boys. Some how where ever I go, I seem to stumble in to the Blitzkrieg Kid and the Cocky Little Brats. As usual, they were there.

My next show is this Friday in Ferndale with DAWN. I get to referee... what fun... low and behold, guess who will be there. Blitzkrieg Kid and the Cocky Little Brats. Oh man do I get sick of seeing those guys at every show I work. After the DAWN show, I have no more confirmed bookings. I'm not even sure about Lakeshore Wrestling Organization. My future with them hangs. LaTeR

August 9, 1999
First off, I came off a very good show in Cleveland with Ohio Wrestling Federation. It was with out a doubt the best show I've ever been involved with. They didnt draw much, but it was still a great show and I hope to work with them again.

Also, JJJ (that's me) will be getting a new look in the very near future. Some nice tights so I can get a better, more goofier look. I'm hoping to debut the new look on August 13 in Wisconson and the next day at NWA of MI. I should look spiffier than ever. I'll put up pics ASAP.

I'm looking forward to the Wolverine Pro Wrestling show. I'm not working it, but I might have to go to see my favorite wrestler, Steve Corino, face one of my favorite guys in wrestling, Jimi V. That should be a good one. That promisses to be a good, if not a great, show.

That's all for now. I'll write back in a few. LaTeR

July 27, 1999
Well, this is my first commentary for this page. Lemme start out by thanking all my buds and everybody who has helped me out. The promoters and bookers who have taken me seriously, especailly... thanks.

Well, July was certainly a dull month in my career. Only one match and it was pretty damn bad. August will be different. August is a make or break month for me. First is August 7 in Cleveland with Ohio Wrestling Federation. Refereeing that night with some great cruiserweight wrestlers. The next day, I'm planning on going to K&H and picking up some nice tights. Then August 13 I go to Wisconson for a promotion that I totally forget. It's run by Joey Knight, who I'm not sure is the same guys from the All Knighters or not. I get to take on Blitzkrieg Kid. I tagged with him once and now we will have what I think will be a great match. The next night, I've got to drive from Wisconson to Bay City, MI for the NWA of Michigan show. I'm in the battle royal. It's a weapons battle royal, I believe. I'll bring my pogo stick and kick some ass with it... hopefully, if I dont get my ass kicked first. The winner of that match gets a shot at the NWA title, so let's just hope. August will be finished with DAWN in Ferndale, MI. I will be refereeing for my DAWN debut.

That's all for now. I'll update this about once a week or so. LaTeR