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Why Book Jumpin Jimmy Jacobs?

I'm going to give it to you strait why you should book me to work for your promotion.

1. I consider myself a professional. I don't goof off or dick around in the back. When you book me, I take it like this- I've been hired to do a job and I'm going to do it to the fullest of my abilities no matter what.

2. I consider myself good at what I do, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it. When doing a job, I do it well and you will be satisfied with my work. If you are a promoter, all you have to do is ask and I'll give you a tape of my work. You won't be disappointed.

3. I can do a lot for you. I know I have a lot of critics who say I am too young or too small and would never think of hiring me to wrestle. That is why I am also persuing refereeing as well. I can do both and I can do both well, in my opinion. And even if you wouldn't want to use me as a referee, as the owner of Jump Jack Video, I could video record your show. All I want to do is be involved. My first choise is to wrestle, then referee, then I can do anything else for you.

4. I also run with a few other guys. Blitzkrieg Kid, Frankie the Face, and Cocky Little Brats. We travel together so you can get one, a few, or all of us at a reasonably low price. If you are a promoter, just ask for my promo tape. I put a few of these guys' matches on there as well.

5. I work for pretty cheap. Depending on how far the drive, and if you want to book me and my boys, my prices are very reasonable. Just email me to ask about my cost

6. Do you need a good website? I can surely do that for you too. I do sites for a small price, plus opportunity. If you are interested in that, Just email me and I'm sure we can work something out.

7. I'm young. Now, some might say too young, but I don't think so. X-Pac started wrestling when he was only 15. Papi Chilo, when he was only 14. The other advantage of that is if I'm good now, in a few years I'm going to be that much better. And trust me, if you help me out now, I won't forget about you later. I'm not saying I'm going to make it to the WWF or anything, but helping me out now could be a good investment for you and me both. That's just in my own opinion.

8. Look at all the trouble I've gone through to get you, the promoter, to try and book me! All the hours I've spent doing websites that I didn't want to make, and doing lacky jobs for 9 months. All the time I've spent promoting myself. That should show you how much I want it. So if you have any interest in Jumpin Jimmy Jacobs and you are in the Michigan area, email me and hopefull ywe can work something out. Thanks for your time. :)