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Mercer, Kentucky Payroll Robbery

Oct. 15, 1880---Jesse James, Bill Ryan, and Dick Liddil were in Mercer, Kentucky on this date. They gained information that the local Dovey Coal mines would be receiving their payroll on this day. Early in the morning, the three outlaws rode to the general store owned by George Dovey and his son William, who also owned the Dovey Coal mines. According to the information that outlaws had gotten, the payroll money would be deposited at the Dovey store and would be distributed to the local miners later that day. When the outlaws reached the store, all three dismounted and Liddil and Ryan guarded the front door. Jesse, meanwhile, entered the store with a pistol drawn and discovered that only George Dovey was inside. Jesse ordered Dovey at gunpoint to open the store's safe. Inside the safe, Jesse found a meger thirteen dollars and a gold watch. Dovey then explained that his son had gone to meet the pay train and bring the payroll money back to the store, but was late for some reason. Angry, Jesse left the store and the three outlaws rode away.


Amount of Money Stolen

Citizens Killed/Wounded