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Lexington, Missouri Bank Robbery

October 30, 1866---The James-Younger Gang rode into the town of Lexington. Following the Liberty robbery, several members had left the gang. Only Jesse and Frank James, Cole Younger, John Jarrette, Little Arch Clements, and George and Oliver Shepard remained in the gang. When the gang reached the bank, Jesse and Frank James dismounted their horses and walked inside. The others remained outside. One of the two men walked to the counter and asked to have a bill changed. The other man was pacing behind the first man. Cashier J. L. Thomas told the two men the bill could not be changed. At this point, both Jesse and Frank pulled their pistols. Cole and John Jarrette then entered the bank. They also pulled pistols and aimed them at Thomas. Thomas refused to let the four bandits have the vault key, so they ransacked the bank. After they got all the money they could, they walked outside and rode away. It is thought that Arch Clements and the two Shepards might have also been in during this robbery. They were probably somewhere in town as lookouts, if they were in fact there at all. Following the robbery, a posse was organized by former guerrillas (and friends of the robbers) Dave and John Poole, Hedge Reynolds, and Jesse Hamlett. However, the posse turned up nothing, and it appears they didn't look too hard for the robbers in the first place. Several people made the probably true accusation that the four-member posse was in on the robbery. Afterall, the guerrillas were known for their staunch loyalty to one another.


Amount of Money Stolen

Citizens Killed/Wounded