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Huntington, West Virginia Bank Robbery

September 5, 1875---Four members of the James-Younger Gang rode into the town of Huntington, West Virginia with the intent to rob the town bank. This robbery was the farthest away from the outlaws' homes so far. In the middle of the street the four men dismounted from their horses. Two of the robbers, Cole Younger and newcomer Tom Webb, also known as Jack Keene (which name was his birthname is still unknown), entered the bank. Newcomer Tom McDaniels (Bud McDaniels's brother and the friend of the late John Younger) entered a dry goods store near the bank. Frank James entered a blacksmith stable near the bank. Frank and McDaniels were looking through windows from their positions, watching the bank. Cole and Webb casually walked up to the cashier, Robert T. Oney, and drew their pistols. They ordered Oney to open the safe and hand over all the money in the bank. Oney replied that he didn't know where the safe key was. Cole and Webb then went through drawers until they found the key. They then opened the safe and stole around $9,000. Afterwards, they looted another $1,000 from other parts of the bank. As they began to leave the bank, Cole, who was holding the money sack, turned around and asked Oney how much money in the bank was his. Oney replied about $7.50. Cole then pulled seven dollars and fifty cents out of the sack and gave it to Oney, saying there was no reason for a bank employee to lose his personal money. At this point, a man named Jim entered the bank. Cole and Webb took him hostage. Cole and Webb then walked out of the bank while using Oney and Jim as shields in front of them. When they got to their horses, they let the two men go. Frank and McDaniels then ran out of their positions, mounted their horses, and the four outlaws rode away. A huge manhunt ensued. Old foe Yankee Bligh helped in the manhunt. The four outlaws reached Kentucky. Shortly after they did, a posse caught up to them. A farmed shot at them with his rifle. The bullet hit McDaniels and he fell from his saddle. The three other outlaws dismounted and hid McDaniels in a cluster of bushes. They remounted and rode away in a hurry. The posse soon found McDaniels. He died a few hours later due to his wound. Another posse surrounded the three surviving outlaws a few days later. Webb/Keene was captured, but Frank and Cole somehow managed to escape the posse's grasp and made it back to Missouri. Webb/Keene never gave up his accomplices, but was sent to jail for several years.


Amount of Money Stolen

Citizens Killed/Wounded