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Hot Springs, Arkansas Stagecoach Robbery

January 15, 1874---Five or six members of the James-Younger Gang intercepted a stagecoach on it's way from Malverne to Hot Springs, Arkansas. The robbers were probably Jesse and Frank James, Cole, John, and Bob Younger, and maybe Clell Miller and/or Arthur McCoy. The gang ordered the coach to a stop, and had all the passengers got out. They had all the passengers give them there money and jewelery. One of the gang, most likely Cole, then asked if any of the passengers had fought for the Conferacy. G. R. Crump said he had, and his possesions were given back. The outlaws explained that they only wanted to rob from Unionists, not those who had supported or fought for the Confederacy, since it was the Unionists that drove them to robbery in the first place. None of the other passengers had their possesions given back. Following this, the outlaws snatched an express package onboard the coach and then began going through several mail bags. However, they found nothing of value in the mail. The victims later said that all the robbers appeared to be in high spirits and jovial. This also happened to be the birthday of Cole, and maybe in some way this robbery was a kind of "celebration."


Amount of Money Stolen

Citizens Killed/Wounded