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Gallatin, Missouri Bank Robbery

December 7, 1869---Jesse and Frank James, and possibly Jim Anderson, brother to Bloody Bill Anderson, rode into the town of Gallatin, Missouri. Jesse and Frank rode up to the Daviess County Savings Association and dismounted. Anderson, if he was indeed there, probably remained on the outskirts of town, acting as a reserve member in case he was needed, much like Arthur McCoy acted in the Russellville, Kentucky robbery. Jesse entered the bank while Frank stayed outside with the horses. Jesse walked up to the counter and asked Cashier John Sheets to change a $100 bill. At this point, Frank entered the bank. He pulled Jesse aside and the two began talking to each other. Suddenly, they both pulled out their pistols and each fired one shot. Jesse's bullet hit Sheets in the head and Frank's hit him in the chest. Sheets instantly fell dead. Jesse and Frank had thought Sheets was Union Army Major S. P. Cox, who killed Bloody Bill Anderson. Jesse had vowed to kill Cox. William A. McDowell, a customer in the bank, ran outside shouting that Sheets was killed. As he ran outside, Frank shot at him. The bullet hit McDowell in the arm, but he later healed. Jesse and Frank then quickly gathered all the money they could and ran outside. Citizens were crowding around in the streets by now. Jesse and Frank fired several shots in the air and mounted their horses. As they rode off, Jesse's horse spooked and Jesse fell from his horse. His one foot was still in a stirrup, so the horse dragged Jesse a few yards. His foot came lose, and Frank came back to get Jesse. Also at this time, a few citizens were shooting at Jesse and Frank. With bullets wizzing all around them, Frank pulled Jesse onto the back of his horse. The two then rode off. They probably met up with Anderson near the outskirts of town, where he had been positioned.


Amount of Money Stolen

Citizens Killed/Wounded