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Corydon, Iowa Bank Robbery

June 3, 1871---Four members of the James-Younger Gang rode into the Iowa town of Corydon. The four men were Jesse and Frank James, Cole Younger, and newcomer Clell Miller, a former Bloody Bill guerrilla and trusted friend of the James and Younger brothers. The four rode up to the Ocobock Brothers' Bank. All four robbers entered the bank and left their horses tied up outside. Once inside, they found only the cashier in the building. All four robbers drew their pistols and aimed them at the cashier. One of the robbers handed the cashier a weat sack. The cashier was ordered to put all the money in the bank into the sack. The cashier did as he was told. After they had their money, the robbers bound and gagged the cashier. The four robbers went outside and mounted their horses. The rode down the street to the local church. Jesse James yeld to the congregation that he and his friends had jsut robbed the Ocobock Brothers' Bank. Most of the congregation thought they were goofing around. The four robbers then left the town. A while later, someone entered the bank and found the cashier. He was untied. After this, for the first of many times, the Pinkerton Detective Agency was hired to capture the gang.

The photo on top of this page is of the Ocobock Brothers' Bank in Corydon, Iowa.


Amount of Money Stolen

Citizens Killed/Wounded