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Columbia, Kentucky Bank Robbery

April 29, 1872---Five members of the James-Younger Gang rode into the town of Columbia, Kentucky. Their target was the Bank of Columbia. The five men were Jesse and Frank James, Cole Younger, Clell Miller, and newcomer John Younger. When the five men reached the bank, Jesse and Cole dismounted and entered the bank. Frank, Clell, and John remained outside with the horses. Inside the bank, they found Cashier R. A. C. Martin, and customers Judge James Garrett, James T. Page, W. H. Hudson, and Major T. C. Winfrey. Martin was at the counter while the others sat at a table talking. Cole walked over to the table while Jesse walked to the counter. Cole pulled out his pistol, pointed it at the men at the table and said, "Consider yourselves under arrest!" Jesse then pulled his gun and pointed it at Martin. Martin began yelling, "Bank robbers!" Jesse and Cole instantly shot him several times and he fell dead. Garrett, Page, Hudson, and Winfrey jumped up and tried to run. Cole shot at them as they jumped up. His bullet slammed into Garrett's hand, which would later have to be amputated. The other three men jumped through a nearby window. Frank now entered the bank and the wounded Garrett brushed past him into the street. The three robbers then grabbed as much money as they could and ran out of the bank. John and Clell were already on their horses and were racing up and down the streets, firind their guns off in the air and shouting "Lowery's Gang! Lowery's Gang!" in an attempt to place the plame on another local gang. Jesse, Cole, and Frank then mounted their horses and the three outlaws began to ride away. As they did, a citizen named Isaac Cravens ran at them with a pistol. Cravens fired the pistol, but missed. Then Jesse turned around, fired a shot, and also missed. The shot scared Cravens, who ran away. The five robbers then rode out of town.


Amount of Money Stolen

Citizens Killed/Wounded